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    I love nothing better than sitting with 75 year old black men discussing the merits of a saxaphone break, string arrangement or drum fill. That doesn't make me a bad person does it? LOL!
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    Mojacar, Spain
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    Del Larks - Job Opening - Queen City
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  1. Dave Moore


    After a 2 weeks Poll I think this can close now. Thanks to all who voted in any capacity, it threw up some interesting percentages. One of the most interesting to me was that 12.5% don't buy a single new release at all. Kinda reflects the way the Northern Scene has gone musically over the past couple of decades? Went to a gig a few weeks ago and instead of a taxi... thought I'd booked a tardis! LOL! No matter to me as I like it all anyway, long as I know what's on the Menu. Dave
  2. Dave Moore



    Yet another extended now! The UNDERGROUND! As well as presenting the MOD NIGHT and The MOTOWN BIRTHDAY PARTY, the UNDERGROUND will also be open on every other night now playing classic oldies from The TWISTED WHEEL, THE GOLDEN TORCH, BLACKPOOL MECCA and WIGAN CASINO!
  3. Dave Moore


    I'd have thought that's always been the case. Imagine the stuff sandwiched between the classics back in the day! Dave
  4. Dave Moore

    5 Favourite Books

    1. Devil's Guard - George Elford 2. They Stood In The Door - Don McNaughton 3. The Man Who Would Be King (And Other Stories) - Rudyard Kipling 4. Despatches - Michael Herr 5. BFG - Roald Dahl Dave
  5. Dave Moore


    Some good responses that I think show that we, as a group of soul fans, are still delving into the world of 'new' vinyl be it new material or vintage music gaining a contemporary release. Oh and if nothing else.... it gave Rob a chance of yet another plug! LOL! Dave
  6. I usually try and buy all of them. Dave
  7. Dave Moore

    Stock/Issue v’s Promo

    There can be many reasons why a stock Issue is much rarer or sought after than the promo copy. In addition to the reasons stated in the previous posts for instance: 1. Smaller labels tended to focus and concentrate on local promotion and distribution with the hope of picking up airplay that may lead to a hit. It was a fine line decision whether to produce stock issues once the initial interest was there. Some got it right, but just as many got it wrong. 2. Some labels when promoting a record would place the preferred side (PLUG SIDE) on both sides. Along comes the record collector 40 years later and wants the stock copy rather that the promo so he has both sides of the record. There are plenty of examples of B Sides being more sought after than the Plug Side. 3. Record label 'shennanigans'. EG. A record for whatever reason is produced on a promo but (for nefarious reasons), record executives don't want the 45 to succeed and so inhibit the distribution of issued stock. (Larry Clinton on Dynamo being a good example). 4. Major label distribution and promotion. Quite a lot of records that were picked up by national record companies got lost in the shuffle. With the amount of records being released on a weekly basis in the US some would fall through the cracks and end up victims of the system. RCA releases are a good example. The company released so much product that if the record didn't gain an immediate foothold then they'd 'move on to the next one' resulting in good records being around in quantity in the promo format with radio stations etc but the shop stock recycled. Probably lots more examples of the whys and wherefores too, hopefully others will post their thoughts. Regards, Dave
  8. Dave Moore

    Wanted (PROMOS)

    Am looking for the following on White Promo ONLY if anyone has any they'd like to move on. Spiedels - Dream Girl - Providence SORTED Derek Martin - If You Go - Sue SORTED Derek Martin - Sly Girl - Tuba Supremes - Nothing But Heartaches - Motown (MAP/STYRENE) Fab Peps - Gypsy Woman - Premier Stuff SORTED Via PM or email me at hitsville2648@earthlink.net Dave Moore
  9. Dave Moore

    News: Ronnie Walker RIP

    Once again a crack has appeared on the heart of Philadelphia's musical landscape. The passing of Ronnie Walker is particularly poignant as he had, over the past 15 years, become such a favourite of his UK fanbase that took him to their hearts as he enamoured them with his pitch perfect voice, personal humility and soft spoken manner. Many of our now aging heroes struggle to recapture their recorded legacy accurately when thrust in front of a microphone and real soulfans understand and respect that but with Ronnie it was a guaranteed home run every time he cleared his throat and transported us all back to a wonderful time in our lives. I remember when he was appearing in Benidorm and we (Bunny Sigler, Dean Courtney, the band and myself), met up in the ballroom for our first show rehearsal. Ronnie had no hesitation in stepping up first on the stage, a quick word with Al the bandleader and whoosh, he was off and running. He ran through all his planned set list without missing a single beat, placed the mic back on the stand and spoke into it one single word.... NEXT! LOL! Of all the artists I've ever had the privilege to work with Ronnie was the slickest and there was a reason for that.... He could sing! I mean really sing! That large frame hid a beautiful high tenor voice that embraced the Philly style so eloquently. He was like a powdered hand in a calfskin glove. So, sad as it is that he has left us, I for one will not dwell on his passing but rather, celebrate his musical achievements and especially that he finally saw and felt the love we had for him and his work. Sleep well my friend and congratulations on a job extremely well done. Dave
  10. Why do you think the Goldspot 45s are boots? The fact that SS listed them isn't really definitive. There were plenty of originals on his lists too. I've never heard any definitive info either way? Dave
  11. Dave Moore


    The 15TH ANNUAL HITSVILLE RARE NORTHERN SOUL WEEKENDER 19-22 SEPTEMBER 2019 Hotel Continental, Mojacar, Spain More details to follow....
  12. Dave Moore

    Eugene Thomas New Release - Out Now

    EUGENE THOMAS NEW RELEASE! The name of Eugene Thomas has become well known in soul circles ever since it was discovered that he was the lead vocalist on that wonderful Northern Soul double sided classic by Epitome Of Sound – “You Don’t Love Me b/w Where Were You”, which was recorded at Venture Studios in Bound Brook New Jersey and subsequently released on Sandbag Records in 1967. Fast forward an amazing 52 years and the author of both sides of that classic 45 Robert Paladino, has recently released a 45 and here, hot its heels is a solo effort from Mr Thomas. Written and co-produced by Eugene himself, Eugene Thomas – “I’m Through With You b/w Lovely Lady” Sweet Beat Records (RW1805), combines two excellent soul sides that do a great job of tipping their hat to the golden era of 60s soul. The A Side is a pounding up-tempo dancer relating the story against a love affair gone wrong as Eugene ditches his two-timing woman. Full blown, on the fours, Northern Soul with a crackin’ sax break, if it garners the right exposure I’d imagine it will get great dancefloor reaction from the dancers. The flip is another ‘bounce along’ dancer that highlights Eugene’s dexterity within his song-writing skills as he embraces a new love. Musically it’s another performance that would seem ideally suited to the Northern Soul dancefloors. The 45 is available from all the usual outlets in UK and US. Here's a snippet of both sides: Dave Moore
  13. News/Article/Feature Highlight: The name of Eugene Thomas has become well known in soul circles ever since it was discovered that he was the lead vocalist on that wonderful Northern Soul double sided classic by Epitome Of Sound. Fast forward an amazing 52 years and ... View full article
  14. Dave Moore

    Happy New Year 2019 - Hopes dreams....

    Hi John, Not me in Benalmadena. In Malaga or Torremolinos maybe? Suite 45 at The Pink Elephant with Sergio and Antonio? I live in Spain near Mojacar, you should come up to Hitsville Weekender every September. Great weekend. Happy New Year! Dave
  15. Dave Moore

    Happy New Year 2019 - Hopes dreams....

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! Here's my Hopes and Dreams.... Having been roaming around like a Gypsy for most of 2018, in 2019 I'm hoping to : A. Finally refile my record collection! B. Decide where we are going to live! C. Be reunited with my motorcycle before the summer! I'm not holding my breath on any of the above..... all good fun though! Dave


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