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  1. Is it me, but?

    good advice in fact why bother even saying it .
  2. Northern For A Thursday

    Hi des may i have tossing & turning george jackson if its still for sale

    A absolute bargain that touch of class .
  4. Beverly Ann he,s coming home RCA demo Steve Karmen breakaway united Artists Strings & Things Fabulous New York . JET SET Jerry Williams if you ask me Calla Undisputed truth you got the love i need Gordy The Volumes you got...
  5. Poll: Version Battle - Friday night

    Johnnie Taylor is the version i have play . i know it fills the floor with dancers.Steve Mancha's version can,t remember every hearing any one play it at Nuneaton we been going over a decade . ys Taylors gritty heart rendering tale .
  6. Northern For A Friday!!

    Morning Des may i have dancin a hole in the world the esquires on rocky ridge
  7. Local car boot find

    here's mine found this at croft car boot just outside Leicester £ 3 not the find of the century .but it cheered my weekend up
  8. Local car boot find

    see you on sat buddy at the allnighter playing downstairs this time in our secound room while you lad is with me in the main room .
  9. hi mark its not in any of my books as booted castanet 7238 is the original label & number
  10. Northern For A Monday!!

    thanks des send it with the other one crackin tune for saturday
  11. Northern For A Monday!!

    Hi may i have treat me kindly Diane Lewis on wand & the volumes you got it baby on inferno cheers buddy
  12. Nuneaton Coop Oldies All-Niter

    Cant wait got a bushel of new vinyl to my collection .see you all at the GO-GO
  13. £8 Classics On Original Labels

    Also please let me in jj barnes on Ric Tic cheers mate
  14. £8 Classics On Original Labels

    may i have the dells make sure on cadet . crackin tune
  15. The chaumants When you love someone

    also on caravelle any help