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    Been into this for a little too long me thinks. My old bones are starting to ache. But, we are only here for a little while and I'm gonna make the most of what there is to enjoy.

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    northern soul - old style family & friends
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    Newton Aycliffe
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    Jackie Day - Naughty Boy

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  1. Saturday 28th March. School Aycliffe Lane, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 6EA Looking forward to Pete Noble giving his all to the Hydro cause. Pete's 2nd visit and if he does as well as his 1st visit you know it's going to another Hydro special. All roads lead to School Aycliffe Lane, DL5 6EA. Don't forget to bring photo I/D (drivers licence/passport) and sign in at the security gate. Doors open 7p.m. £3 on the door.
  2. Looking forward to seeing you again Carl. Safe journey my friend.
  3. The club is situated on the Ineos/Inovyn works site. Access to the club is via the security entrance. You will need to have some form of photo i.d with you to show at the gate, this is required for everyone in your vehicle. You will need to stop at the barrier, leave you vehicle and sign in at the security gate. Please show respect for the security people who are there doing a job of work for the company. They have nothing to do with the operation of the social club and are working a 12 hr nightshift. This may seem a bit of an arse about but it is entirely necessary and once you get used
  4. Cumon Hydro Lets Get Hot and Sweaty.
  5. Saturday February 22nd. Hydro Soul Club DL5 6EA Don't forget photo I/D is required at the security access gate, where all visitors are required to sign in and show photo I/d. See you there.
  6. Already look forward to another Eggy special.
  7. Keep the faith you guys, there is plenty of competition and obviously that means choice for the soul people for this weekend in your neck of the woods. Make the right choice and whatever you decide enjoy what you are doing. Thanks for the invitation to join you for your first anniversary. Its a long trip out for us two and an even longer trip back home after midnight but we will bring whatever we can in the way of dance music and presence on the dance floor.
  8. Kev Richardson


    HYDRO SOUL CLUB School Aycliffe Lane Newton Aycliffe DL5 6EA First one of 2020. Lets make it worthwhile. See you there. Wishing a happy New Year to everyone who have offered support to this venue over the past 19 yrs. Don't forget to bring I/D, which should be presented at the security gate. Pull up at the entrance gate, walk to the gate and show I/d for all persons in your vehicle. Sign in and come down to the Soul Club and enjoy the rest of your night. £3 O.T.D Guest DJ:Ian Shoulder (T.B.C) Residents: Kev Richardson, Mick Boyes.
  9. Well done Carl. Your hard work paid off mate. I know what its like having to come back the following day to clean up but when the night goes as well as your NYE night was it doesn't seem too much like a chore. Enjoyed playing a few different tunes for your crowd and already looking forward to a return visit in May. Well done to Barry, Moz, Bill and yourself. There will be plenty of people behind the scenes who deserve a mention but the venue is down to Carl Piper.
  10. Hydro Soul Club December 26th. See you there. We are not able to run on our normal 4th Saturday as other venue has taken up that date. Don't forget to bring photo I/D which should be produced and shown at the site security gate. Thank you. £3 on the door. Doors open 7 p.m. Guest DJ for this one is Kev Sowerby. Residents: Kev Richardson & Mick Boyes. Soul music played with a passion for those who are passionate about dance music. How do we progress forward after the massive show of appreciation from last month? That is in the hands of you guys who keep lif
  11. Saturday 23rd November. Hydro Soul Club, based in the Inovyn/Ineos works site on School Aycliffe Lane, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 6EA. We were again blessed with an excellent turnout last month. The floor was kept busy and the people who took to the floor were given plenty to interest them. The play list covered top 500 favs as well as underplayed and uptempo tunes along with a few mid paced floaters as and when required. This month we have Middlesbrough's Pete Noble as guest DJ alongside Chester le Streets Mick Grimes. (Danny Paton unable to join us this month). The new company
  12. Kev Richardson

    Hydro Soul Club

    4TH Saturday in the month, 26th October. HYDRO SOUL CLUB, School Aycliffe Lane, Newton Aycliffe, Durham, DL5 6EA. The road works have been completed and access to the venue is now back to normal. (Well apart from the new company requirement for our guests to show I/D at the security gate as they enter the works site, but other wise business as usual.) Now the hard work starts because we have to try to achieve the standards that we have set for ourselves, following on from last months visit of Pete Everett. The feedback has been absolutely stimulating over the past few months and that
  13. Listen up folks, important information. HYDRO SOUL CLUB SAT 28TH SEPT. The County Council have at last decided to go ahead with the road works on School Aycliffe Lane and this will mean disruption to anyone using the road during the last week in this month, September. This will include over night road closures from 19:00 hrs on three or four nights during this period. And, you have guessed it, from 19:00 on Sat Sept 28th the access to the east end of School Aycliffe lane will be closed off from Preston Road (the railway bridge end of the road). As of 19:00 hrs there will be a di
  14. Based in the North East, Newton Aycliffe, Land of the Prince Bishops, Durham. Newton Aycliffe, School Aycliffe lane, DL5 6EA. 18 yrs of experience and still going strong. Soul music played with a passion for people who are passionate about soul music. It gets Hot and sweaty here. £3 O.T.D. This month we have PETE EVERETT joining us again. This is Pete's 3rd visit, obviously he is well regarded, hence his return visits. Residents: Kev Richardson & Mick Boyes Please bring along some form of photo i/d as there are new access restrictions to the site. Un
  15. I have the track on a Kent album Alan but I don't think it would be fit in with the OVO rule for the Macclesfield gig. I'll keep it in reserve for when your next at Hydro. There will be plenty in my box of that I can guarantee.

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