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  1. So where to start? Well the first thing was that storm Dennis held off till Saturday so that was a result! That meant that all roads (bar the two that the local council closed without much notice) really did lead to Culcheth on Friday. Gotta say well done to all those without sat navs for navigating their way onto deepest Culcheth, once they’d realised the direct route off the East Lancs was closed. Anyway, people persisted and got there, no matter what obstacles were presented to them, so thanks for that. Once there, all the early birds settled in and we soon realised we were going to need more tables and chairs as peeps just kept comin’, soon enough there was a good crowd in both rooms, meeting, greeting and generally getting ‘in the mood’. As it was Valentines, I had the pleasure of presenting the ladies in the house with a single red rose (sorry if you didn’t get one I could only get 60) I spent the early part of the night drifting between the Main Room and the Back Room, which had been changed to feature ‘Rare and Underplayed’ 60’s and 70’s due to a number of high profile Modern events on in the North West over the weekend featuring some of our resident DJ’s but gotta say, how good was that? Residents Ian Cunliffe and Simon Ingham holding the fort, while special guests Alex Jones and Phil Wainwright, both Lowton regulars from days gone by, tore it up with a fantastic selection of tunes over 5 solid hours with tunes like Tiaras Loves made a connection, Minors Lonely Boy, George Hobson Let it be real, Kings of Soul is your love for me, Optimistics Say that you love me, Willie Dee it looks like rain, Cake let your body go, Ramsey and Company Love call, Freddie Butler Save your love for me, Robert Tanner Sweet memories, John Harris Hangin in and many more great sounds The main room was just as good on Friday with the crowd keeping the floor busy all night, in fact I thought Les Harrison was going to turn it into an All-Nighter at one point, until the lights came on at 1.15. Again great sets from the residents, Kev Murphy, Bob Hinsley, Robbo, the aforementioned Les Harrison and our special guest, Ginger Taylor, who featured his monster floor filler, Fantasy, Walter and the Admirations, Lil Major Williams, Kenny Gamble, Joey Lorenzo, True Image, The New Wanderers, Henry C, to name but a few and the great thing about it was people were saying the music was just like Lowton of old. So, the night was billed as the ‘Spirit of Lowton’ 24th Anniversary Special, so I guess with those kind of comments, I can only say ‘Job Done’ so it just remains for me to thank each and every one who came along on Friday, to help make our little celebration a great success. Thank You and Hope to see you all on April 10th for our Good Friday, Bank Holiday Special…Watch This Space
  2. Ginger chomping at the bit, got some great tuneage lined up for the masses tonight... one of the biggest in the country at the moment...
  3. 8-9 tonite dont miss it Phil and Alex playin from the box ahead of their main sets later in the evening...sayin' nowt
  4. Couldn't believe the similarities between the old Lowton Civic Hall and the new venue Culcheth Sports Club when we moved. If you are coming along for the first time on Friday, you'll be amazed! Plus there's bars in each room, full dance floors in each room and great sound systems in each room... The 'Spirit of Lowton' ? for sure...
  5. So, one more sleep as they say...and our first night of 2020 will be here and it's a biggie...the 'Spirit of Lowton' Anniversary celebration. Two rooms, 10 DJ's including special guests, in the main room GINGER TAYLOR and in the back room, rare and underplayed with PHIL WAINWRIGHT and ALEX JONES, not forgetting our great team of resident soul spinners, Ian Cunliffe, Robbo, Les Harrison, Simon Ingham, Bob Hinsley, Baz Maleady and Lowton stalwart Kev Murphy. Why not join us, this Valentines at Culcheth Sport Club for a great Soul Night Out!
  6. Got a special treat for the ladies joining us on Friday....
  7. Gotta feelin' this might get a spin on Friday BOOM!
  8. Great record, one that was pushed at the SAINTS Club many moons ago and has definitely had spins at LOWTON in the past. Sale backing as the very rare and sometime Andy Dyson spin 'I've Got Something of Value' by Eddie Rey
  9. Be our Valentine THIS FRIDAY 14th Feb
  10. There's not many places you'll have a chance of hearing this little gem this Friday but rest assured the 'Spirit of Lowton' Anniversary at Culcheth will definitely be one of them... Stomper? No Quality? YES!
  11. As the weekend comes to a stormy close, time to look forward the the next one and some of the wonderful music that's goona grace the decks over two rooms from guests and residents celebrating 24years of LOWTON at Culcheth Sports Club What about this one, just found it on the LOWTON 8th ANNIVERSARY cd and topical with recent spins from LOWTON resident BOB HINSLEY
  12. Whatever you're doing have a great weekend and don't forget NEXT weekend starts with a cracker! Or have I mentioned that? Two rooms of pure soul pleasure in the true 'Spirit of Lowton' at Culcheth Sports Club (a mini Lowton Civic) Don't Miss It!
  13. Crossover classic, crossing over to the big room BIG TIME! Qualidee Tuneage
  14. They say 'Cream always rises to the top' and that's definitely the case for this gem from one of the best vocal groups of all-time. Had the pleasure for seeing them in Bilbao and many saw them at Prestatyn, great memories and a track that's gonna get a spin from Alex on Feb 14th
  15. A great memory from, what was for me the best days (nights) at the Casino, it almost faded into obscurity albeit infrequent plays at some venues. This ditty from legendary Philly writer/producer Kenny Gamble is set to become one of the biggest re-activations on the scene courtesy of our main room guest Ginger Taylor...Join us on Friday 14th and share the love

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