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  1. Loved the Modern Room on Friday, great crowd, great crack and an opportunity to play some old Lowton favourites. Sincere thanks for your kind words The attendances at Culcheth have been good all year but being honest, they will never reach the hay-days of Lowton at 400+every month, simply due to the fact, things have changed. As Simon, (eddiefoster) says, two European weekenders, which not only took a good number of regulars but two resident DJ's as well, add to that a plethora of soul nights in other towns on Friday, some of which were free admittance AND an 'effin' England game on as well,it's no big surprise the numbers were down a bit as they were at most other events this weekend. On the flip side, the August night was fantastic, so I look at it like this, if you want quality music in a great made for it venue, then Culcheth is a must visit night. I stay positive cause I see the bigger picture, and the fact is with today's scene unless you are an 'Event' attendances are going to fluctuate month by month so you (me) takes the rough with the smooth. December will be a good 'un cause it's going to be a Special Celebration event (watch this space) and we start 2020 with the Anniversary in Feb, both of which will be busy, then is down to me and the team to convince you and others that Culcheth is your first choice, Soul Night out, so hope to see you soon... ATB Baz
  2. Dont forget it's TWO ROOMS on Friday with the Modern Room in FULL EFFECT as they say THe 'Soul on the Edge' Guys Jem Booth and John Townend, joined by BazM exploring music from the Soulful 70's through to today...
  3. You learn summat new everyday, which is why I love Culcheth 'Spirit of Lowton' nights, I ALWAYS hear something I've never heard before, keeps me 'enthused'...
  4. Bin featuring this little beauty along with the Isleys 'Sure Is A Whole Lotta Woman' to great dance floor response lately...
  5. You're right about Bob diggin'... here's another he's pulled from the racks for Friday
  6. Started featuring this early doors and it looks like its getting some 'traction' The word is out...
  7. Yes Mate, sounds 'just right'
  8. Underplayed magic for the main room Oct 11th
  9. One of my all-time faves, quality tunage!
  10. Good shout, possible contender for both rooms...
  11. Thanks for the props Pete, be good to see you as always Mate
  12. That writing looks VERY familiar...
  13. WIGAN SOUL COLLECTIVE Presents 'Across the Board’ Soul - Sunday 29th September 1pm – 7pm Admission £3.00 With Soul Collective DJ’s Andy McCabe — Ged Parker - Steve Curry — Paul James — Brian Rigby Newtown Working Mens Club Anson St, Wigan WN5 0TT

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