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  1. Vg+ copy but has hard labelwear on other side Thelma records A side tiny labelwear Killer r&b banger 95€
  2. Rare and in demand banger Would grade it vg++ because it has a tiny warp dnap what so ever 125€
  3. hi posted you an email thanks
  4. Tommy hunt Mint copy! 40€ Emily Vg++ 35€ The chevelles Mint 50€ Ritchie Vg+ 125€ Shelton Mint 50€ Lou donaldson Vg++ 25€ Leon ferguson Vg++ 25€ Davy jr Vg to vg+ 20€ Karen small Mint 50€ Father &sons Vg++ 40€ Joey & the vips Vg++ 60€ Cobra kings Vg+× 35€ Mike gordon Vg+ to vg++ 30€ Phil guilbeau Vg++ 25€ Maurice williams Vg+× 40€ The uptowns Vg+ to vg++ 30€ Chi's-tnt's Vg+ to vg++ 30€ Kenny springs Vg++ 35€ Richard berry Vg+× 50€ El tigre Vg+ to vg++ 35€ Jb Vg+ 35€
  5. Hi No sorry 350 is my bid Thx
  6. Make it euro total and its sold Thx
  7. Like i said i'm open to offers Thx
  8. Hi A vg++ sold for 250 last month Thx
  9. Some labelwear Plays vg+ Offers please pm
  10. for sale killer 45 jimmy gilford-nobody loves me like my baby thelma vg+(some tiny labelwear on a side/b side is the labelwear more) 100 euro Please pm
  11. Parker black issue Vg++ to mint Drillhole 175€

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