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  1. Northern Soul Newbie

    Some food for thought here Tony, good luck!

    I'm on my way.........
  3. Spot on, now if the thread was called "Never heard it AT ALL but had to buy it" all collectors could tell us how many middle of the road and jazz records they have in the loft because they took a chance and it was sh#te
  4. Poll: DJ Playlist - Worthwhile?

    The fact it's in his box show's it wasn't too far from his set surely?
  5. BBC Pay List

    Looking at that list John McEnroe must be on more per minute than anyone, Wimbledon on two weeks of the year, he's on a couple of hours a day tops. No screaming and shouting these days, at that sort of "pay"!
  6. dells ....its all upto you

    Always imagined whoever came up with Don't Take Away The Music, The Tavares, had been listening to this not long before!
  7. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Ah, Long Long Way, The Ellingtons
  8. Manchester

    I wasn't necessarily referring to the direct victims of the atrocity, it's more usually people who have been shocked and/or outraged by an event who attend such vigils, the outpouring of grief after the death of Diana being an obvious one.
  9. Manchester

    I think a vigil is more of a grieving, trying to comprehend and coming together process than believing it will stop it.
  10. Wigan three before eight

    After the "last" Wigan nighter in September 81 they played about sixteen hours of enders before December 81
  11. Yum Yums £3,464

    Always knew it was "gonna be a big thing"
  12. Songs for a funeral

    I believe Ginger Taylor organised his funeral when he had a serious illness quite a while back now, he chose JD Bryant I won't be coming back.
  13. DJ's day Jobs

    Russ Winstanley now drives an ice cream van...........sorry, a nice cream car!
  14. Mike McDonald* – God Knows

    Can you not think for yourself?
  15. British Pie week - 1980s flashback!

    Commonly known as a Wigan kebab!