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  1. A'up Carl, hope you & Val are well, Great to see Kingsways up & running again mate, Missed the Soul family, See you in a couple of weeks.
  2. A'up Carl, looking fwd to sat , see you then mate.
  3. A'up Carl, Blimey is it the end of the month already, looking fwd to it, see you sat mate.
  4. A'up DBSC, Looking fwd to sat, Big happy new year to Bryn too, see you all saturday.
  5. A'up Carl, looking fwd to getting back on the dancefloor with the Soul family, missed you all last month, bloody man flu struck me down, see you then mate.
  6. Cheers Kev, See you sat .
  7. Hi Kev , looking fwd to your tunes mate, if you have got it , Your P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L.I.T.Y, Jackie Lee , please, sure ive heard you play it before, if not no worries, see everyone next sat , cracking night on the cards, Gauranteed.
  8. A'up Carl , looking fwd to having a dance with everybody on saturday.....see you then.
  9. A'up Carl, just enjoyment, Thats our Kingsway Hall, see you next sat mate.
  10. A'up Carl, Think Gigs has summed it up above......looking fwd to it , see ya saturday .
  11. Hello you two, Me & Kim cant wait to Celebrate with you both at Kingsway Hall, We wouldn't miss it for the world, See you next Saturday.
  12. A'up Carl, really looking forward to tonight, see you later mate.
  13. Hi Carl, We will deffo be there on saturday mate...really looking fwd to it, see you then.
  14. A,up Carl, sorry mate cant make tonight, ive knackered my back up good & proper, have a great night everyone.
  15. Hi Carl, looking fwd to 2moz night.....lets make it a good one.

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