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  1. I wonder if they look back now and say the scene was never the same after being infiltrated by divs following that Danny Baker and the TV cameras poking their nose in.:)
  2. Vicki Baines Country Girl for Richard, I have heard a tape fairly recently online where he announces over the decks at Wigan that "theres a second copy now in the country and come to the stage" for interested buyers!
  3. Great list, but would the record that fetches the most money on the rare occasions it comes up for sale not be classed as the most sought after by definition?
  4. If you ever have the misfortune to be stuck in a lift and this comes on get Scotty to beam you up!
  5. P J Proby. You can't come home again, anyone?
  6. There's already 6 people inside sweeping up then they can gain free admission.
  7. It's in his kiss - Betty Everett.
  8. Wonder what the interest/ value of the acetates sent over would be today then? How many got sent, who got one, what's happened to them? Has posted earlier definately remember Russ stating he "regretted letting his go".
  9. Soussan sent him some incarnation of it, because he was the one who had it first at the Casino. And I heard him say at a later date that he made a copy before he let his go ( something he says he should never have done) I'm sure he said the copy he had he swapped for a thousand pounds worth of records at the time.
  10. Sure I've heard him say in the past he made a carver before letting his go.
  11. One of Levine's attempts wasn't it?
  12. A great post and a tremendous antidote to the naysayers on the recent Casino top 50 thread who said Wigan had died the death by 1975 never to be the same again!
  13. I ask because I definately remember the BBC doing something on Northern Soul after the Granada This England broadcast, It would have been around 1978 and all I can recall is it had 'Interplay' being played as the backdrop to the programme and I wondered if that Omnibus documentry was the one?
  14. Does anybody know the title of the Omnibus documentry from 1978 shown in the clip posted earlier?
  15. Mick Hucknall has been doing the rounds recently pushing his soon to be released new Album, Blue Eyed Soul. Got me wondering how long has the term been around, does it pre date the Northern scene or is it more recent. Anyone?

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