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  1. Thanks for the heads up Phil. Sorted
  2. All done. you should have funds cheers Kev
  3. I'll take that please if still available. Cheers Kev
  4. Hi, I’m looking for a clean copy of The Gem’s on Riverside ‘I’ll Be There’ issue or promo (not the blue one) decent price helps. Thanks Kev
  5. Looking for the issue (must be scorpion) design, Luther Ingram Smash issue, vg+ or better. reasonable price please. Thanks Kev
  6. Hi all I'm looking for a copy of Gigi & The Charmaines guilty issue or w/d. Good condition, reasonable price obviously. PM if you can help. Thanks Kev
  7. Thank you I'll check them out. Kev
  8. Hi all I'm not sure where to ask this but here goes. Where would be the vest place to cut a one off vunyl record or acetate at a reasonable price. I've used Timmion before but they seem difficult to get hold of at the moment. Quality doesn't have to be paramount, but I'm kinda in a hurry as its for a uni project I'm working on. Any advice welcome. Thanks. Kevin
  9. Hi I'm looking for the sheet music for Jamo Thomas I spy for the FBI if anyone can help. Preferable with the obligatory picture on the outer cover. Let me know if you can help and the cost. thanks in advance. Kevin
  10. A few for sale free post F&F paypal. Pm if interested. Thanks Kev Jimmy Burns I Tried Minit vg+ £50 Look at the credits MonkHiggins,Jimmy Burns, Wally Roker https://youtu.be/1bmgwdyt2xk The Fundamentals Let Me Show It To You Okeh Demo vg+ £100 Great double sider https://youtu.be/kiKYJevPGrs Jones & Blumberg The Right Track Volt vg+ £30 Original of Billy Butler track https://youtu.be/JvK8Dfvjlyc Don Hart -James Shorter All The Love I Got LaBeat vg++ £60 Detroit fave Thelma Jones Stronger Barry vg+ £20 Stormer - never lets up! https://youtu.be/QJb5ueGk04I Don Gardner My Baby Likes To Boogaloo Tru-Glo-Town Vg+ £40 Mod fave - every home should have one! https://youtu.be/nIEEDm30n2g Danny Woods I Want To Thank You Smash DJ vg++ £45 So sweet. Nice arrangement by McKinly Jackson https://youtu.be/C-V29SI76cg Wayne Cochran I'm In Trouble Mercury Vg+ £10 Ever popular blue-eyed Northern soul/Joe Renzetti https://youtu.be/Br_oNVC2kQU Cherish For You DT vg++ £60 Detroit modern dancer - seen for more than double many times recently https://youtu.be/2wQqK4Zdt_Y The Pretenders Hearts Were Made To Love Carnival vg++ £25 Sweet sweet soul/group harmony https://youtu.be/5meLYIitfBs Creations I've Got To Find Her Globe vg++ £15 Another underated group sound - Chicago https://youtu.be/Xia3nVdRCBo
  11. Hi I’m looking for a clean copy of the Embers ‘First Time’ If anyone can help out please pm me with details. Thank you. Kev
  12. Looking for a good copy of Gene Chandler 'Bet you never thought' PM with details if you can help. Regards Kev
  13. Thanks, I've seen the demos without the strip but they look styrene just need to confirm (anyone?). Doesn't seem to have been booted reissued on w/demo only on the Seventy Seven label.
  14. Hi can someone tell me the info on Ted Ford 'YGNM' Sound Stage 7 w/demo. Are the striped w/demos vinyl and the non striped styrene? I know there was an issue at one time with the 'Breakaway' w/demos on the same design. Best Kev

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