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  1. For Sale: The Soul Injection - "Stay Off The Moon" / "Girl Full of Charm" (Accent). Ex condition (note that pressing is a little bit lo-fi though). Can provide a soundclip no problem. Clean labels. £2000 ONO PM if interested. Postage extra (to be sent insured of course).
  2. Wanted: James Bell & The Highlighters Band - The Love Of My Girl. Original only. Top price paid (dependent on condition). Many thanks! Tomas
  3. After a copy of Jeanie Tracy - "Making New Friends" (Brown Door). Original copy only. Please PM if you have a copy you may consider selling. Many thanks in advance!
  4. Wanted: Barbara Lynn - "Mellow Feeling" (Love). Please PM if you have a copy that you may consider selling. Many thanks, Tomas
  5. All EX condition or better, unless stated otherwise. 1. Fluorescent Smogg – “All of My Life” (Soul Spectrum). Limited edition reissue, minimum VG+. £30. 2. Mousetrap 23rd Anniversary Single - Pneumania “I Can See Your Face” / The Village Callers “I Don't Need No Doctor”. £25. 3. Thee Sacred Souls – “Can I Call You Rose?” (Penrose). First pressing batch. £20 ON HOLD 4. Los Yesterdays – “Time” (Penrose). First pressing batch. £20 ON HOLD 5. Mousetrap 21st Anniversary Single – Satrycon “Leave It” / The Isonics “Sugar”. £20 ON HOLD 6. El Count Executives – “I Want to
  6. Wanted: Price Exchange on Smash. Please PM if you have a copy for sale. Many thanks in advance!
  7. Just seen that these were uploaded - many thanks and also for the kind words! Tomas
  8. Wanted: Clara Hardy - I Dream Of You (Tuna). US original - any condition considered (price to reflect condition). Please message me if you have a copy for sale - many thanks in advance!
  9. Anyone got a 45 or 12 of this (original Salsoul), for sale? Price relative to condition of course, but any condition considered. Many thanks in advance! Tomas
  10. For Sale: Kelly & Soul Explosions - "Talking About My Baby's Love" (Dynamite) Very clean EX condition. Can supply label scans and soundclips on request. £1,500 including insured postage worldwide. PM to purchase/discuss further. Many thanks!
  11. For Sale: Wilson Love - 'Funny Money' (NS) EX condition. £250 including UK postage (elsewhere at additional cost). PM to purchase. Clip for illustrative purposes: https://youtu.be/TBz-FLD2w-k

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