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    I love nothing better than sitting with 75 year old black men discussing the merits of a saxaphone break, string arrangement or drum fill. That doesn't make me a bad person does it? LOL!
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    Mojacar, Spain
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    Del Larks - Job Opening - Queen City

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  1. Hi Steve, Have had a late cancellation on a Premier Inn room if you want it. Let me know mate. Dave
  2. ***ANNOUNCEMENT***ANNOUNCEMENT*** Useful info for folks attending KIDDERMINSTER TOWN HALL on Saturday Night. TALC POLICY : Please No Talc. The dancefloor is great, you won't need it. PARKING: The Premier Inn Car Park location is free between 6.30pm - 8.00am. Outside of these hours charges apply. ADMISSION : All preordered wristbands holders must be admitted by Midnight. If you intend to travel and Pay On The Door that facility will close at 11pm. Strictly NO admittance after 11am for POTD. If anyone is arriving late then I would recommend you have reserved a wristband. BAR FACILITIES : The Event will operate 2 bars. The Main Bar is in The Corn Exchange and there will be a smaller bar in the area bewteen the Main Hall and The Corn Exchange.
  3. Sorry, room has long gone. Looks like it may well sell out on Saturday Night! If anyone wants tickets I'd recommend reerving them with Bev at bevmoore@earthlink.net or 07512 244062 Dave
  4. Will check with Sara and get back to you. Dave
  5. Here you go Floyd.... MAIN HALL : Classics, Selected Oldies, Current Monsters! 8 - 9 Pete Fowler 9 - 9.45 Shaun parker 9.45 -10.30 Mick Bennett 10.30 -11.15 Dean Carr 11.15 -12 Ash Fellows 12 -12.45 Mick Bennett 12.45 -1.30 Dean Carr 1.30 - 2.15 Ash Fellows 2.15 - 3 Shaun Parker CORN EXCHANGE : Everything from 6T's to Today! 2000 – 2030 Dave Moore 2030 – 2130 Pete Hulatt 2130 – 2230 Dave Greet 2230 – 2330 Pete Fowler 2330 – 0030 Pete Hulatt 0030 – 0130 Dave Greet 0130 – 0215 Shaun Parker 0215 - 0300 Pete Fowler
  6. until

    Latest addition to the Festa for 2020! We welcome The Soul On Wax DJ Team to The Soul Terrace!
  7. until

    As many Fiestanistas will know, our headline act for 2020 Mr Carl Carlton sadly suffered a stroke a few months ago. He is home, is on the road to recovery and is fully aware of all our best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. Having thought long and hard about it, we have decided that rather than add to the pressures of Carl’s recovery programme, we have agreed to postpone his appearance until he is in apposition to give a 100% account of himself, as the true showman that he is. Hopefully we will see Carl beltin’ out his catalogue in the not too distant future. So…. Who to replace Carl with on our stage next May? Fortunately, we had ‘lightbulb’ moment and approached our planned 2021 headliner with the proposal that we simply bring that show forward one year! I’m pleased to announce that that headline act agreed to our proposal and contracts were signed within days. Hence our stage in May 2020 will be graced by The original DETROIT SOUL AMBASSADOR : MR MELVIN DAVIS! Melvin’s legacy within Northern Soul circles is up there with the very highest of his peers and he is a renowned songwriter, singer and showman! Rest assured The Auditorio de Cristal will be bouncin’ on Saturday Night as he takes us on a musical tour of ‘D Town’s’ prolific vinyl outings! Dave
  8. OUTSTANDING response to the return of this iconic West Midlands Venue! Just to update folks....... All tickets/wristbands pre ordered are now either in the post or reserved on the door for pick up. Only TEN days to go! For any travelers, Premier Inn is 2 mins away on foot and Travelodge is an 8 minute walk. For drivers, parking is just round the corner. Postcode for SATNAV is : DY10 1DB. Tickets available from Bev at bevmoore@earthlink.net or call 07512 244062 Dave
  9. Dave Moore


  10. Dave Moore


    DJ Line up for Kidderminster Town Hall's 2ND EVENT of 2020! "IT AIN'T NOTHING BUT A HOUSE PARTY"
  11. 2 different artists. Not sure why the topics were merged but I'll try and get them seperated. Dave
  12. I think it's just US buyers who are being hit at the minute. Lots of my purchases are sent to a mate's address in the US and then consolidated into larger packages and despatched to UK. (Same as Rod's set up). So... it appears that the UK deliveries are safe from that sales tax (at the minute). Best, Dave
  13. Have only just found out that Mr Willie Newsome, (aka Willie Parker), passed away on 22 September 2019. I spoke to his daughter a few weeks before about him maybe coming over to Europe for a final shindig but sadly it wasn't to be. For patrons of New Century Soul Allnighters there are nothing but great memories of Willie when he stunned us with his vocal prowess at Radcliffe Allnighter a few years ago. For Bev and I we have fantastic memories of a great week with Willie, looking after him on behalf of Chris Waterman and Marcelle Waterman. One of the highlights being the day we took him to Liverpool to see the Cavern and Bev got us in to the newly positioned Beatles statues on the Pier Head. (The cement was still wet and it was all fenced in). Willie was a great Beatles fan and his face when he went down the steps in the Cavern proper lit up! Sleep well my friend, and congratulations on a job well done with style and decorum that was second to none. Dave
  14. Just noticed that my last couple of purchases on Discogs have incurred sales tax. Anyone else experienced that or is Uncle Sam just picking on me? Dave
  15. Looking for a decent copy of: Alice Clark - You Hit Me - WB (WHITE DEMO) If anyone can help. Thanks for looking. Dave

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