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    . home town ENDERBY LEICS.
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  1. hi joe have you still got heart trouble eyes of blue
  2. Hi angus may I have Jay & Americans. Livin above.
  3. have you still got the valentines breakaway please send details of pay pal if yes
  4. They went firther than just abuse some began theatening with menacing comment plus he best mate passed away he is still film making just nature ones really great camera work. Miss having chats with about filming & records
  5. looks a great venue mate
  6. Great playlist some rare tunes in list .
  7. Another fantastic year at the co-op as usual have few new oldies in my collection to play hope to see you all on the dance floor .well done mark still running the best oldies venue, we love it
  8. we have been looking forward to this all summer cant wait
  9. see you all at the nuneaton function bringing back some new tunes from canada
  10. Seee you all on the dance floor
  11. just played both together side by side very very similar peaks & troughs in the melody .well spotted .not listen to secret affair for years
  12. I will miss Simon we where good friends & army buddies .Nuneaton will not seem the same without him RIP
  13. well done mate you influenced a whole generation by the records you found ,yes including me Richard the Establishment finally award the right person he truly influenced the whole of the empire with a genre of music that has lasted the test of time .

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