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  1. http://www.g45central.com/forum/index.php
  2. Sorry, was busy with other things and forgot about this. I already knew of the artists that had released a version, but did not sound like this. It's a demo alright, but I don't know who it is singing on it. One of the writers has passed and the other if living has to be around 90. Jackie D. still have not replied to this acetate, so maybe not her. Even Tennessee Ernie Ford released a version.
  3. It was my pleasure. I met her at the rock and roll hall of fame years ago. That was a pleasure too!
  4. Congrats to Michael V to fist suggest Jackie DeShannon as I was in a fairly long discussion with her today and she said it is her singing on this acetate!!
  5. I have not heard back from Jackie D and the actual writer of this song, Mike Appel copyright 1969. I don't know if this additional info helps.
  6. That is their choice and yours as well. If you have nothing constructive to say it's better to say nothing at all. I think I gave you an 'up + 1 by mistake.
  7. I just sent a message to Jackie D about this acetate. I'll let you know her reply.
  8. Does not sound like C & W to me, but you are entitled to your opinion.
  9. Not trying to put a spin on anything. Just looking for help to identify the singer. It could be from Cold Blood for all I know.
  10. Here's a clip of a song by unknown artist that sounds a little like the other one i asked about.
  11. There is really no label. Just black vinyl. The only thing written is Audio Disc where the label would be.. I got the title from listening to the song.
  12. I got another reply stating that PP Arnold did listen to the same clip and has no Idea who the singer is.
  13. I just got a reply from an email to PP Arnolds rep Heather Taylor and she said this is not PP Arnold. Maybe I should ask some follow up questions.
  14. Thank you Michael, It does sound like a match. This is from an acetate without a label.

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