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  1. John Manship is currently updating his British guide. I think it will appear sometime next year.
  2. Seven Records for Sale All are in at least E+ condition, many are near mint, and any marks or blemishes are noted. Vi Campbell - Seven Doors - Peacock - £65.00 Eddie Hill - I Can Hear You Crying - Ge Ge - £70 (Very faint WOL) Marge Dodson - Be Your Baby - Decca Demo - £150 Clyde Allen - Lil’ Sister - Movin’ - £100 Cody Black - Too Many Irons In The Fire - D-Town - £100 Della Reese - Clock That’s Got No Hands - £70 Joy Leonard - Don’t Feel Sorry For Me - Hercules Demo - £80 Reserve by PM, first come first served. Payment by Paypal Friends & Family All prices include Special Delivery Postage.
  3. Can anyone tell me what the final price was on the Anglo American auction a couple of weeks ago. Ta. Dave
  4. Haven’t had the email, or the CD I paid for.
  5. News/Article/Feature Highlight: The fourth in the Soul Cities series of books by Dave Rimmer focuses on Philadelphia, the artists and the labels. View full article
  6. Philadelphia, The City Of Brotherly Love. A tale of two decades really as far as Soul Music goes, the 1960’s and the 1970’s.The 1960’s were dominated by two companies really, Parkway, and Cameo who released literally hundreds of singles. Not all were Soul, in fact they also defined the pop sound in the the States at the time, but a lot were. Partially in the back ground though was the Jamie / Guyden group. Not only did they also release hundreds of singles, but they also distributed what must at one stage have been nearly 100 other smaller Philadelphia labels. This was of course the key to getting national sales. It was easy enough to get sales in Philadelphia if you had a great record. All the Mom & Pop One Stops would be selling it. But to break out of the city and get national exposure and sales you had to have a whole distribution network, and that was way beyond the resources of most smaller labels. That’s where Jamie/Guyden came in. They had the network, and could distribute your records all over the country for you, for a fee of course ! By the mid Sixties though two other names were coming to the fore. Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff. As label owners and writers and producers.By the early Seventies they made it big time. They created music that became known world wide as ‘The Philly Sound’. I don’t need to go into details here about the groups and artists that had huge hits and became household names of Philadelphia International Records, if you’ve bought this book, you’ll know them anyway. Suffice to say, it created an identity for Philadelphia in the Seventies that rivalled that Motown and Detroit in the Sixties.As usual, the book contains discographies for artists from Philadelphia, and those not born there, but who recorded a significant part of their career in the city.As usual, I’m sure that somewhere in nearly 300 pages, I’ll have made a mistake, either a typo, or missed something out. What I am confident about is that these are the most accurate and complete discographies of labels and artists that you will find anywhere. Orders taken now: £17.00 for each book, with free postage in the UK Just click the link to email me HERE for details, or send me a PM @Dave Rimmer The book is also available on Amazon UK, Amazon US, and all the other European sites. It's still cheaper for UK buyers to buy from me because Amazon will charge you £2.99 postage, and I'm selling at a pound less than Amazon, but for my European, and American friends it will be cheaper to buy from Amazon. And of course at Venues all over the UK.
  7. More Information has now been added which explains more about the event.
  8. Not really, but it’ll be advertised on here and fb.
  9. This came out last November https://www.amazon.co.uk/Soulful-Kinda-Music-Guide-Chicago/dp/1983886467/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1551639642&sr=8-1&keywords=dave+rimmer And the Philadelphia book is very close to completion now.
  10. She definitely did the Saturday afternoon at Cleethorpes because she was on either before, or after, Jessica. She also attended the recent Australian National in Perth.
  11. I have no argument that the master recording is just that, the original master recording. But that’s not the original vinyl is it. It’s also not available for people to buy, and play, so in my opinion, the original master recording doesn’t enter into the question of original vinyl only
  12. It always changes for me, but my latest purchase was a record I owned years ago, and never played the flip side of. About three weeks ago Johnny Weston had the flip side on a CD in the car. I loved it immediately, and had to get a copy. Its not particularly rare, and there’s a US release and two UK releases, so I managed to get a US demo within a week. Its featured in all three sets I’ve done since, and gone down a storm with the dancers each time. R & B, just right for today. What is it I hear you ask? Bobbi Lynn -Opportunity Street - Elf The flipside to ‘Earthquake’ The moral of the story is twofold: Always play the flipside, and nobody knows everything
  13. It’s not a record I’d consider paying £100 for, never mind thousands.
  14. What do you think your ‘treasured original’ is? It’s a record, it’s meant to be played. In fact it doesn’t really exist for any other reason. If you had an original oil painting would you put a print on display? With a little sign by it saying “I do have the original painting” Of course you wouldn’t.

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