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    I love nothing better than sitting with 75 year old black men discussing the merits of a saxaphone break, string arrangement or drum fill. That doesn't make me a bad person does it? LOL!
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    Mojacar, Spain
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    Del Larks - Job Opening - Queen City

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  1. Pretty good article relating to Sylvia Robinson and her contribution to black music. Just click on the link here: Billboard Feature Dave
  2. Tempests, Billy Harner, Len Barry, Matt Lucas, Intentions and loads of others. The Beach scene especially is littered with singers/groups who knew exactly what style of music they were singing. Dave
  3. Couple of minibuses inbound for this already! There is a PREMIER INN 200m from the venue but the rooms are increasing in price as they fill up. here's the link...: PREMIER INN AT KIDDERMINSTER Here's the Line Up for the rooms... DUE TO INTEREST WE HAVE RELOCATED ROOM 2 to THE CORN EXCHANGE WHICH IS A BIGGER ROOM.
  4. Yep, seen the discogs info and the Cat45 same. Record is not a carver but a vinyl 45. Friend just checked run out with magnifying glass. It's there. Dave
  5. Hi guys, Could someone confirm the Dead Wax Details for Skip Jackson on Dot Mar. Not been booted on vinyl as far as I'm aware but friend has bought a copy with no deadwax markings at all so just need to clarify. Many thanks, Dave
  6. Hi Richard, I use an array set up for the benidorm Soul Fiesta but that pumps out up to 30,000w and is a combo of Live performances and DJs. Is there a company that manufacture an array system that pumps 4000w? I'm also looking at the Mackie's but they don't seem to pump out the same power as the Altos? Best, Dave
  7. Guys, Am looking at creating a 4000w Soundrig from scratch and am considering a pair of the Alto TS300 powered speakers at the 'sharp end'. Has anyone got them and could offer up advice on their performance and reliability. I already own a passive rig that I customised piece by piece and am very happy with that but this new rig will be my first venture into powered speakers. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Dave
  8. until

    DJ LINE UP FOR 2019... BOOM!

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