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    Loved soul and R&B since I was a teenager. Starting going out again to soul do's was one of the best things I've ever done. Saved my sanity during my darkest hours and has given me loads of great friends. Will continue till I physically can't do it.

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  1. Geoff

    100 Club 6TS

    A strange night at the 100 Club. A mistake had been made by not requesting a late music licence from Westminster council so the night could not carry on till 6am. Therefore the times had been changed to a 9pm start finishing at 3am, door price reduced from £12 to £8, excellent value for money. Unfortunately this did prevent some of the regular travellers from attending, Gary, Rolly, Tabs, Elaine, etc. were missed, not quite the same without you guys. I normally have a meal and take my time getting ready but last night had to put my skates on, time seemed to fly by and it was time to walk to my local station, naturally it started raining. However when I arrived at Oxford Circus the pavements were dry, I felt a bit overdressed in my raincoat. Walking from Oxford Circus underground station I noticed how busy it was, of course I was a couple of hours earlier than usual. As there was no one queuing outside the club I walked around to the Blue Post where I met friends from Wales and also from Yorkshire. I left them there so I could get in at the start and I think Dave Swift and I were the first in, Dave was certainly the first on the dance floor. Joel Maslin was playing as we entered and included quite a few tunes I didn't recognise but was glad to hear the Marvelettes' Don't Make Hurting Me A Habit, very nice tune. He got me dancing to Ooh Boy by the Adorables at the end of his set. The first guest DJ Lisa Wolverson followed, she is a regular at the club. She concentrated on medium tempo tunes such as I Need You Like A Baby and You Better Stop It by Barbara Mason. By this time the club was filling up and Lisa kept the dance floor busy. Second guest was Lars Bulnheim who has DJ'd before at the club. He did a skilful mix of Northern and Modern Soul records. For example Lies by Bobby Freeman, one you don't hear often, the Soulful Strutters' Let Yourself Go, and my favourite Modern Soul record Infinity's Queen Of My Universe, delighted to hear that played, thank Lars. Then it was time for Butch, a mix of well known and a few that I didn't know: Sweet Temptation (not sure which version), Tiaras' Love Finds A Connection, Pee Wee Shucks & Huey, Kiss Me Girl, Where Are You, Love Came Into My Life, and particularly nice to hear the Temptones cover up You Know You're In Love. By now the club was really busy, more like an anniversary night. I'd expected things to be quiet with many who travel being unable to attend due to the 3am finish making travel home difficult but the club filled up newcomers, I assume many were simply passers by. Butch finished and Lisa took over again. Again a dance floor friendly set, tracks like the Montclairs' Hey You and Johnnie Mae Matthews' classic I Have No Choice, a record that gets better every time I hear it. Lars again for a second set playing quite a few that I didn't know but including Free Man, Southern Comfort's It's In My Letter and Twinkle Little Star. For the penultimate set Joel was the man, keeping a Northern groove with Paulette's Love You Baby and the instrumental of World Of Happiness, Bird Doggin'. Where did they get that title from? For the last 50 minutes Butch did a set that was superb, records like Sha La La, Mighty Lovers, Diane Lewis' You Ain't Got A Chance, Chuck Jackson cover up, the Shades' Hit It, one called I think Down Deep or something similar, not heard Butch play this before, it's one of Trickster's favourites, Shake Cheri, plus a few I didn't know, Satan Let Me Sleep Tonight. Think he played one more after that but it eludes me which one. It was 3am, the bouncers urged us out and we emerged to Oxford Street in the middle of the night, that felt a bit strange. Luckily the tube runs all night on Fridays and Saturdays so it was easy to get home with the assistance of a cab at the other end. Got indoors and had tea and porridge, then off to bed for a few hours. As I said above I didn't expect it to be busy but I am pleased that it filled up and the night went so well. I missed some of my usual friends but good to see the friends from Wales and Yorkshire enjoying it so much. My usual thanks to the DJs and 100 Club staff, and a well done to Matt Bolton for organising it all.
  2. I've been watching it and thoroughly enjoying it. As Dave says there are holes in it but development of a musical style is always more complicated than a 3 part series can go into.
  3. Why only 250 copies? I would have thought there is a slightly bigger market than that.
  4. Geoff

    100 Club 6TS

    I understand that the timings of this has been changed to 9pm start and 3am finish, with door tax of £8. This was on Faebook.
  5. Pretty hard to pick a favourite out of these three. I've gone for George Carrow but all excellent. Heard Stevie Wonder's at the weekend. Sadly a bit fast for me these days.
  6. I voted for Ree Flores but as others have said there is little in it. Only heard of the Faulk version a few years ago when Dave Flynn played it the NYE allnighter near Great Portland Street station. If I was out wouldn't really be able to tell the difference. Fabulous dancer. Wasn't it a Stafford tune?
  7. Maxine Brown is a wonderful singer imo. Saw her at Cleethorpes just a few years ago and she still had a great voice. Loved all those posted on here but this just takes me back to 1965 when I bought it as a new release after hearing it in the clubs I frequented. Great flipside too.
  8. Do you need tickets in advance for this event or can you pay on the door?
    On a visit to the Paintworks in Manchester Sandy and I popped into NY by Night, a nice new bar. Elvin Ironmonger and Neil Horsman played an excellent across the board set including some lesser played oldies. Worth a visit if in the area.
  9. Geoff

    100 Club 6TS

    I arrived outside the 100 Club just before 10.50 pm and there was a queue already, but of course it was the night to buy anniversary tickets. Luckily the doors opened fairly promptly so no long wait, after having my bag checked out paid my money, picked up tickets for friends and went down the stairs. Despite the queue at first it seemed fairly quiet but after after about 30 minutes suddenly it filled up and remained full until 6 am. As is normal Ady opened proceedings, quite a few records I didn't recognise but he included the Volumes' Same Old Feeling and surprisingly (at least to me) Living Above Your Head by Jay & The Americans. This is one of my favourite old 60s pop records, and I understand it was played at the Wigan Casino, but I'm sure purists may have been dismayed. Tomas McGrath followed and did two sets during the night. In his first one he played mainly oldies, got me on the dance floor for You Gotta Let Go by Marcia Hines. His second set later in the night included Bessie Banks Mecca classic Best Is Yet To Come and Celeste Hardy's You're Gone. Also he included some Modern Soul sides which had a mixed reception from some of my friends but I find it interesting to hear different sounds. Butch followed Tomas's first set and started off with Man Of My Word. Included in this set was Kiss Me Goodbye Girl and one of my favourite of his cover ups, Take Me Away, covered up I think as Ruby Andrews. His second set started with Roller Coaster by the Royal Robins, followed by among others the Four Dynamics, Willie Tee's ultra rare You Peeped My Cardhole, and Sammy Lee's What Goes Around. Will Askew, the other guest from Merseyside did two sets, including Walk On Into My Heart, Crook Your Little Finger and new to me Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles' You Forgot How To Love. Ady did his usual middle of the night set mixing new acetates with club favourites, e.g. Can't Shake It, I Wanna Be Good To You, Sorry Is The Word and He'll Be Leaving You. Flanny was due to guest but unfortunately he was sick, so his place was taken by Paul Lawrence, a regular who has guested at the club before. And he was a worthy substitute, thanks for playing the Essex IV for me. Finally it was 5.30 and Ady did his final ending set. Don't Tear Me Down, Sweet Memories, I'll Never Stop Loving You and finally Baby I Need Your Loving. And that was it, lights on and time to leave. It was really nice to see so many of my friends including several I'd not seen for ages; was very good to spend time chatting to Carmen and Jackie among others. Another excellent night but was surprised to see a large puddle of liquid (beer?) on the floor, near the bar. And also at least person jigging around with a pint in his hand. It was 40 years ago on this night that the 6Ts Rhythm and Soul Society held their first night, not at the 100 Club by the way. It's still going strong, quite a record don't you think? I wasn't there at the start I'm sorry to say but great respect to Ady and co for keeping it going. Nothing else quite like it on our musical scene I think. Let's cherish it.
  10. Geoff

    100 Club 6TS

    Are the tickets for the anniversary nighter in September going to be on sale as usual at this one? And, if so, what's the price please?
  11. I attended the Bury soul night, really enjoyed it. I remember your set, some fine tunes and I asked Dave Rivers about the Mother Of Shame track that I didn't recognise.
  12. What is the music policy and what are the start and finish times?
  13. Thanks to you both for replying. I've done a factory reset and can now get the BBC radio stations I normally listen to. The reception seems okay. Now the next thing is to set them up automatically, the booklet isn't that clear but no doubt I'll get there.
  14. Geoff

    100 Club 6TS

    I missed the last 100 Club nighter due to going on holiday the next day and since then there's been the Cleethorpes and Blackpool weekenders, both very enjoyable. London was sweltering all day and still very hot as 11 pm approached. Not only would the club be hot due to the weather but the two guest DJs were bringing about 60 people with them from Wales so you knew it would be a packer. I was one of the first in, Ady serenading us as we walked by the cloakroom into the club itself. It was good to be back after an absence of nearly three months. About 11.30 Joel Maslin took over from Ady. By this time the club was filling up fast, I imagine there were quite a few 100 Club virgins there, I trust they enjoyed the night. Joel played mainly oldies, the Adorables' Ooh Boy got me out of my seat and on to the dance floor, possibly my favourite oldie. Towards the end of his set he played I've Only Got Myself To Blame by Bobby Williams and the instrumental version of World Of Happiness. Steve Thomas from North Wales followed Joel, he'd bought a load of his friends with him and they filled the floor. He played a number of records that I didn't recognise, nothing new there then, but included the well known and popular A Taste Of Honey, Papa Bear & The Cubs' You're So Fine; Daybreak's I Need Love, Rudy Love's Suffering Wrath and Moving On A Groove. Chick Chick by the El Corrols finished his set. Talking to one of my friends who'd travelled from Wales I got the impression there was a lot more going on soulwise in North Wales compared to London. Butch fresh from his brilliant sets at Blackpool started his first foray with I'm Knocking At Your Heart by Darrell Banks, followed by J Hammond's Kiss Me Goodbye Girl. He kept the pace up with You'll Always Be In Style by the Ad Libs, Derek Martin's Flashback and Where Are You by Ivy Joe Hunter. He ended his set with the Perfections version of Just Can't Leave You. He's a very hard act to follow but Calvin Lee Hughes showed his mettle with a set that didn't rely on the tried and tested. Among those he played were Curtis Liggins' What It Is, T C Lee's Up And Down The Hill, and You're My Mellow by Edwin Starr. I've seen him DJ before at Quality of Soul and the Manchester Soul Weekend and always like his sets. Once again Ady stepped up to the decks and including many acetates in his set, some making their debut. But he included some old favourites like Sorry Ain't The Word and Oh Baby Don't You Weep which still fill the floor. Back came Joel opening with Lord What's Happened To Our People by Kenny Smith. After him it was time for the second set from Butch. He included some Modern Soul records, e.g. Shardarp by Nobody's Children and Boulevard's I Still Feel The Same. I'd intended to request that one so was most pleased. He also included Sweet Memories and Joe Burrell's There Was A Time, aka as Our Love Is Dying. In his second set Steve included quite a few classic oldies that went down very well. I hadn't heard Rubin's You've Been Away for several years, I always used to dance to it but decided it was too fast this time, thank goodness it's just under two minutes. Among others he played were Up And Over and It Really Hurts Me Girl, Lay This Burden Down, I've Been Hurt So Many Times, Philly Dog Around The World; all keeping the dance floor very busy. Calvin followed and again played quite a few I didn't recognise, but did hear him play the Esquires' How Could It Be, Geno Washington's I'll Be Around, Don & Ron's I'm So Sorry, finishing with The Same Thing by the Masquaders, a real classic. Finally for the last 30 minutes or so it was as usual Ady with a mix of tempos, including the Shirelles' Last Minute Miracle, his Gerri Granger cover up Why Can't It Be Tonight and the lady's actual I Go To Pieces Everytime, one of my favourite records. He kindly played Lonely Girl by Annabelle Fox which I'd requested for my friend Jeff Hollis on his first visit to the club. Ady followed this with I'll Never Stop Loving You and usual finale Baby I Need Your Loving by the Four Tops. The club was pretty crowded until the end at 6 am, obviously the Welsh party had to wait for their first train home. I think most people there agreed it was a splendid night with fine music from all the DJs, and a great atmosphere. One of my friends did say that there was a disturbance outside but I knew nothing about that. Thanks to all concerned especially the DJs and club staff.

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