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  1. Fake stamps

    Because there's "bootleg" stamps and "counterfeit" stamps! All explained in Postman Pats guide to rip offs, 3rd edition now available.
  2. sam smith- plastic syntho soul anyone?

    We've had more than one thread on here singing the praises of Lisa Stansfield in the past.
  3. Question

    Some should be charged to get out!
  4. Where can I here the sound file?
  5. Top Tips for Soul Sourcers

    When selling a record and are trying to squeeze as much money as possible from the buyer that you refuse to say how much you'd be happy to accept, please refrain from using the phrase "sensible offers only", because what's "sensible" for one, usually isn't f...
  6. Millie Jackson - A House For Sale

    Could of bought the damned house for that when I was a lad
  7. You Can't Choose Your Relatives!

    Watched Jeremy Kyle the other morning and some blokes wife was his brothers sister.
  8. GasMaskHeadhunter?

    Had this very same question only a week ago that's a very big coincidence, not some sort of self promotion is It??
  9. Northern Soul Newbie

    Some food for thought here Tony, good luck!

    I'm on my way.........
  11. Spot on, now if the thread was called "Never heard it AT ALL but had to buy it" all collectors could tell us how many middle of the road and jazz records they have in the loft because they took a chance and it was sh#te
  12. Poll: DJ Playlist - Worthwhile?

    The fact it's in his box show's it wasn't too far from his set surely?
  13. BBC Pay List

    Looking at that list John McEnroe must be on more per minute than anyone, Wimbledon on two weeks of the year, he's on a couple of hours a day tops. No screaming and shouting these days, at that sort of "pay"!
  14. dells ....its all upto you

    Always imagined whoever came up with Don't Take Away The Music, The Tavares, had been listening to this not long before!
  15. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Ah, Long Long Way, The Ellingtons