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    telford, shropshire
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    djing, collecting quality tunes, atmospheric venues, all nature and cookery progs....good for the soul!, csi all series and seriously intelligent films. hate reality tv luv man utd and the north west of england.
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    william powell-heartaches, souveniers

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    northern soul devotee, dancer and dj, currently residing in Telford, Shropshire

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  1. Noticed in today's Memories on fb, this wonderful Scots lass from Tayside...incredibly it's 10 YEARS since she sadly passed away. Anyone wish to comment and share memories,please do so.
  2. If anyone at all is thinking about making a weekend of it ( and its well worth it, believe me ) then a number of hotels are recommended. Travelodge - Battlefield Travelodge - Bayston Hill Premier Inn - Severnside Holiday Inn - Emstrey Abbotts Mead - Wyle Cop Check out websites for current rates, all hotels within 5 to 10 mins of venue The Masonic Hall, is just off the town centre and is within easy reach of A5 A49 A52 M54
  3. Apologies in advance Mike, its obviously meant to be light hearted.....but its the truth
  4. It will do if the tower footage goes viral
  5. The disillusionment would be intense, if it wasn't for the fact there are plenty of venues were people still do act like grown adults and behave theirselves instead of selfishly resorting to not only just sending theirselves up, but every other innocent fooker in the building. Every chance of the Human Pyramid then?
  6. They weren't all Red Necks, were they?
  7. I cant argue with that Karl, all this " oh well, its only a laugh, get a life whats wrong with yer? " crap....ffs, making us all collectively look like a bunch of retarded geriatrics.....and they film it!!!......just the type of nonsense to play up to media and all their luvvies who still haven't got a clue what its all about, 50 years on....whatever next....last night of the Proms: a northern soul spectacular, with a houseful of fancy dress revellers singing to the FW anthem finale, waving their KTF flags.
  8. Yes Jessie, I most certainly did and know exactly what you mean, and a lot of this crew frequented SITP the first few years...proper funky groove i reckon, not a saddle up and ride yer pony in sight!....er...deffo not any comparison with the tower
  9. Well there you have it, i stand corrected..apologies to all concerned and surprised....i was not aware of this release and its actually 6 years old now! A bit much even if youre a completist, to buy a 4 lp box set just to acquire the track talked about, but of course there are numerous other numbers present that could be played out and perhaps warrant a 7 release....however, this is quite possibly the best candidate
  10. On your last point, Ashton is definitely a place worth going to, as is Culcheth..and just now, a host of others where the music policy for one is very much diversified, as opposed to the almost commercialized cultural pursuits of the mass attended events
  11. No...and definitely nit in the Motown 7's box sets either....completely unreleased, as it states on the Hip-Oselect cd comp
  12. Yes Eddie, and well over 3 minutes long!, had that double cd as well....Hip-Oselect really were a champion, for the best part of 15 years, this is a great Supremes collection, first time this track appeared anywhere, a handful of others turned up on the original 25th Anniversary vinyl double album, having them all collectively under one roof is a tribute to this company's thorough research of the Motown archive, something they did to perfection with every group and artist..this track definitely warrants a 45 release.
  13. And they said it was ' just a bit of fun '....ffs, why don't we all do the okey cokey as well?...when in Blackpool eh? There'll be mad rush for cowboy boots and stetsons next..
  14. OBVIOUSLY, we're aware of the fact there is now a clash between this event and one 20 miles away in Whitchurch...however, we're undeterred as am sure our loyal and regular supporters are...16 great years of Soul Music in Shropshire's Capital, and STILL ploughing on undaunted, still churnkng out diverse playlists, still employing local guest djs as a opposed to big names and STILL attracting newcomers from all areas....a great and friendly atmosphere, superb dancefloor and a very unique setting...which is exactly WHY folk check us out!! If you've not been before then we promise a top night and believe you will return again! Keeping it REAL, in Shrewsbury...home to THE CHURCH️️️️️️
  15. Line Dancing at the Tower this weekend, as scene on fb....thoughts anyone?

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