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  1. mrtall

    Jimmy Ross - "First True Love Affair"

    Got a belgium ore dutch with sleeve
  2. mrtall

    Mamie Perry, I'm Hurted

    Hi Mail me A mate of mine has one
  3. mrtall

    betty o'brien .. she'll be gone .. demo

    got the Belgium boot
  4. a few wants -mary ann fisher-put on my shoes(fire) gay poppers-i want to know(fire) Harvey lantz-little boy blue pm please cash ore trades waiting thx
  5. Still looking Please pm
  6. mrtall

    Billie poole-them blues

    Anyone got a copy for trade ore sell
  7. Please pm ore
  8. mrtall

    bb king-16 tons(rpm)

    please mail me thx
  9. mrtall

    guitar slim-oh yeah

    please pm ore thx
  10. vee jay records vg++(tiny stickers) 200€ pm please
  11. mrtall

    big list of r&b originals

    - for sale susan king-building a wall around my heart toy mint 100€ for sale SOLD Kenny ball-900miles jerden promo mint(tiny stcker & stamp) 50€ for sale Ronnie love-chills and fever dot mint 50€ for sale paul anka-uh-huh abc(French) vg++ 40€ for sale etta james-what'd i say argo vg+ to vg++ 40€ for sale carol jarvis-little red roost..
  12. mrtall

    great list with killer r&b

    -jackie mel-st james infirmary riviera white mint(killer deep voice banger) 80€ -Ronnie love-chills and fever(killer that works on every dancefloor) dot(small stickers)vg+ to vg++ 50€ -buster brown-two women(sercock) vg++ drillhole 40€ -jackie shane-sticks and stones sue vg+ to vg++ 30€ _great popcorn/r&b frankie laine-seven women phillips vg+ to..
  13. hi guys i'm putting new things on a weekly basses on