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  1. Dave Rimmer


    I have no argument that the master recording is just that, the original master recording. But that’s not the original vinyl is it. It’s also not available for people to buy, and play, so in my opinion, the original master recording doesn’t enter into the question of original vinyl only
  2. Dave Rimmer

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

    It always changes for me, but my latest purchase was a record I owned years ago, and never played the flip side of. About three weeks ago Johnny Weston had the flip side on a CD in the car. I loved it immediately, and had to get a copy. Its not particularly rare, and there’s a US release and two UK releases, so I managed to get a US demo within a week. Its featured in all three sets I’ve done since, and gone down a storm with the dancers each time. R & B, just right for today. What is it I hear you ask? Bobbi Lynn -Opportunity Street - Elf The flipside to ‘Earthquake’ The moral of the story is twofold: Always play the flipside, and nobody knows everything
  3. Dave Rimmer

    Antellects - Love Slave - How Popular?

    It’s not a record I’d consider paying £100 for, never mind thousands.
  4. Dave Rimmer


    What do you think your ‘treasured original’ is? It’s a record, it’s meant to be played. In fact it doesn’t really exist for any other reason. If you had an original oil painting would you put a print on display? With a little sign by it saying “I do have the original painting” Of course you wouldn’t.
  5. Dave Rimmer

    Bobbi Lynn - Earthquake - Elf

    I’m after a copy of Bobbi Lynn - Earthquake - Elf Issue or demo, must be at least Ex condition. PM me with your price. Thanks.
  6. Dave Rimmer

    Coalville 2nd Anniversary

    Coalville 2nd Anniversary at the West End Club, Coalville Top DJ line up - Free Admission
  7. Dave Rimmer

    Four really nice originals for sale

    Four really nice records to make your Christmas. All are in at least E+ condition, many are near mint, and any marks or blemishes are noted. Madeline Wilson - Dial L For Lonely - Samar DJ - £150 (Record Store stamp from Dayton, Ohio on the label) SOLD Linda Jones - My Heart Needs A Break - Loma - £160 (WOL) SOLD Cody Black - Too Many Irons In The Fire - D-Town - £110 Robert Moore - Jo Ann - De Luxe DJ - £80 SOLD Reserve by PM, first come first served. Payment by Paypal Friends & Family All prices include Special Delivery Postage.
  8. For the last 15 years the last three at Rugby allnighter have been these three: The Fantastic Four -Cant Stop Looking For Mt Baby - Ric-Tic Johnnie Mae Matthews - I Have No Choice - Big Hit Ray Pollard - The Drifter - United Artists They turn the lights on during The Drifter, and there’s always a full dance floor at 6am.
  9. Dave Rimmer

    Who were they?

  10. Dave Rimmer

    Not Bootlegs

    If they are undetectable how will we know?
  11. So if you bought a second hand Ford Escort would you send some money to Ford? As with any second hand goods, the original owner was paid what they are due with the original sale.
  12. There have been quite a few suspect 100 Club Anniversary singles turning up recently. there was quite a discussion about it on fb.
  13. Some pensioners making a few bob. It was hundreds of thousands of pounds!
  14. Dave Rimmer

    Djs on top of their game 2018?

    Any chance of a link to the original post Mike?
  15. Dave Rimmer

    No Alcohol License Function - Would You Attend?

    If I lived in the next street and the telly was crap I’d consider it if it wasn’t raining. Otherwise no.


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