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  1. gentle bump for those willing to lend a hand
  2. this is so much food for thoughts! Thanks for dropping so much knowledge, you guys! Diligently taking note of everything that's been made mention of so far! So, should we suppose she is still alive?
  3. has anyone ever been able to either track her down or anyone from the label's backing band so far?
  4. Do we know where Mrs. Lavar hailed from?
  5. It certainly is a really good floater- not somehing I'd dish out serious money for though! No idea whether it's getting plays around or not. have certianly run into it multiple times via online mixes on mixcloud and other similar platforms (and I'm pretty sure it was even comped in an all-femme sweet soul compilation 20+ years ago).
  6. Looking for one. All conditions accepted! ATB, Davide
  7. Hi everyone, as the title suggests, looking for general info- mostly prince range-wise- regarding Valarie lamar- Gotta get away. Looking to buy one eventually, not selling. ATB, Davide
  8. Up for grab is a near mint copy of Magic- your my lady on Caruso records. 200€ + shipping takes it
  9. FOR SALE: Tyrone Thomas- You're hardly gone (Polydor) Hard to find modern soul banger by Whole Darn Family Band's own Tyrone Thomas. Ex++ condition. 425€ shipping anywhere in the world (N.B. It's going to out as "Signed for" post)
  10. Up for grabs is a storming deep funk track that hardly needs any introduction. I'd grade somehwere in the VG/Vg-- ballpark, but you can check the actual copy for sale via the following link: https://www.mixcloud.com/dancewiththedevilroma/davide-borello-from-santeria-soul-alldayer-at-dance-with-the-devil-roma/ and decide for yourselves . Time mark is 03:51. 650€ + shipping. Open to offers though, since giving it an appropriate price tag is not that easy as it seems. Regards, Davide
  11. two nice things to part with: CAPPY & STONEWALL- BAD NEWS (LOVE CAPP) Lovely 70s soul standing at the crossroad between modern soul and funk. Ex condition. 350 € + shipping https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do_nIMDWp2E MASHEEN CO.- DANCE (MOVIN & GROOVIN) Feelgood all-hands-in-the-air type of disco tune with soothing falsetto harmonies and banging horns. VG-- condition. Feel free to ask for a soundfile to the actual record. 100€ + shipping https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N

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