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  1. professorturnups

    Yarmouth Weekenders 1990/91 Video

    Great times and only 20 miles down the road! Mark C
  2. professorturnups

    Info needed: Women on the Northern Scene

    From a current perspective I suggest Charlotte Hindley. Helps promote the Wigan events with Jordan and is a regular on the nighter scene. Great dancer too! Mark C
  3. professorturnups


    The Norfolk lads are hoping to be there. It's a 520 mile round trip but this Niter is something we believe in so fingers crossed we'll be there! Mark C
  4. professorturnups

    Motown or Northern Soul

    They played Stoned Love at Hamburg soul weekender at the allnighter in October!
  5. professorturnups

    Pure City Soul Club Charity All-Dayer

    Great line-up and really looking forward to it. Hope to get down nice n early to make a full day/evening of it. Hope it goes well for ya! Mark C
  6. professorturnups

    northern soul - the current state...?

    That badge chest t shirt would be funny if it wasn't so embarrassing
  7. professorturnups


    Norwich lads will be there!
  8. professorturnups

    The 21st Australian National Northern Soul Weekender


    I'm hoping to come to next years event. Would you know the location yet? Sorry if I'm a bit early asking! Regards Mark C
  9. professorturnups


    Planning to come to this. Looks like a fantastic line up with some "must hear" djs on the bill Mark C
  10. professorturnups

    The blurred line...

    Think it's all going a bit tuts up when you are giving credit to the Bee gees and Abba on a soul music forum
  11. professorturnups

    New Century Soul Club Manchester All-Nighter

    What a fantastic line up in both rooms. I kniw how hard Marcelle and Chris work at trying to please everyone musically. For me it always hits the spot. Just get along if you haven't been before - you won't be disappointed. Mark C
  12. professorturnups

    The blurred line...

    This subject has been debated continuously for donkeys years. I remember Richard Searling posted his modern soul top 50 in about 1982 and the words disco music were fired at him. His reply was that the club djs of the day would have rejected 49 of those tracks on dance beat alone with only Arthur Adams "You got the floor" being accepted. Mark C Ps...True Image always reminds me of Gonzalez - I haven't stopped dancing yet....
  13. professorturnups

    The closest North and South came together.... Musically

    How about the Bedford Nite Spot Allnighters in 1980 with Steve Whittle and Soul Sam bringing down the Flavour of the North to the East Anglian Soul Club. Can clearly remember Sam spinning the Traditions "My Life With You" under the guise of Little Joe Romans. A brilliant niter in what was an old cinema - great nights! Mark C
  14. professorturnups

    Our Stoke Northern Soul Charity All Dayer Event and the BBC One Show

    Which Allnighters do Matt and his crew attend?
  15. professorturnups

    Backstreet Boutique Norwich

    Thanks guys...gonna be a crackin' day!


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