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  1. is that Steve Jeffries site
  2. Hi, Thanks for that just seen it George Hunt (Stanley) on here just mentioned it but I would like a nicer copy!
  3. Looking for a copy of The Moments - You Said on Deep Records, please PM with price and condition if you can help Thanks!!
  4. Great night as you say Tony!! good to see a lot of new faces that had travelled to bring in the New Year with us all Down at the Legion!! Long may it continue well into 2020 and Beyond!! ("\(*-*)/")
  5. You are not funny!!
  6. Hi Tony, Looking forward to another Great New Years Eve at "The Legion" everything sorted and good to go, except not quite decided on the menu but trust me!! No Turkey!! anyway that's not my department see you soon. Atb John.
  7. So sad to be reading this news today as many others have said the top supplier of vinyl to the scene over the last 40/50 yrs!! will be truly missed! Rest In Peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with family and friends at this very sad Time.
  8. C U L8R
  9. Don't Forget yer Specs just cleaned mine
  10. Mrtag

    45 Revolutions

    see you then Mr T. missed the last one due to hols but should be good for this hopefully without the crutches lost the parrot in the lift last time!!
  11. Try ""Go Fund me" I am pretty sure other like minded photographers and general public who don't like to see the small business's and Individuals shafted by large corporative companies etc maybe no win no fee solicitors?
  12. Mrtag

    45 Revs

    I could be wrong but I don't understand what the DHSS has to do with pensioners!!!? we don't Receive sick pay Doh! I guess that's the problem with being so YOUNG looking!! Lol
  13. Mrtag

    45 Revs

    That's damn kind of you Mr P is it ok to use your name at the town hall old bean? Lol But on a more serious note is the venue within easy walking distance of the Civic car park? it's just I am on crutches since we last spoke (slight accident!!) and I'm not that good with the damn things
  14. ooh!! no!!! I guess we'll see you there then! H has got a day off!!

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