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  1. Rob Wigley

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

    Dave Welding has an interesting theory on this record ! Are you there Louise ?
  2. Rob Wigley

    Bridlington Spa Northern Soul Weekender in 6 Rooms


    Just a shade over a week to go. Anyone still looking for tickets PM me on here or Call The Bridlington Spa Box Office 01262 678 258 as we have put another 40 tickets back on their system Or if you're out and about this weekend..... Terry Westhead now SOLD OUT Billy has 2 left Graham Weaver has 4 John Moffatt has SOLD OUT Bri Pinches has tickets in Donny Rob
  3. Rob Wigley

    Bridlington Spa Northern Soul Weekender in 6 Rooms


    Been having a "Ticket round up" and there are not many out there with 5 weeks to go ! Please if you have accommodation booked you really need to be purchasing your event tickets ASAP. See John Moffats post above I've re stocked Graham Weaver, he now has 6 tickets for sale at The Grosvenor rooms this Saturday Terry Westhead has 3 tickets @ Soul Shack Billy Backdrop has 4 he will be at various venues including The Innings, Worksop this Saturday If you need tickets PM me on here for Paypal or Cheque payment Thank you Rob
  4. Rob Wigley

    Soul In The Wardrobe

    Another fabulous event at this Premier two roomed venue, really has it all great underground Northern Soul venue downstairs, terrific sound systems , an "up for it" crowd ! Over 500 in at the May event ! Highly recomended
  5. Rob Wigley


  6. A quick shout up Pat Brady will be on John Kane's Northern Soul show on BBC Radio Leeds this Saturday, playing a superb TOP 10 current and all time favourites include many rare items that have never featured on the show before. Don't miss it 6pm to 8pm available to listen on line via the BBC i player and on BBC Radio's Leeds/ Sheffiled/ Humberside on FM Radio
  7. Rob Wigley

    Bridlington Spa Northern Soul Weekender in 6 Rooms


    OK update 28/04/2018 Tickets are in high demand, if you have booked your accommodation but not yet purchased tickets please get your skates on ! PM me on here for deatils of how to purchase tickets Still only £30 for a full weekend of Soul ! Rob
  8. Rob Wigley

    Best live performance

    Guilty as charged sir !
  9. Rob Wigley

    Best live performance

    THAT VOICE when Marvin Junior walked out on to the stage to join the others !
  10. Rob Wigley

    Best live performance

    Me too always in my top 3 no matter how it changes around ! They were just on the brink of international stardom Fabulous !
  11. Rob Wigley

    Best live performance

    Agree Rick I introduced Jesse James at Hull in the small room he even sat nest to my ex-wife singing to her LOL old smoothie ! And if you've seen the video of Sam Dees at Thorne, I took it ! Tats had a video camera back then ! A very very foggy night, the busiest the room had ever been, but still only 100 in, I've heard that many people say they were there there must have been 1000 ! we know the truth Rob
  12. Rob Wigley

    Who is/was Ann Perry

    Melvin Davis wrote the song in 15 mins for Mike Theodor (Melvin apparently had the horn intro in his head for weeks before hand) Ann was a 14 year old talent contest winner and the prize was to cut a record. The artist, song and record disappeared without trace........until being played over here !
  13. Rob Wigley

    Bridlington Spa Northern Soul Weekender in 6 Rooms


    Re stocked with tickets if you've got your accommodation booked and have not yet purchased tickets nows your chance ! PM me on here still only £30 each ! Rob
  14. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Latest update on our 12th Bridlington Weekender View full article
  15. Latest update on our 12th Bridlington Weekender Bridlington Weekender “Something New To Do” #12 All roads lead to the Yorkshire Coast for the premier event in the East Coast Soul Calendar. Bridlington, now in its 12 year and still growing. 6 fantastic rooms full of soul with over 60 DJs to entertain you with the emphasis on quality original sounds. Superb state of the art sound systems in every room all under one roof ! Dedicated Modern, Rare, RnB and Motown rooms plus Soul Clubs from all over the UK and Europe's largest sprung dance floor in the main hall playing the quality Sounds you want to hear ! New DJs at this years event will include somewhere down the line's Chris Reilly playing the RnB, Diane Layton does her maiden set in the Modern Room and its a welcome return to the main room for Steve Gainey. Plus Bassetlaw and Norwich doing the Soul club room for the first time. Great value for money, ticket price has been held again at £30.00 for the whole weekend. See the flyer on Events for details. See you There ! Rob Wigley for ECSCSC https://www.soul-source.co.uk/calendar/event/52496-bridlington-spa-northern-soul-weekender-in-6-rooms/


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