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  1. shirley edwards dream of my heart shrine

    Join the bloody queue please Chic.
  2. All-nighter entrance fees

    From a pure financial point of view, DJ fees rarely cover my expenses because of the high price of train tickets and taxis. That's not why I DJ though, in most cases, I would have attended the venues I DJ at anyway, so it's nice to have some dosh to spend on ...
  3. Secret Stash - Midas CD

    I'm the same. I've emailed the company twice and had no reply. I've emailed Mark, who has passed my concern on, but still no cd, or reply from the company. It does say on the website that it will be available 'soon', but it's said that for months now.
  4. I went along to see this today, and I was, well, slightly underwhelmed. I thought, with it being the opening day there would have been some sort of presence by the organisers, but nothing, not even any signs, you just stumble across it when you walk into the ...
  5. Baby don't you weep by Wilson picket

    I don't think there is one. LP only.
  6. Back cueing & damaging records

    I wouldn't deny any of that, God knows I've bought enough LOL. However, the topic is about cue burn, at the start of a record, which is fairly obviously caused by back cueing a record.

    On a Thursday ? Really ?
  8. Back cueing & damaging records

    So why does 'cue burn' only happen at the beginning of the record ? Surely, if you can't damage a record by cueing it in, the damage would be equally spread throughout the record, not just at the beginning ? Doh !
  9. Back cueing & damaging records

    It's heat caused by friction that causes cue burn on styrene records. The way to avoid it is when you turn a record back to cue it, do it very slowly, and allow it to come to a stop on it's own, rather than stopping it yourself. I'm not saying this will eradi...
  10. News: Motown Unreleased 1966 Released

    I'm confused. Are these actual CDs, or just digital downloads ?
  11. The Soundburger Returns

    I'll rephrase my comment because I agree with what you say regards the Soundburger. These are pretty good for taking to allnighters and listening to records in the record bar. Never tried to use it as a USB turntable to be honest.
  12. The Soundburger Returns

    These have been around for at least a year. They are pretty good as well. Just looked it up. Mar 2014 is when they first became available.
  13. Not necessarily, but I would have more money available to spend on actual records. I've just bought something that cost me £55.66, then Ebay's Global Shipping increased this by another £22.85, and I still have the risk of having to pay Customs duty and a...
  14. The simple answer to your question is there are a lot of good DJs out there who play off original vinyl, and fill dancefloors, and try and introduce new records (Because let's face it, if DJs didn't try and introduce new records we would still be listening to...
  15. Rugby Allnighter 12/11/16

    I think that was the people we were with that were the scary ones