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  1. Paul Conroy

    Soul Toon Alldayer Farewell Bash

    Only two hundred Soul Toon commemorative 7'' being pressed £10 a copy message taking pre-orders message me please if interested and you can pick your copy at Fed on August 4th Thank you Neil Rushton
  2. Paul Conroy

    Soul Toon Alldayer Farewell Bash

    Been meaning to do this for ages so apologies for not posting earlier Tickets sellers are as follows Kevin Thompson (Toma) Claire Wigley-Smith Zander Murray... David Thomson (Tosh) Tony Searle (Tonge) Simone Anderson Sharon Proctor Gary Weetman Paul Mooney Paul Bodman Nigel Carter Other will be added in next couple of week you can also message me direct and I will post tickets out to you or call me on 07812803410 Cheers Paul
  3. Paul Conroy

    Soul Toon Alldayer Farewell Bash

    Important Announcment I have been informed by The Fed that they have been granted a 5 year extention on the lease of the building and I have been asked to continue the Soul Toon Alldayers, This new has come totally out of the blue and I was not expecting it at all, and the August event was going to be the last one. My question to you all is do you still want the Soul Alldayers to continue, bearing in mind I have been advertising the August event as the last one. This is not a marketing ploy to get people to buy August tickets as they are sellng very well Let me know Cheers Paul
  4. Paul Conroy

    Night dedicated to the memory of Steve Crozier

    Sadly in 2017 North East record collector passed away. This night is dedicate to Steve and to raise funds for Macmillan Nurses who cared for Steve DJ's include Mick H, Matty Turner, Davy Mason, Toma, Vinn, Steve Davidson and Dave Eley Starts at 7pm until 1am £4.00 otd
  5. Paul Conroy

    Soul Toon Alldayer Farewell Bash

    Starts at 2pm till 2am
  6. Paul Conroy

    Soul Toon Alldayer Farewell Bash

    Saturday 4th August will be the Last Soul Toon alldayer At the Lancastrian Suite GatesheadI want this last one to be a big thank you to everyone single one of you who have supported it in the past five years without you all it would not have been the success it was.DJ’s are as followsThe Lancastrian SuiteJohn PooleColin CurtisMick HToma & DavyTongeNige GriceChris de LuenEthan McDremottThe Northumbrian SuiteColin CurtisGeorge WallaceAndrea RobertsonPaul Harrison & Daz CarMally MeahTizerThe Ramside SuiteRoger Banks Andy Dyson Horse Acky Buchan Eddie Wainwrigt Munza Trusty £12 per ticket of £15 OTD anyone need tickets contact me on 07812803410
  7. Paul Conroy

    New Years Day Northern Soul and Motown Alldayer

    Still tickets available
  8. Paul Conroy

    New Years Day Northern Soul and Motown Alldayer

    Blow the New Years celebrations hangover into touch and get ya ass on the dance floor and get ye mojo workout for 2018 ! Northern Soul Oldies Alldayer ( thats the records not the DJ's ) 4pm till 11pm Happy New Year !! DJ's include Ginger Taylor, Colin Curtis, Keith Minshull and Soul Sam plus Davey Mason and Toma- Fuck me thats got 'Legends' written all over it ...! £10 per ticket - only 200 available so be quick ...! Message me if you need a tickets All the best Paul
  9. Paul Conroy

    Soul Toon 10

    DJ rota for Northern Room for you info Ginger Taylor is unable to attend due to ill health am sure we all wish Ginger the very best and the speediest of recoveries he will be a miss next week. Ethan McDermott 2.00pm till 3.15pm ... Davy and Toma 3.15pm till 4.30pm Tonge 4.30pm till 5.45pm Nige Brown 5.45pm till 7.00pm Sean Tasker 7.00pm till 8.15pm. John Poole 8.15pm till 9.30pm Nige Grice 9.30pm till 10.45pm Zander Murray 10.45pm till 12.00 Mick Heffernan 12.00 till 01.15hrs Toma and Davy 01.15am till 0200am Cheer Paul
  10. Paul Conroy

    Soul Toon 10

    Mick H added to line up
  11. Paul Conroy

    Soul Toon 10

  12. Paul Conroy

    Soul Toon 10

    The 'Soul Toon 10 All Dayer Saturday 5th August 2017, with over 12 hours of the very best in Northern, Modern Soul , R&B and Underplayed Sounds in 3 rooms with the country's best DJ's at the North East's ultimate Soul Venue Advance Tickets sales £10 or £15 OTD Contact 07812803410 ask for Paul re tickets also numerous ticket sellers will be out and about The North of England and Scotland Line ups as follows NORTHERN ROOM Ginger Taylor Tonge... John Poole Nige Brown Sean Tasker Davey& Toma Nige Grice Zander Murray Ethan McDermott Modern Room Colin Curtis Andrea Robertson Tizer Neil Massey Carlo 60's Newies & R&B Room Roger Banks Andy Dyson Horse Acky Buchan & Guests
  13. Paul Conroy

    Soul Toon 9

    Modern Room DJ Times 4pm - 5pm John McPherson 5pm - 6pm Davy Bell 6pm - 7pm Paul Harrison... 7pm - 8 pm George Wallace 8pm - 9pm Ginger Taylor 9pm - 10pm Andrea Robertson 10pm - 1130pm Terry Jones 1130pm - 1230 am Tizer 1230pm - 0100 Paul Harrison 0100 - 0130 George Wallace 0130 - 0200 Andrea Robertson
  14. Paul Conroy

    Soul Toon 9

    3pm - 4pm Eck & Trusty 4pm - 5pm Eddie Wainwright & Munza 5pm - 5.50pm J.B.S... 5.30pm - 6pm Gibby 6pm - 7pm Roger Banks & Horse 7pm - 8pm Acky Buchan 8pm - 9pm Eck & Trusty 9pm - 9.30pm J.B.S 9.30pm - 10pm Gibby 10pm -1200 Empty Bottles Crew 1200- 0100am Roger Banks 0100- 0200 am Roger Horse and anyone else that is sober
  15. Paul Conroy

    Soul Toon 9

    Northern Room DJ Times Ethan McDermott 2pm - 3pm Toma 3pm - 4pm Tonge 4pm - 5pm... Sean Chapman 5pm - 6.30pm Kevin Sowerby 6.30pm - 7.30pm Alan McKenzie 7.30pm - 8-30pm John Poole 8.30pm - 9.30pm Mick H 9.30pm - 10.45pm Nige Brown 10.45pm - 12.00am Ginger Taylor 12.00pm - 01.15am Toma 01.15am - 02.00am


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