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  1. Looking for a clean copy of The Related Three Thanks!
  2. Still looking. Please let me know if you have one to spare. Thanks for looking
  3. Bor

    Help wanted

    Hi Anyone able to help me identify the track starting at 23 mins in? Some of the voices sound all too familiar but I cannot place it. Some island soul 45 maybe? Much appreciated!
  4. Bor

    Help wanted

    Great, thank you Steve!
  5. Bor

    Help wanted

    Hi, Please PM me if you can identify the 2nd track at 2:33 in the mix? Not that it matters much but bonus points if you know the first line this guy is singing and the female reply Thanks so much!
  6. Looking for a clean one on HIT records Thanks
  7. WIll keep an eye out for both in that case Thanks Dave!
  8. Hi Dave Thanks, yes I noticed that but like the Jerrell version better. They're different.....both are hard to find it seems Cheers Rob
  9. Looking for a clean copy on Jerrel. Anyone willing to part ? Thanks
  10. Hi Mate,


    I was overbid on that Ebay auction for Hesitations 45. Still have that 2nd copy? 





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