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  1. Hi Is this lp on vee jay Thann i have it Please contact me on Marioheylen@hotmail.com Thx
  2. mrtall

    Anita tucker-i need love

    Good playing copy Please pm
  3. mrtall

    Ted Taylor somebody always trying

  4. mrtall

    Jimmy Ross - "First True Love Affair"

    Got a belgium ore dutch with sleeve
  5. mrtall

    Mamie Perry, I'm Hurted

    Hi Mail me A mate of mine has one Marioheylen@hotmail.com
  6. mrtall

    betty o'brien .. she'll be gone .. demo

    got the Belgium boot
  7. a few wants -mary ann fisher-put on my shoes(fire) gay poppers-i want to know(fire) Harvey lantz-little boy blue pm please cash ore trades waiting thx
  8. Still looking Please pm
  9. mrtall

    Billie poole-them blues

    Anyone got a copy for trade ore sell
  10. Please pm ore Marioheylen@hotmail.com
  11. mrtall

    bb king-16 tons(rpm)

    please mail me marioheylen@hotmail.com thx
  12. mrtall

    guitar slim-oh yeah

    please pm ore marioheylen@hotmail.com thx
  13. vee jay records vg++(tiny stickers) 200€ pm please
  14. mrtall

    big list of r&b originals

    - for sale susan king-building a wall around my heart toy mint 100€ for sale SOLD Kenny ball-900miles jerden promo mint(tiny stcker & stamp) 50€ for sale Ronnie love-chills and fever dot mint 50€ for sale paul anka-uh-huh abc(French) vg++ 40€ for sale etta james-what'd i say argo vg+ to vg++ 40€ for sale carol jarvis-little red rooster dot vg++ 45€ for sale ruth brown-i want to do more atlantic vg+ 50€ for sale ruth brown-please don't freeze atlantic vg+ 35€ for sale killer version!! the braceros-sunny ... vault vg+ to vg++(two tiny stickers) 35€ for sale irving ashby-rock-a-cha knight promo ... vg+(two tiny stickers) 50€ for sale bobby darin-similau atco promo ... vg+(two tiny sticker & tiny wol) 45€ for sale jj barnes-won't you let me know rich vg++ 70€ for sale the four tophatters-one arabian night cadence ... vg++ 35€ for sale great banger with picturesleeve marlena shaw-wade in the water ... chess dutch cover vg (sleeve has damage that was repaired with tipex) vinyl-vg+(label also has tippex on it plays great) 100€ for sale popcorn killer ralph young-big hand little hand ... epic promo vg+ to vg++(wol) 75€ for sale great r&b banger!!! supremes-buttered popcorn ... tamla vg+ to vg++ 50€ for sale jo ann campbell-i really really love you gone ... vg+ 150€ if intrested please pm ore marioheylen@hotmail.com thx for sale jo ann campbell-i really really love you gone ... vg+ 150€
  15. -merv griffin-house of horrors mercury promo vg++ 75€ - for sale otto bash-lookout mountain rca vg++ 45€ -lloyd nolen-fun fun king promo mint 95€ _roy beltier-summertime succes vg++ 40€ _popcornbanger!! ralph young-big hand-little hand epic promo vg++(wol)... 85€ _oscar boyd-whenn things get a little better hermes mint 30€ _the wanderers-shadrack meshack and abednego cub vg++ 65€ _Darrow fletcher-the pain get's a little deeper the groovy vg++ 40€ _billy grammer-princes of persia everest vg++ 60€ _killer version!!! lloyd price-feelin' good ludix mint... 40€ _great r&b 45 jimmie lee-on my way/the big letdown neal vg++... 50€ _the gay poppers-you better believe savoy mint 30€ _great ep with two bangers!!!! king coleman-black bottom blues/bulldog phillips ep cover-vg+(sticker on label)... vinyl-vg+ to vg++ 80€ _the tarantulas-tarantula/black widow atlantic vg++ 70€ _art grayson-bad dreams 4 corners vg+ to vg++ 60€ _killer two-sider!! lulu reed-what makes you so cold/ain't no cotton federal mint... 65€ _willie mays-if you love me duke vg++(sticker on label) 85€ _massive hitter!!! della reese-it was a very good year abc vg+ to vg++... 65€ _marlena shaw-let's wade in the water chess(dutch)with pictsleeve sleeve-vg(hard wear that was repaired with tip ex) vinyl-vg+ to vg++(some tip-ex on label)... 100€ PM ORE marioheylen@hotmail.com thx


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