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  1. Hi folks, looking for a EX or NM copy of this. Please send PM. Thanks!
  2. aggrolite

    Ray Pollard - The drifter

    Hi folks, looking for a EX/NM copy of Ray Pollard - The drifter (UA) Please send PM, thanks!
  3. Hi, looking for a EX or NM copy if this. Please send PM.
  4. Hi folks, looking for a NM or EX copy of this. Please send PM. Thanks
  5. Looking for a NM or EX original copy of this 45 of Motown. Thanks!
  6. aggrolite

    Think It Over, a rare Soul night. Seville (SPAIN)

    Born in the city bathed by the Betis this humble proposal soulera oriented to the dance with few principles, but very clear; Only original sound, only sixties sounds, with a very similar vision to Stafford's TOTW in a variety, from the Early to the Crossover, regardless of the year of edition, taking as examples the Soul Discharge from Campillos (Málaga), or to the disappeared Big Thing and current Someday of Valencia, among other great parties. And of course, all this wants to disembark in the dance, and for this good use we will give the parquet of the basement of the O'neill's. Soon we will upload bios, tops and trikini photos of the daring to participate in this first night full of soul, class and attitude. More info in the facebook event. Saturday November 25, from 11:00 PM to 04:00. Dj line: Dani Herranz (Valencia) Juan Jiménez (Sevilla / Roquetas) Levanna Mclean (Bristol / El Burgo) David ADC (Murcia / El Pto. De Santa María)
  7. Honey Townsend - The world again (Mala) Perfect tempo and beautiful violins un the middle.
  8. Hi folks, I want a EX por better copy of The Harvey Averne Dozen ‎– Viva Soul LP (Atlantic, first edition 1968) Please send PM. Thanks!
  9. Anne Heywood - Crook His Little Finger (HONDO) Ex copy, please send pm. Thanks.
  10. Ex copy of this, send PM please. Thanks
  11. aggrolite

    Exits & Bobby Hutton

    Exits sorted.
  12. aggrolite

    Exits & Bobby Hutton

    Hi folks, I want a nice copy of Exits - You gotta have money (GEMINI), and Bobby Hutton - Come see (PHILLIPS) Only reasonable prices, please send PM. Thanks


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