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  1. Echo all the above, well picked through, I was there last year, got a few small bits but nothing to shout about ! Not like the 80s eh ! Rob
  2. Memories from the time, 1975/76 I was working in Mansfield, It was a Wednesday and "Half day closing" for shops (Remember that ?), Phil Kingswood worked in Syd Booths Soul Centre in Mansfield at the time. I used to go there and look through the cheap section whilst it was quiet. He had access to all sorts of release sheets and distributors who stocked import LPs. He had found the Mystic Moods Album with Astral Trip on and ordered a couple of copies for the shop. When they arrived it had been recorded in "Quadrophonic Sound" ! Syd Booths also had an associated Hi-Fi Shop on Queens Street in Mansfield, we were heading for a drink at The Swan so called in at the shop, which was pushing the Quadrophonic Systems, put Astral Trip on, stood in the centre of 4 speakers and listened ! I remember the sound "Rushing " around the room sounding absolutely brilliant, I can certainly imagine it "Blowing the mind" of anyone on Acid at the time ! I still like the record, but as Barry says maybe it was because I was there at the time ? Rob PS a little later he also found Sammy Davis Jnrs Vocal to Hawaii 5 0 on an Album and ordered that in !
  3. I thought it is Ady Pierce ? He's hit a rich seam of MINT demos recently ! (Yum Yums)
  4. A fantastic night at the Pie Hall lots of different tunes played and lots money raised for Charity well done to all involved
  5. Always loved it ! I think £5 might of been cheap possibly £7 lol take care Rich !
  6. I went to a couple of these as an innocent youth !!! Rob
  7. Gulp ! I always used to play this at Peterborough nighters great record !
  8. Last record played in MrMs every week
  9. Must say what a cracker this was ! Well done to all the event organisers, 3 quality rooms, A packed and kicking main room with the floor busy all day Some splendid rare stuff in the back room and a host of my Mansfield peers playing the gritty club stuff upstairs ! Had a ball catching up with people from all points of the compass and easily many folks there from 100 radius of the event ! I even won a raffle prize ! Superb and all for 2 great charities Rob
  10. Three of my favourite girls, we keep getting older and the Flirtations keep getting younger !!
  11. Peter Werth did it 2/3 years ago ? with Pete "Casper" Davis & co dancing But I wouldn't mind one of them Iguanas or a Gucci Record Box eh !! Rob
  12. Reminder less than a week to go before we help Pat Brady celebrate his 60th Birthday. This one off event sees all the DJs giving their time for free in aid of Pats chosen Charity Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice DJ times for the event as posted below Just £7.00 on the door MASSIVE INTEREST ! See you there Rob
  13. Just adding a quick reminder for this one, fantastic BUZZ on it already and a full house expected. See you there and all profits to Bluebell Wood Childrens Hospice
  14. Anyone got a link to this please ?
  15. Really ? I missed those !