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  1. Very nice . Allan Sisters – I’m in with the Downtown crowd – Quality Demo
  2. Looks an amazing venue !
  3. Joe boy ep with pic sleeve (great Dore sleeve notes) . Unmarked copy £25 Rita & The Tiaras 'gone with the wind (is my love)' B/w The Superbs 'on a day when it's raining', The Vel-Vetts ' you never really know 'till its over'. PMs please .
  4. Not sure, but didnt Record Shack put out the original 2014 release on 45 as an edit of the Leeway Lp track ? As this ones also from Record Shack perhaps its a test press of the same ?
  5. Sadly can't make this one . Have a great SoSa at Hoochie everyone. The ultimate 'soul club' imo.
  6. Just been listening to Eddie Pillers latest 'totally wired' radio show on mixcloud . Eddie somewhat deflated and putting live djing on hold after having 30 records stolen whilst djing in Germany last week? Anyone else 'losing' 45s this way recently?
  7. To clear . Reductions ... Melba Moore 'magic touch' (Horaces ) £40 now £30 Tomangoe's 'I really love you' yellow 7ts reissue (Washpan) £30 now £25 SOLD Johnny Sayles ' the concentration' (Chi Town) £20 now £15 Johnny Sayles 'my love is a monster (Chi Town) £20 now £15 Joyce Jones ' help me make up my mind' (Atco) £75 now £60 Miar Davies 'ten good reasons ' (Decca) £45 now £35 PMS please
  8. Yep , quickly sold out . Cited by Richard Searling as best release of 2020 . (Albeit its only end of Feb)
  9. Andybellwood


    Was a joy to share some of my tunes with such an appreciative audience who never seemed to leave the packed dance floor. It was a very busy night with so many attending. > > So a massive thanks again to everybody. Really enjoyed double decking with Fred, then solo - here's some I can remember playing, tho not in strict order .... > > Arthur Prystock 'A house by the side of the road' (Old Town) > Derc Hotzog 'Puppy love' (Hamilton) > Tuesday Weld 'Are you the boy' (Plaza promo) > Bob Marley, The Wailers & The Soul Bros Orc. 'I'm still waiting' (Studio 1) > Dawn Penn 'You don't care' (Steely & Clevie) > McKay 'take me over' (Go Beat) > The Marvels 'Rock Steady' (Pama Supreme) > The Big Six 'Comin' home baby' (International Polydor) > The Aquamen 'Line and track' (Hiback) > Con Funk Shun 'Move on Up' (unreleased) > Pasty with Lynn Tait & The Jets 'A man is two faced' (J A press) > King Stitt 'Fire Corner' (New Beat) > Neville Grant 'Sick and tired' (Black Swan) > Terry and Jerry 'Mama Julie' (R&B) > Jimmy Delphs 'Almost' (Canadian Atco) > Spyder Turner 'Fill this house with love' aka 'house for sale' (unreleased acetate) > Monguito Santamarie 'Hey sister' (Fania dj) > Gentleman June Gardner 'Its gonna rain' (Emarcy) > Tony Clarke '(They call me) A wrong man' (M-S) > Mark Leeman Five 'Going to bluesville' (Columbia demo) > Eskew Reeder 'Undivided love' (Instant) > Freddie Houston 'Soft Walking' (Toto) > Marvelettes 'Its too late (to start all over' aka 'suspicion' (unreleased acetate) > Fred Hughes 'Don't let me down' (Vee Jay) > Helen Shapiro 'Tell me what he said' (Columbia) > Dee Clark 'That's my girl' (Constellation) > Joanie Sommers 'Dont pity me' (WB) > Los Aggrotones 'It'll never be over for me' (Acid Jazz) .
    Heading back to UK with more stormy and cold weather & snow forecasted! A hugh difference from warm and sunny Nice with people sun bathing on the beach, swimming in the sea and watching a dolphin in the bay . It was a long awaited re visit to Nice , the last time being 30 years ago thank you everyone at 'Soul Invictus' for the welcome and hospitality especially hosts Fred & Eric and Belgium club owner, Blaise for the invite . (Blaise has an impeccable and knowledgeable taste in Popcorn). So nice to also meet so many including Thierry and his girlfriend (who orginally hails from Manchester and went to Uni in Leeds) and big thanks also to Donna Hughes who designed the event flyer/poster. The atmosheric venue (Groovin) is in the old town and adorned with 6ts soul event posters. Factor in being packed, young & vibrant and a full dance floor throughout, it was quite a night. Music wise a privilege to double deck with Fred , then solo , then listening to Eric behind the decks - a eclectic mix of rare soul, northern, 5ts/6ts rnb, Popcorn, ska, rocksteady ...before leaving in the early hours with 'Soul Invictus' still in full flow til 3am. So , whilst we travelled by train, the quick, easy and cheap way to travel to Nice on the French Riviera, is flying . Nice airport is at the end of the Promenade de Anglais then a short tram hop to the centre and the venue. 'Soul Invictus' is monthly - recommended!
  11. Just a few that went out over the airwaves via the weekly 2 hour radio show - source media, original vinyl records.

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