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  1. Soul at the Star, Upton-on-Severn

    We're gonna try out The Star in Upton-upon-Severn for a new Soul Night. Wooden dancefloor and a Bar in the same room, so should keep us cozy between Xmas and New Year. Across the board Soul Night, just like we use to do at the Coppertops Soulnites before they knocked the place down. Hope to see some of you there :-) :-)
  2. Soulful Sessions, btw Malvern & Worcester

  3. Soulful Sessions, btw Malvern & Worcester

  4. Soulful Sessions, btw Malvern & Worcester

  5. Coppertops Soulnites, Worcester - NYE Special

  6. Coppertops Soulnites, Worcester

    There you are, self promotion always works, see you tonight
  7. Coppertops Soulnites, Worcester

  8. Coppertops Soulnites, Worcester

  9. Coppertops Soulnites, Worcester

  10. Coppertops Soulnites, Worcester

  11. Coppertops Soulnites, Worcester

  12. Coppertops Soulnites, Worcester

  13. Soul Sam, Steve Lloyd @ Dab of Soul, Nantwich

    Thanks to Chris & Dave for the invite, I did do a double take when asked at Soul Essence, it was a pleasure to play for you guys, nothing expensive, chip as chips Soul Music and hopeful a few tracks not heard for a while. Mr Welding owes me £3, three Soul Junctions Records played, the money will go towards shearing them feckin' sheep of mine - sheep coats, get your sheep coats 'ere! I see the Wigan Massive didn't manage to turn up in the end, real real shame, I was ready to hear Sam call him a w@nker over that new sound system!!!
  14. Soul Sam, Steve Lloyd @ Dab of Soul, Nantwich

    I won't have to worry much about the stairs, I may even skip up them.... Hurcomb on the other hand had best not fall on the way up or down, don't want my records damaging!
  15. Soul Sam, Steve Lloyd @ Dab of Soul, Nantwich

    Ow, so all that time on the phone to the young Taylor lad and getting him to send me his Deep House choice cuts has all been wasted, bugggger! Can I play just one Jazz tune, you'll like it, honest guv!