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  1. played this out a few times
  2. Looking for a copy of Tokay Lewis - what can the matter be - tragar thanks
  3. Can only open 1 page ? Or is that all there is ?
  4. Heres my mix for Tuff Love Soul Club Enjoy
  5. Heres my mix for Tuff Love Club In Liverpool Enjoy
  6. johnny


  7. the reg that put in at the time of getting to ticket must show up some how on the camera , which is how parking eye work rather than wardens so for example what happened to me was i didnt put the full reg in only the first 2 letters so i got a fine,kept the ticket scan on the form and was let from the fine as i had proof of payment
  8. yes full reg which is printed on the ticket to display
  9. Parking eye seem to work off the full reg being put into the machine when paying heres the link to make a appeal,scan the ticket or any other info and attach to the form https://www.parkingeye.co.uk/contact-us/make-an-appeal/
  10. Played it out at the last different stokes nearly had Mr Cato in tears
  11. Different strokes back room deep and sweet set 5-6 Elois Scott — broadway love — carol g Family Connection — this time — jabali Ray Fraiser — loniness — stanson The Black Conspirators — l-o-v-e —get down The Moovers and the Rocketeers — someone to fulfil my needs — deep city Mickey Dee — lets straighten it out — twirl Members of the Staff — stop the bells — evejim Ola v Harper — I wanna weep — jewel Althea Spencer — bitter tears — av international Frank Hutson — old man me — goodie train Jimmy Tate — please come back — mid-tune records Lynn Williams — don’t be surprised — suncut Symphonic Four — who do you think you’re fooling — zudan Robert Vanderbilt — a message from god — sensational Soul Invaders inc — so good — Yorktown Truth and Soul — god’s getting tired — memorial Sly Johnson — everybodys needs love — twinight Revelation Funk — everybody have faith — bear-kat Bonnevilles - play it cool — now records Jimmy Ellis — looking thur the eyes of love — hip-delic Big thanks for Steve and the boys for letting me play Thanks to Brett and Maxwell and everyone else who came to listen
  12. Going to be a fun day out ... looking forward to it

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