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  1. I have a NM copy looking for an offer.
  2. Here's a 45 and sleeve I don't think was posted here.
  3. nm copy on Atlantic with drill hole issue if not sorted.
  4. I think this is unreleased. If not, please respond with release info(45 or LP). acetate please forgive me girl.mp3
  5. Did anyone get a reply yet to their PMs?
  6. I have a different shade of grey of 201 that is styrene and is etched. Revilot 203 dj is styrene and etched also if this helps any.
  7. A few on Discogs
  8. Thanks for your input. Yea, it fooled me. They just wanted to make a rock version of the hit?
  9. I guess I could be wrong and it does sound like he's pushing it a bit. Does any one know what artist Dick Charles used?

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