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    djing, collecting quality tunes, atmospheric venues, all nature and cookery progs....good for the soul!, csi all series and seriously intelligent films. hate reality tv luv man utd and the north west of england.
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  1. hiya Dean, wishing you the very best for a successful op and a speedy recovery! RobπŸ˜‰πŸ‘

    this is gonna be a really good soul night to attend, I'm sure of that, definitely ready to put a shift in, and always love a first timer!. Accrington has a soft spot for me because of the football club, i always look for their results😁 anyway, i hope to see some familiar faces there, apart from that dynamic Morcambe & wise tribute act ( Place & Callon ) πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ‘ Camping for the weekend with Blackburn on Sunday as well...no better way to enjoy Soul in Lancashire! bring it on!!πŸŒžπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

    this is gonna be a cracking all-dayer, really pleased and honoured to be a part of it and spin some tunes, many thanks to Garry & Shaun for that....deffo be a fab variety on offer, from classics to rarities, especially from our Kev. I really hope as many people as possible, will get out and support this...and probably be more sober people here than anywhere else in the country!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ well, its all about dancing, innit??πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

    ALWAYS look forward to the return of COLIN CURTIS to our Friday soul sessions, an eloquent orator, a fantastic dj and a master of dance floor participation. So many stone classics to choose from, the Torch to Mecca session is a lesson about the great venues and the myriad of stunning discoveries first played there...with Colin the arch exponent for delivering these dance floor destroyers. its a fantastic occasion, doubly important as we celebrate his 50th year tour of the U.K., and Lowton Soul gets used to its new surroundings. its looking to be full house, so please, get there early to guarantee your parking, seat and spot on the floor, doors open and function starts at 8:00pm - Admission: Β£7:00
  5. brighouse civic

    West Yorks newest venue, carrying on the Brighouse tradition into its 20th year and keeping the spirit of the Ritz alive...always a top class line up!πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

    Building up to be a massive lift off, sincerely hope the message has got across. We always get lots of new faces and travellers, i think this new venture and new venue will guarantee this happy medium continues....and of course we will welcome our regular and loyal customers with open arms, and the promise that the level and quality of music will be second to none.....if not, EVEN BETTER!! CANT WAIT TO GET IT ON!!πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘βœŒβœŠ


    First heard ROBBO play this at LOWTON, a few years ago, to be honest....and finally got a copy.....what a stunning, powerful B-side to a pop classic!!, deserves to be heard more often and for more enterprising djs to jump on....it just pounds along!!


    Really looking forward to a very special night for a host of reasons....we'll be busy decking out the foyer with festiveness as we approach Christmas and as usual, there will be a mad dash for the sweeties!! it's a double Birthday celebration, and its a CITY v UNITED one at that for me and Denton's TONY BENT, who's popping over to see us for the first time. hopefully we'll be welcoming a lot of newcomers as LOWTON has the happy knack of doing just this, and has done throughout its remarkable longevity. AND....it goes without saying, we're celebrating 20 MAGNIFICENT SOULFUL YEARS!! This particular Santa's SACK-FULL-O'-SOUL is bursting with Christmas crackers from some of the most expensive vinyl on the planet to some of the cheapest underplayed gems available, covering the whole soul spectrum.....its what LOWTON has done and always will...it's our trademark. HO HO HO!! 5 1/2 HOURS of dance floor action of the highest order, the North West's biggest name djs...PLUS! from Todmorden wonderland, our very own SANTA TAYLOR.....THEE KOOLEST FRIDAY NIGHT YULE EVER NEED!!...come and join us coz, it aint gonna be no SILENT NIGHT!


    sounding like people are travelling and making a concerted effort to not miss this one...and so it should be...after all Lowton has given to the cause, it's deserving of a return of the favor.. a lot of people have a good many great memories of the last 20 years, and Lowton has been prominent amongst them...a fantastic array of dj's from all over, live artists, even 3 rooms on the go, including the legendary DDA!!.......car park full and not a spare blade of grass either!, a complete who's who of record vendors....Lowton, personally to me, was a staging post to getting back into the scene again.....i swore i was never going to buy any records any more..when i first set foot in the building, i spied all of these wonderful boxes,..like leaping salmon...all wanting me to get my hook into them...a spent Β£60 that night ( dosn't sound a lot, does it?, in 2001 ), i got PAT BROWN for Β£30...what's it's value now eh?...i bought between 20 and 30 tunes. largely impossible to do that now,...but, i was off and running again!!.....i love Lowton as much as i did then, and am so happy to be part of the organization...lets make sure everyone enjoys reliving the memories and make it a soulfully successful anniversary!!

    Speaking to Bob Hinsley just the other day, December was an occasion to forget from the point of view of the problems with the heating alright...if as confirmed, it's been fixed, it's small fry compared to the substantial loss of revenue the venue owners would have faced...honestly, we're relieved that our loyal supporters showed tolerance in the light of the failure to resolve the matter sooner...and doubtless they're glad they sorted it with the insurance.... .....ANYWAY....WE'RE BACK ON!........YOU NEVER REALLY DOUBTED WE WOULDN'T HAVE A 20TH TO CELEBRATE...DID YOU? WHAT a great line-up of dj's.....mountains of pure, unadulterated quality northern soul, in yer face and on the dance floor!...just 4 weeks away now no tickets...just pay on the door....it's all happening in the North West again.....what a way to kick off February and celebrate Valentine's as well with the music you JUST LOVE!!
  14. Superb, imaginative sets from all concerned.....one of my very favorite memories from 2015, a place that will be visited again, rest assured......well done guys for keeping it real
  15. Nottingham Palais All- Nighter

    A huge buzz on this event prior to the date, and true to word, the turn out was fantastic!...strictly speaking it was all about nostalgia....hence the musical output was not beyond the confines of tradition..what the hell!, it's all about a celebration of a well loved venue of the 70's and 80's, that actually still stands, even though it is unrecognizable from its original format. For me personally, just being there meant chalking off the board, a visit i thought i'd never make, albeit in the capacity of door staff...and very busy we were!. i ventured into all three rooms on a number of brief occasions and found all dance floors to be rammed....great sound systems in, superb clarity.....fortunately, where we were situated, it wasn't too loud either. Soul Sam, probably just edged it, with the stand out set of the day, which i think went on for almost 2 hours...non stop oldies, but of a more intuitive kind, one's that are appreciated for not having been rammed down the proverbial throat for decades...i'll settle at singling out that session rather than ramble on about others, everyone's contributions added to the occasion...Nottingham, is without doubt, the real deal stronghold of Northern Soul in the East Midlands, and on this particular occasion, it wheeled out the crown jewels in the shape and form of a truly iconic venue. I think any function's management would have struggled to cope with so many people wanting drinks on draft, i was informed that the previous evening, they had to contend with a figure of close to 2000 in the building, so with some justification, it wasn't going to be possible to get a brewery delivery on a Sunday!...disconcerting for some, i appreciate, hence just missing out on 5 stars for performance......next year, it will be put right, have no doubt...