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  1. Hi There, Some of my Collections need to find a new home if in demand. Johnny Williams - Honey Child/Another Love (Cinema) VG+++ to EX £350 + P&P Gloria Grey - Its'a Sweet World/Chapel Up in Heaven (WB) VG+++ £230 + P&P Jame T Horn - The Glory Bound Train/Your Life Depend (Modo) EX £200 +P&P Jamie Coe - Cleopatra/But Yesterday (Bigtop) VG+ £150 +P&P Volcanos - Oh Oh Mojo/You Knock Me Out (Tailspinn) VG to VG+ £130 + P&P SOLD Willie Mae Thornton - You Did Me Wrong/Big Mama's Blues (Bay-Tone) VG++ £130 + P&P Jerry & Eddie - Hurry Up Little Girl/Lonely Tears (Gulf) EX £60 + P&P
  2. The prices have been reduced.
  3. I bought it about 5 years ago but I have played this tune for only few times. I realised now it was actually a good tune after few people contacted me. Should I have kept it? too late tho.
  4. Hi there, I am selling few bits and bobs here, please check the list with the prices below. (Paypal as a gift for the payment method, Registered shipping only) 1. Jolly Boy Shepard - You Care/Low Down Dirty Shame (Okeh) R&B/Popcorn Rarity VG+ £200 + P&P (SOLD) (Check an actual sound clip) (youtube only for reference - not my record) 2. Jacky Rain - Wayfarin Stranger/That's All Right (Tina) Unknown R&B Rarity EX £380 + P&P (HELD) IMO this is rarer than Funky R&B monster Cliff Gober - A Poor Wayfaring Stranger. (Actual sound clip) (Youtube again only for an reference) 3. Mad Man Jones - Snake Charmer/Josette (Mad) Rare Chicago R&B Jungle Exotica VG £250 + P&P (SOLD) (Actual sound clip) 4. Chris Powell - I Come From Jamaica/Blue Boy (Okeh) Caribbean R&B/Popcorn VG £200 £180 + P&P reduced (SOLD) (Actual sound clip) 5. Hollywood Record (1068) EP 1)Ernie Freeman - Fast Jivin' 2)Frank Motley - Wanda Landa Landa 3)Frank Motley - Climbing Eiffel Tower 4)Frank Motley - J C's Theme Please check actual sound clip below Wanda Landa Landa is Jukebox Mambo tune, exotica, odd ball Red Colour Vinyl EX condition £170 £150 + P&P reduced 6. Joe Alexander - Oh Maria/I Hope These Words Will Find You Well (Ballad) R&B Latin Rarity Collectable record,Chuck Berry' s debut with Joe Alexander VG++ (Actually very hissy however it's not because of the record, I think it is recording quality in 1954. When I bought this, the condition was described as VG++) £250 £220 + P&P reduced (Please check this actual sound clip) B-side is nice too! (Check this article as well!) 7. Helen Troy - I Think I Love You/I'll Be Around (Kapp) RnB 60s Dancer strong VG (play loud) £170 + P&P (HELD) (Please check) 8. The Constellations - Oh Mary/My Dear (Violet) Ohio RnB 60s Dancer strong VG £180 + P&P (SOLD) 9. Jeb Stewart - The Greasy Frog/Will I Ever Be Free (Bingo) R&B 60s Dancer Rare Label VG to VG+ (Play loud) £150 £140 + P&P reduced 10. Hoyt Hudson - They Took John Away/Individuality (United Artists) R&B/Popcorn VG £50 £40 + P&P reduced 11. Baby Jean - If You Wanna/Oh Johnny (Stacy) RnB 60s Dancer VG+ £80 + P&P (HELD) 12. Sonny Patterson - Troubles/Gone So Long (Vault) 60s RnB Dancer VG £40 + P&P (HELD) 13. Louis Carpenter's All Stars/Mad Man Jones - Yeah!/Cha Cha Boogie (Mad) R&B VG- to VG/ VG- (Flip side) £40 + P&P 14. Titus Turner - Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha/ Pony Train (Jamie) R&B/Popcorn/Latin VG £30 £20 + P&P reduced 15. The Gospel Clifs - By The Water Of Babylon/Open Our Eyes (Savoy) Gospel RnB VG+ £40 £25 + P&P reduced Sorry no sound sample, check you tube for your reference 16. Mary Mazza - Cha Cha Italiano/The Sound Of Music (Alpine) R&B/Popcorn VG+ £30 £20 + P&P reduced (HELD) No sound sample Message me if you are interested. Thanks for checking. Kimi
  5. Mega rare R&B/Northern soul Jacky Rain - Wayfarin Stranger (Tina) for sale, condition EX to NM Sorry I am not sure how much I should sell this for as there is no reference before so offer over £300 please. In my opinion, this is rarer and nicer than a Cliff Gober version (Although I like Cliff Gober Version too, don't get me wrong!) PM me if you are interested! Thanks! Kimi
  6. 1. Jolly Boy Shepard - You Care / Low Down Dirty Shame (Okeh) NM condition with his signature on the label £250 + Postage 2. Mega Rare Hollywood Record EP (incl Jukebox Exotic Mambo tune Wanda Landa Landa) (1) Ernie "Jivin' Around" Freeman with Joe Maphis & Eddie Cochran- Fast Jivin' (2) Frank "Dual Trumpet" Motley - Wanda Landa Landa (3) Frank "Dual Trumpet" Motley - Climbing eiffel tower (4) Frank "Dual Trumpet" Motley - J.C's theme EX condition - £200 + Postage 3.Chris Powell - I Come From Jamaica / Blue Boy (Okeh) VG to VG+ Slightly surface noise still play good. Blue Boy Side is VG £200 + Postage Sound Sample Upon request 4.Eli Lee - I Get The Feelin' / Women Ain't Right (Redbug) EX £165 + postage 5.Liz And Her Gospeletts - Leaning On Jesus / Am I A Soldier (Song Bird) NM £100 + Postage 6.Chuck Bridges - Don't You Make Me Cry / I Love Her - I Need Her (Scoop) VG+ £150 + Postage 7.Jerry & Eddie and The Tornados - Hurry Up Little Girl / Lonely Tears (Gulf) EX - £60 + Postage 8. C/U (1) EX condition £175 + Postage 9. C/U (2) EX condition - £95 + postage 11650491_10152852653456436_860128606_n.jpg 11650511_10152852653591436_260646214_n.jpg
  7. UPDATE Added Videos of .Johnny Mae Mathews - Two Sided Thing/You Make Me Feel Good (Big Hit) VG Regards
  8. 1.Eli Lee - I Get The Feelin'/Women Ain't Right (Redbug) EX £230 2.Chris Powell - I Come From Jamaica/Blue Boy (Okeh) VG to VG+ (Flip side - VG- to VG) £220 3.The Troopers - Get Out/My Resolution (Lamp) VG+++ £100 4.Louis Carpenter's All Stars - Yeah!/Cha Cha Boogie (Mad) VG to VG+ (Flip side VG) £100 5.Big Mama Tornton - Ball and Chain/Wade in the Water (Arhoolie) VG+ £80 6.Jackie Weaver - The Tingle/Teenage Troubles (Chess) VG to VG+ £70 7.Joe Simon - Just Like Yesterday/Only A Dream (Irral) EX £60 8.Sylvia Syms - Each Day/Dancing Chandelier (Decca) VG++ £60 9.Ruby Lee - I'm Gonna Put A Watch On You/I Believe In You (Poptone) EX £50 10.Sonny Patterson - Troubles/Gone So Long (Vault) VG++ £40 11.Trade Martin - Work Song/So This Is Love (RCA)VG+++ £75 12.Tommy Hunt - The Work Song/So Lonely (Sceptre)VG++ £50 13.Johnny Mae Mathews - Two Sided Thing/You Make Me Feel Good (Big Hit) VG £40 14.The Belmonts - Walk On Boy/Let's Call It a Day (Sabina) VG++ £30 15.Lee Rogers - Troubles/Walk On By (Mah's) VG+ £20 16.Jimmy Dobbins - Little Miss Perfect/What Is Love (Crash) EX £25 17.Ronnie Love - Chills and Fever/No Use Pledging My Love (Dot) VG £20 18.Titus Turner - Bla, Bla, Bla, Cha Cha Cha/Pony Train (Jamie) VG+ £25 19.Sugar Pie Desanto - Soulful Dress/Use What You Got (Checker) VG+ £15 20.Sam & Dave - I Found Out/I Got a Thing Going On (Roulette) VG++ to EX £15 21.Dinah Washington - Soulville/Let Me Be The First To Know (Roulette) VG+++ £15 22.Darrow Fletcher - The Pain Gets a Little Deeper/My Judgement Day (Groovy) VG+ £20 23.Jimmy Robins - I Can't Please You/I Made It Over (Jerhar) VG+ £15 24.Timi Yuro - I Ain't Gonna Cry No More (Liberty) VG+ £20 25.Willie Kendricks - Let Me Know/Who Pretty Baby (Checker) VG++ £15 26.Kitty Ford - Blue Diamond Ring/I Love You, Conrad (Jaro)VG (Flip Side VG-) £15 27.Ray Agee - Leave Me Alone/You Messed Up My Mind (Celeste) VG £15 28.Bobby Bland - Good Time Charlie (Duke) VG++ £10 29.Jimmy Clanton - Cindy/I Care Enough (Ace) VG++ £15 30.Earl Nelson - Come On/No Time To Cry (Ebb) VG++ £15 31.Lavern Baker & Jimmy Ricks - You're The Boss/I'll Never Be Free (Atlantic) VG £10 32.Ruth Brown - Sure 'Nuff/Here He Comes (Atlantic) VG- £10 33.Ike & Tina Turner - I Idolize You/Letter From Tina (Sue) G+ £5 34.Jeanette B. Washington - Medicine Man/Tears Fall (Neptune) VG- £5 Plus Postage. Pics and Sound Sample upon request Regards, video-1430261766.mp4.mp4 video-1430261811.mp4.mp4
  9. Hi There, Here is little sale. Let me know if you are interested. Eli Lee - I Get The Feelin' (Redbug) EX to NM 250GBP + P&P Little Flint - Pain (Beast) EX 100GBP + P&P SOLD Ronnie Savoy - Big Hand, Little Hand (Philips) VG++ 80GBP + P&P HELD Dickie Thompson - Thirteen Women and One Man (Herald) VG+ 80GBP + P&P HELD Lonnie Sattin - Trapped (Capital) EX 50GBP + P&P HELD Duffy Power - A Woman Made Trouble (Parlophone) VG+ 50GBP + P&P HELD Amru Sani - Tabasco/I'm in the Mood For Love (Grand Award) VG++ 50GBP + P&P HELD Bobby Adams - You Got Next To Me Baby (Pilma) VG+++ 40GBP +P&P HELD Jeanette "Baby" Washington - Let Love Go By (ABC) VG++ 30GBP + P&P SOLD Little Sylvia Vanderpool - Speedy Life (Cat) VG to VG+ 25GBP + P&P Jimmy Clanton - Cindy (Ace) VG++ 20GBP + P&P
  10. Dav Kipp - Yea! My Baby Loves Me (Coral) Rare Orange Label MN - £130 + Postage Sam Chatmon - Nobody But Me (Boss) MN - £150 + Postage PM me if you are interested! regards Kimi

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