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  1. Any body got any of these 2 for sale? Anybody got any of these 2 for sale?
  2. Carol anderson been sold? Have you sold Carol anderson?
  3. Played some nice stuff Linda, good night.
  4. Plenty of parking on the side streets.
  5. Looking for 2 Carol Anderson - Sad Girl Velvet Satins - Nothing can Compare to you Original copies only please Condition at least VG+ PM please.
  6. I’ve seen it mate, think it’s a bit pricey at that. But thanks
  7. 2 Record Wants Carol Anderson -Sad Girl Velvet satins - Nothing can compare to you Originals only at Least VG+ PM please.
  8. 2 wants Carol Anderson -Sad Girl Velvet Satins - Nothing can Compare to you Originals Only VG+ at least, PM please.
  9. 2 records I’m after, Carol Anderson- Sad Girl velvet satins - nothing can compare to you original vinyl only must be VG+ at least PMs please.
  10. Carol Anderson Sad Girl Original copy At least VG + Pm please.
  11. 2 Wants please, Sad Girl - Carol Anderson nothing can compare to you - Velvet satins originals only at least VG+ Please PM with Details ta.
  12. Is there any parking?
  13. 2 wants anybody Carol Anderson - Sad Girl Velvet Satins - Nothing can compare to you. originals only, at least VG+ Condition Please Pm, no daft prices ta.
  14. Wanted, We the people, Making my daydream real, VG+ at least PM please.
  15. Wanted, Derek and Ray. Interplay, White promo at least VG++ PM please.

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