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  1. Looking for: Little Caesar And The Euterpeans on Trail Planets on Planets
  2. Looking for: Biggie Ratt ‎– Am I Right / Git’n Warmer On Watts USA
  3. Bags & Beans (Unforgettables?) - Trust Your Luck / Gypsy (Samone) An elusive slice of 1969 Soul from San Antonio. One for the sound as opposed to the collectors as the record is cracked & in rough shape, however refer to the sound clip and you'll see that 'Trust Your Luck' plays good. 'Gypsy' skips, so whilst it's not the main side it could benefit from some TLC from a vinyl 'restorer' Cash offers or trades, sound clip: https://vocaroo.com/1jIre7WUVN7c
  4. Wanted: Planets - Everybody's Getting High / Time (Planets)
  5. Looking for Invaders on Da Gail
  6. Looking for: The Religious Souls ‎– Conditions The World Is In / Sinner Man on H&M Cash / trades waiting
  7. Bee Vee And The Honey Bee ‎– I'm Lost Without Your Love / Your My Honey Bee (Sting) Late 70s Modern perfection, two great sides M- £2000 (trades considered)
  8. Looking for Cardell Funk Machine - Shoot Your Shot on Puerile
  9. Wanted: Young Mods ‎– I Can't Hurt You Back / Who You Going To Run, Where You Going To Hide (Everblack)
  10. Allison And Calvin Turner ‎– Every Time I'm Near You / Girls, Sweetest Things In The World (Lulu) Original & rare Mint copy signed by Calvin Turner £2,000
  11. Looking for Volunteers - Seeing You Again / Baby Baby Baby Love on AAA Thanks
  12. Henderson & Jones ‎– I'm Gonna Getcha / Just Needed Someone Like You (Quality Blend) sold
  13. Looking for: Arterials - What We Have (Mary) Young Generators - What We Have (Star Ship)

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