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  1. Dave Rimmer

    Not Bootlegs

    If they are undetectable how will we know?
  2. So if you bought a second hand Ford Escort would you send some money to Ford? As with any second hand goods, the original owner was paid what they are due with the original sale.
  3. There have been quite a few suspect 100 Club Anniversary singles turning up recently. there was quite a discussion about it on fb.
  4. Some pensioners making a few bob. It was hundreds of thousands of pounds!
  5. Dave Rimmer

    Djs on top of their game 2018?

    Any chance of a link to the original post Mike?
  6. Dave Rimmer

    No Alcohol License Function - Would You Attend?

    If I lived in the next street and the telly was crap I’d consider it if it wasn’t raining. Otherwise no.
  7. Dave Rimmer

    Ben Sherman 2018 Northern Soul

    Perhaps I'm old and boring, but I wouldn't be seen dead in that Christmas jumper in the video
  8. Dave Rimmer

    Strictly class dance moves

    I have to say, I wouldn't have known which one was the professional dancer, the guy can certainly dance.
  9. Chicago, the Windy City. Another city with its own sound. Back in the Sixties you could spot which city records were made in by the sound. The writing, production, and arrangements, and of course the musicians, all contributed to that sound. Of course it was partly because the same people in each city tended to play on records for lots of labels, and the same guys in each city owned lots of little independent labels as well. So this book is about that distinctive Chicago sound. For many years the dominate group of labels in Chicago were those owned by the Chess Brothers. From early Blues through R & B, to the heyday of the labels in the Sixties. But as with all the other cities, whilst Chess / Cadet / Argo were the main players, there were lots of other, equally as good, labels, and Okeh ran them a close second, producing some wonderful Soul music. Orders taken now: £17.00 for each book, with free postage in the UK PM me to get Payment details. @Dave Rimmer The book is also available on Amazon UK, Amazon US, and all the other European sites. It's still cheaper for UK buyers to buy from me because Amazon will charge you £2.99 postage, and I'm selling at a pound less than Amazon, but for my European, and American friends it will be cheaper to buy from Amazon. And of course at Venues all over the UK.
  10. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Orders taken now: £17.00 for each book, with free postage in the UK PM me to get Payment details. The book is also available on Amazon UK, Amazon US, and all the other European sites. View full article
  11. Dave Rimmer

    BLESMA Charity Allnighter

    This year’s charity all nighter in aid of BLESMA. Venue is again Swinton Palais DJs to be confirmed, more details added as they become available.
  12. What’s With This Loneliness, simply because it was the track I started my DJ spot in New York five years ago.
  13. Dave Rimmer

    Motown/soul only. NO NORTHERN SOUL!!

    I’ve never been to a Mowtown night. Is it where they make lawnmowers?
  14. Dave Rimmer

    New Book

    If you read what Steve Sayles posted on Facebook, you’ve read most of the book before.
  15. Dave Rimmer

    News: Botanica Rare Soul at The New York Times

    It’s a great night, and a fantastic achievement by Matt to have been doing it weekly for 23 years. He kindly let me interrupt proceedings and do a guest spot about three years ago. Loved it.


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