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  1. until

    And it's Whitby regatta weekend
  2. until

    What a ridiculous decision. How on earth do Goldsoul expect people to get accommodation at such short notice? Everything is booked solid due to covid staycations
  3. Hi Can anybody help me with a soundfile for Judy Freemzn - Walk A Mile In My Shoes? I've looked EVERYWHER for it but can't find it anywhere, it's not even on YouTube
  4. until

    So hoping that this weekend can go ahead with at least some semblance to the event that we all love.....the absolute best weekender in a beautiful town with great friends from near and far. Fingers crossed
  5. Hi Thanks for your reply. I know that Hit & Run re-issued the track but even that is difficult to get hold of. I was hoping that it had been released on a compilation LP/CD so that I could perhaps download from a website in MP3 format for my playlist. Can't understand why an MP3 of the track is so difficult to get hold of
  6. I know that this might have been asked before but has Johnny Mae Mathews “I Have No Choice” ever been released on a compilation LP or CD? I’m trying to find a good quality MP3 file for an in-car playlist but cannot find one anywhere. There’s nothing available on Amazon and the quality of the files converted from YouTube are very poor
  7. Not too fussed about the re-issues, just pleased to get my hands on the limited edition REGA "Pete McKee" RP1 turntable, an RSD item that at worst will keep it's value, at best will become collectable and appreciate in price
  8. Thanks for the reply Andy. £250 would be nice as paid £150ish about 3 years ago. Copy is absolute mint and unplayed as I don't even own a turntable
  9. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but, I have a mint unplayed 45 copy of Stephanie McKay's Take Me Over. Does anyone have any idea what this would be worth at the moment?

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