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  1. major upgrade of site

    You're a very clever man Mike Looks good ! Rob
  2. The Masqueraders enter America's Got Talent

    Missed this, but got Goosebumps having known the guys for 15 years now. I hope their dreams finally come true as a nicer bunch you couldn't wish to meet Rob

    Mr Northern always likes a Demo !
  4. Is This The Rarest Bootleg Pressing?

    Soul Town ! John Hillyard once said to me "You British collectors send me your want lists and the first record at the top of the list is always a Bootleg" Ray Agee "I'm losing again" Soul Town ! Makes you wonder ! Rob
  5. record stores in Pittsburgh?

    Echo all the above, well picked through, I was there last year, got a few small bits but nothing to shout about ! Not like the 80s eh ! Rob
  6. Mystic Moods - Astral Trip

    Memories from the time, 1975/76 I was working in Mansfield, It was a Wednesday and "Half day closing" for shops (Remember that ?), Phil Kingswood worked in Syd Booths Soul Centre in Mansfield at the time. I used to go there and look through the cheap se...
  7. Yum Yums on ebay

    I thought it is Ady Pierce ? He's hit a rich seam of MINT demos recently ! (Yum Yums)
  8. Soul at The Pie Hall, Denby Dale - Charity Night

    A fantastic night at the Pie Hall lots of different tunes played and lots money raised for Charity well done to all involved
  9. So pleased I held on to my original copy of this

    Always loved it ! I think £5 might of been cheap possibly £7 lol take care Rich !
  10. Burnley Cats Whiskers All-dayers 28 May 79

    I went to a couple of these as an innocent youth !!! Rob
  11. So pleased I held on to my original copy of this

    Gulp ! I always used to play this at Peterborough nighters great record !
  12. Gucci Does Northern soul

    Last record played in MrMs every week

    Must say what a cracker this was ! Well done to all the event organisers, 3 quality rooms, A packed and kicking main room with the floor busy all day Some splendid rare stuff in the back room and a host of my Mansfield peers playing the gritty club stuff upstairs ! Had a ball catching up with people from all points of the compass and easily many folks there from 100 radius of the event ! I even won a raffle prize ! Superb and all for 2 great charities Rob

    Three of my favourite girls, we keep getting older and the Flirtations keep getting younger !!
  15. Gucci Does Northern soul

    Peter Werth did it 2/3 years ago ? with Pete "Casper" Davis & co dancing But I wouldn't mind one of them Iguanas or a Gucci Record Box eh !! Rob