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  1. Paul Conroy

    Soul Toon 14

    Unfortunately with all the uncertainty re Corona Virus I have reluctantly CANCELLED the event It's not something I wanted to do but I have to Stay safe everyone Paul
  2. until
    Tyneside Soul Promotions present their second Northern and Modern Soul Weekender At the Park Hotel Tynemouth Tyne & Wear Weekend passes £39 per pass payment can be made by paypal @ Tynesidesoulweekender@gmail.com or message me for bank transfer details, please add £2.50 for postage and I will post them out. I will be announcing soon the ticket sellers in different parts of the country, Three days in four rooms djs who have confirmed so far other to be added Ginger Taylor. Colin Curtis. Mick H. Sean Chapman Nige Brown. Brent Howarth. Simon Hunt Terry Jones. Bob Jeffries Chris Box Paul Garland George Wallace. Toma. Davy Mason. Kev Sowerby. Andrea Robertson Paul Harrison. Horse. Roger Banks Andy Dyson Acky Buchan Chris de Luen Zander Murray others to be announced Cheers Paul
  3. This is what I posted today on The Soul Toon FB page most people on here know what my previous employment was for 26 years and those who know me know I am meticulous in anything I do. I made my decision to cancel on a number of issues yes fiancé was a concern, but not on a personal level, no one likes to loose money, I can live with the money I have lost to cancel, but my biggest concern was the people who travel far and wide to attend my events, they have booked hotels train tickets etc etc, cancelling sooner rather than later will hopefully prevent anyone else loosing money. I am not saying other promoters should follow suit far from it, this is my decision for my event and I now feel comfortable that I have made this decision. Take care everyone lets hope nothing is enforced Cheers Paul
  4. Paul Conroy

    Soul Toon 15

    Soul Toon 15 Alldayer Saturday 1st August 2020 2pm til 2am Tickets £12 or £15 otd. Three rooms of the very best in soul music The Lancastrian Suite Colin Curtis Soul Sam Ginger Taylor Mick H Nige Brown Tonge Davy Mason Acky Buchan Brent Howarth Steve Davidson Ethan McDermott. The Northumbrian Suite Colin Curtis Steve Woomble George Wallace Neil Massey Miranda Blake Fran Leech The Ramside Suite Horse Roger Banks and guests I will announce ticket sellers and methods of payment ASAP
  5. Paul Conroy

    The Fed Allnighter

    The Fed Allnighter 7pm to 7am 12 hours of the very best of Soul in three rooms Saturday 26th September 2020 The Lancastrian Suite Gateshead Ticket only event £12 no paying on door The Lancastrian Suite Ginger Taylor Colin Curtis Mick H Andy Dyson Gerd Baum Roger Banks Nige Brown Acky Buchan Tonge Davy Mason Brent Howarth The Northumbrian Suite Terry Jones Colin Curtis Andrea Robertson George Wallace Tom Jackson Dean Walker Colin Johnson The Ramside Suite Roger Banks Horse Andy Dyson Chalky Acky Buchan Gerd Baum I will announce tickets seller methods of payments asap
  6. Paul Conroy

    Soul Toon 14

    Soul Toon 14 Alldayer 2pm to 2am Saturday 4th April 2019 £12 per ticket or £15 it’d Two rooms playing the very best in Northern and Modern Soul The Lancastrian Suite Ginger Taylor Nige Brown John Poole Colin Curtis Acky Buchan Tonge Davy Mason Kev Kevin Sowerby Ethan McDermott The Northumbrian Suite Terry Jones Colin Curtis Andrea Robertson George Wallace Paul Harrison Frankie Lucas There is no R@B 60’s room this event due to Roger and Horse having other commitments but they will return in August
  7. until

    Hi Steve part of the license is no paying on the door tickets event only we will be releasing Saturday only day passes in next few weeks mate
  8. until

    DJ Introduction Mr George Wallace As a teenager in the 60's I always loved the new sounds from Motown, The Four Tops and Temptations while all my pals liked The Beatles and Rolling Stones. Joined the Royal Navy in 1966 and was in Far East for until the end of 1969, loved going out in Singapore buying loads of Soul albums. Came up to Scotland with the Navy in 1972 and met Maureen, we were both into Northern Soul already, got married in 1974 and lived here in Fife ever since, started Dj'ing at the Angus Hotel in Dundee and did most of the early nights up here, Walkers, Tiffanys, Marriot, Clouds, and loads more, was also lucky enough to have been asked to Dj in Bologna, Italy and Gothenburg, Sweden, eventually took over promoting "The Spiders Web" from Kenny Burrell and Derek Robertson and had a great time doing that up until they closed it in 2014, eventually stopped Dj'ing Northern and sold all the collection in 2012 but have since carried on doing Modern Soul nights which I was also collecting since the mid nineties.
  9. until

    Reet Here we gan first lot of DJ rota Rare/ Underplayed R&B Room Friday 6th Match 2020 14.00 Trusty 15.00 Steve Hiscock 16.00 Horse 17.00 Roger Banks 18.00 Close 19.00 Carmen McCoullough 20.00 Stuart Raith 21.00 Andy Peak 22.00 Mace 23.00 Horse & Trusty 0.00 Matt Sneath 1.00 Roger Banks 2.00 Ted Coulson hope this wets ye appetite hope this wets ye bits more updates as weeks goes on
  10. until

    DJ Introduction Mr Colin Curtis Over 50 years years a black music dj with pioneering work in Jazz Funk Disco Soul,House, Northern Soul&Jazz Dance. In his landmark residencies at legendary clubs like The Torch, Blackpool Mecca, Rafters Manchester, Smarties Manchester,Playpen Manchester, Rock City Nottingham,Powerhouse Birmingham,Ritz Manchester, Berlins Manchester and Cassinelli’s Standish Southport Weekender, Luxury Soul Weekenders Vybe Freestylin' Dingwalls he has pioneered the full spectrum of black based dance music from 60s R n’ B, Northern soul, disco, funk, house, jazz funk, Modern soul and jazz dance, constantly striving to progress his sound and satisfy his unquenchable thirst for new music. He is name checked by the likes of Norman Jay, Gilles Peterson Snowboy and Ashley Beedle as a defining influence on their careers over the five decades of music he has DJed.
  11. until

    DJ introduction number 2 Mr Ginger taylor I started DJing late 60 s so at it now for 50 years , who would have thought Up North , name Northern Soul , in early 70 s still going on , as I tell Soulie s & Friends , once in your blood & Mind , Never Ever Leaves , 1 of the great things over years to have met so many Singers / performers , and worked at The Best Venue s all over the world , starting off in Todmorden Youth Club , then teaming up with Good friend Eddie Antemes , Ukraine Club in Todmorden , got that popular , got odd bookings in Halifax , Rochdale Then “ MECCA “ Burnley , never looked back , it’s been a pleasure , but getting a bit older !! Good friends all over the world on Soul Scene , my second favourite City Newcastle ( After Most of Manchester ️! ) got great close friend up the A1 , really looking forward to Tynemouth Weekender , and Be able to work N, Soul room , rare / Modern room too , Thats what it’s all about these days , little bit of this & that ! BUT A WHOLE LOTTA SOUL x
  12. until

    DJ introduction welcome Mr Bob Jeffries Bob has been djing for over 40 years at events all over the UK and abroad. He started locally in Ayr and moved into the jazz funk scene playing all the all dayers as well as big events in Preston, Nottingham & Newcastle. He has played at all the Southport events, Streetrave gigs, Luxury Soul Weekend, Blackpool International Soul Festival, Vocal Booth and Ibiza soul week in Spain & continues to play upfront soul, soulful house and dance floor jazz. Bob and his wife Lorna promote their own bi monthly Suite Soul nights and yearly cancer research all dayers as well as Bob playing every Saturday afternoon on Starpoint radio.
  13. until

    Just finalising DJ Rota’s will post them up asap
  14. until

    More info I have found a hotel with 14 double, 11 twins and 10 family rooms still available anyone interested please message me cheers paul
  15. until

    Another update re accommodation the Clifton Hotel 01914551965 3 double rooms £85.00pn including breakfast 3 family rooms £95.00pn Including Breakfast

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