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  1. Bor


    Bert Bailey & The Jets - If I’m right (Jetset) Gerald Trotter - The love in my heart (Mo-do) Gloria Fowler - Will you be my guy (C.J. Records) Marsha & The Delwands - No hope no faith (Zudan) The Jades - And now (Mode) Reggie Soul - World of ecstasy (Capri records) The Arabians - You upset me baby (Le-Mans) Thanks for looking, Robert
  2. Looking for The Paramount Four The Poodles Thanks Robert
  3. Looking for a clean copy. PM me please if you have one for sale Thanks Rob
  4. Looking for a clean copy, M- Thanks, Robert
  5. Anyone willing to part, please hit me up! Thanks, Robert
  6. Looking for a clean one, vg+ or better Thanks Robert
  7. Looking for a clean one, promo preferred vg+ or up (no styrene offers please) Thanks Robert
  8. Much appreciated...found that one too but I'm sorted now
  9. Still need this...anyone? Thanks for looking Robert
  10. Looking for a vg copy or better Thanks Robert

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