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Need help identifing artist from tape.

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I don't think Tony Hall is the artist as this is female singer.  Maybe Arrival is, but could not find this artist.  Looking for input.  Thanks.

arrival do right woman reel tape.jpg

arrival tony hall do right woman reel tape.jpg


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I saw that, but did not think it was them as nothing they did matched the songs on the tape, but maybe.  Do you think the vocals  sound like them?  Thanks for pointing them out.  I have no vinyl on this group.  I'll go to utube to listen to their songs.  I  guess these are unreleased. I just played a few of their releases and it does sound like them. I wonder then this was recorded and they chose 3 soul covers(i think the last track is origianl song) and not put them on an LP. Thanks again.

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To my ears it is definitely the same Arrival, the UK group of the 1970 hit 'Friends' fame,with Dyan Birch on lead vocals 

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Not the same song as Anna King.  Yes, i agree it sounds like the UK group Arrival .

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I also have the Doug Banks that sounds like it's in Stereo.



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On 20/04/2021 at 16:26, Alan T said:

I don't know anything about them. They have a complete recordings CD and the tracks aren't on there, they're probably unreleased.



Is the last one a cover of the Anna King song "The Big Change"?

None of the songs on this tape are in the ''complete recordings'' of Arrival.

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