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  1. The 'upfront scene' ?

    finally some who talks some sense .hit the nail right square on the head that is perfect way to describe the allnighter scene
  2. Funky Soul Stuff!!!

    cheers des sorted out pp already nice one bud
  3. Funky Soul Stuff!!!

    Hi des may i have the dramatics your love strange on volt .
  4. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Shameless got three of these one one the wall one with a drawing pin holding it fast on the wall
  5. Comedy Sale Of The Day

  6. Reissue? Volcanos Help Wanted/Ladys Man

    According to manships quide 6th edition it says that the dj copy is blank b side the stock copy has make your move no mention of colour of letters artic 111
  7. Cheap Northern Classics!!

    the exits you got to have money please des
  8. original bill bradon has scatched in deadwax p-078-stereo .p at sixoclock position @two oclock has the word MASTERPHONICS READING ANTI CLOCKWISE .Also the print is rubbish on the boot
  9. Leslie Uggams Original or Boot

    heres a plum coloured origanal purchased not long ago .
  10. Denise LaSalle R I P

    very sad news she was great singer do me right was a favorite of mine at bedford allnighter
  11. Ben Sherman 2018 Northern Soul

    Fantastic great to see our own dance champion in the mix for this show & that its a real dancers on the scene that have taken part well done simon for keeping it real .(non proffesional ) .i shall be putting this on my UTUBE site . round of applause...
  12. Pete Smith Acetate Collection

    wow what an Ace collection to come across
  13. Northern For A Tuesday

    pwhaahahahahaha nice reduction .had to look it up.thought i had paid a £5 15 years ago off you he he he he
  14. Northern For A Tuesday

    des the manhattans seems rather expensive at one thousand one hundred & eighty six pounds .
  15. Northern For A Tuesday

    cheers buddy just got the other two both arrived in good condition