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  1. andybellwood

    Small list of bargains ....

    Now available again - buyer had Paypal problems Johnny Sayles ‘the concentration’ (Chi Town) m- £20
  2. andybellwood

    Maxine Brown ‎’Spotlight On Maxine Brown’ Lp

    Still looking ... Anyone ?
  3. Looking for this one , just needs to play well . Plenty in US but p&p more than Lp . Pms please
  4. andybellwood

    Small list of bargains ....

    One more ... Ethnics ‘look at me now’(Vent) ex £15 Sold
  5. andybellwood

    Small list of bargains ....

    Plus .... Clarence Carter ‘warning’ (abc) ex £10 Jackie Moore ‘this time baby’ (Columbia ) ex £10 Sold Etta James ‘security’ Cadet ex (slight label fade) £10 Moon Williams ‘suspicious love’ (MCA promo) ex £10 Sold Liza- Mae ‘I got a juicy mouth baby ‘ (Concept) . Ex As with most copies labels reversed . Bargain £60
  6. andybellwood

    Small list of bargains ....

    The Friendly People ‘you send me’ (VMP) white label. ex £10 Denise Lasalle ‘right track’ (Parka) ex £35 Sold Lucky Laws ‘who is she’ (Wonderful) ex drill hole £15 Dean Barlow ‘little sister’ (7 Arts) ex £10 Alan White ‘ooh baby(going to pieces )’ (Atlantic promo) ex £10 Etta James ‘tighten up your own thing’ (Cadet) ex £10 Brothers of Love ‘you changed me’ (Mercury promo) ex £10 Barbara & Brenda ‘that’s when you’ve got soul’ (Heidi) ex £25 - bargain . (Even better when pitched up at +3 imo) SOLD Lyrics ‘so glad ‘ (GNP Crescendo) ex £25 Sold Lefties Soul Connection ‘you don’t know ‘ (Melting Pot) m- £30 (£50 plus elsewhere) Johnny Sayles ‘the concentration’ (Chi Town) m- £20 ON HOLD Red Beans and Rice ‘that driving beat ‘ (Chiswick Records ) ex £30 included company sleeve , large centre . In demand version , seen at £50 plus elsewhere . The Miller Sisters ‘I’m telling it like it is’(GMC) ex £20 pms please .
  7. andybellwood

    Horse and Groom Doncaster Sunday Chillout 14/10/18

    Dionne Warwick ‘You’re Gonna Need Me’ . . Inspired choice !
  8. andybellwood



    Always worth the effort - it’s quite a distance for us !
  9. andybellwood

    Oh dear

    Perhaps a simple box ‘no bootleg policy ‘ on event listings on here for promoters to tick (or leave blank)?
  10. Looking for this one which plays well . Plently available in US circa $8 but p&p costs much more than Lp . Pms please NOW SORTED
  11. andybellwood

    looking for a value on this Fascinators

    Vg one https://www.popsike.com/php/m-detaildata.php?itemnr=270028477263
  12. andybellwood

    Dumfries Soul&Motown Weekender


    That’s great news Iain - I’ll pass that ‘heads up’ on . Our friends checked the hotel availability on line which showed ‘no availability ‘ so guess all rooms have been reserved for Weekender attendees only hence I’ll suggest they ring the hotel direct and mention ‘soul weekender ‘ .
  13. andybellwood

    Dumfries Soul&Motown Weekender


    Cairndale Hotel accommodation sold out - but plenty of other options for those staying over in the town .
  14. andybellwood

    Whitby Motown Weekender


    Hope this ones included in Kiki’s set list A fav of mine , penned by Smokey Robinson, great blue eyed soul , which can be found on her cd ‘love makes the world go round - the Motown years’ , but not her Motown ‘Great Expectations’ Lp . (For vinyl buffs however it can be found tucked away on the Sounds Superb/MfP compilation Lp. )
  15. andybellwood

    Whitby Motown & Northern Soul Weekender . Sept 2018

    Big thanks to all for the ‘listens’ , ‘ favorites’ and sharing . (This mix reached 5th in the Northern Soul chart and also charted in ‘Soul’ and ‘Vinyl only’).


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