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  1. BOOMERANG with Butch

    For me it's been a good week for soul, first Soul Prescription on Thursday with Ady Croasdell, and last night Boomerang with Butch guesting. There was a small gathering of Maria's friends to celebrate her birthday before the start of the night and then it was all systems go. Maria's husband, Arthur Fenn, started the proceedings to a very packed room, with Quiet Home by the Sea Shells, proceeding to mix Northern and Modern Soul in his inimitable way. Thanks for playing Butterfly by the Ballads, hadn't heard it out before. Then it was Butch for his first set, which soon got me up for Esther Grant's Let's Make The Most Out Of Love and Romona Collins' You've Been Cheatin'. Butch too mixed both 60s and 70s with Modern Soul like Frazelle's Today Is The Day, KLC's You Don't Want My Love, 21st Century's Shadow Of A Memory and the Saints' I'll Let You Slide for example. He ended this set with Annette Poindexter's Wayward Dream. Next up Maria, doing her only set of the night but keeping the quality high in her own inimitable way. Included in her set were the Hamilton Movement, the Four Voices, Betty Wilson, the Martiniques, and the Out Of Sights. Arthur did the penultimate set and again mixed the styles but kept it danceable. Little Love Affair, I've Been Untrue, Every Time I'm Near You, One More Broken Heart, There's A Girl Somewhere For Me, ending his set with the Paramount Four's Sorry Ain't The Word. Butch came on to carry on till 1 am, He started with the Just Brothers' Go On And Laugh followed by Old Time Lover by Martha Jean Love, two of my favourite records. I'd asked him earlier if he had MJL in his box and he'd said yes. Great news for me as I love it. Following these two with the Mighty Lovers, musical heaven. Classic after classic followed: Life Is A Miracle, Don't Bring Back Memories, A Man Of My Word, Kiss Me Goodbye Girl On The Way Out, Just Can't Leave You, Think It Over (the Chesterfields), Shake Cheri, Your Love Is Everything, etc plus quite a few I didn't recognise. He slowed it down with a nice beat ballad called I think Lonely Lonely Night, a cover up I believe. By this time it was 1 am but he carried on for another 15 minutes, tracks like Things A Lady Ain't Supposed to do by the Four Dynamics keeping the floor busy even this late. The room was packed, might have been the busiest I've attended. Loads of friends there, great to see everyone. Travelling up to Thorne and back with Martin Ainscough (Rbman) again was really good, what a laugh we had, hope this will be repeated. Thanks for driving Martin, the weather on the way home was unexpectedly snowy. Thank you Maria for putting on such a superb night, every DJ did their bit and it's a night that won't be forgotten.
  2. Soul Prescription January 2018

    An excellent night in the Betsy Trotwood. All the DJs were good but Ady Croasdell, the guest, hit a new high in my opinion with a set starting off slow with Chuck Jackson's I can't stand to see you cry, through old 60s Mod tunes like Rhythm and I keep forgetting to some NS ending with Amos Milburn's classic One Scotch, one Bourbon, one beer. He included some acetates and a couple of forthcoming Kent releases. I hadn't been to Soul Prescription for a few months so was good to see it was still a really worthwhile visit. Don't miss it if you like a range of styles and tempos.
  3. BOOMERANG with Butch

    I missed the last one due to helping Sandra after her op so this one really looks good. And I'll be travelling up with an old friend, just like the old days. Getting quite excited in my own way.
  4. Jimmy Jones on Deke

    Thanks Robb.
  5. Jimmy Jones on Deke

    I'm a bit confused. Is this Jimmy Jones the same guy as the one who recorded Handy Man and Good Timin'?

    That could be the right tempo for me on Boxing Day Len, after the Christmas Day festivities and food.
  7. London Boogaloosoul Xmas Motown Party

    Martin Ainscough (Rbman) mentioned to me at the 100 Club last week that he'd been invited to DJ at the Boogaloo Motown night in Plumstead being put on for charity by Warren. Later in the week he asked me if I'd like to join him, I readily agreed, I hadn't seen Warren for a while and his wife Karen for a few years so it'd be nice to catch up plus some classic music. Martin drove to Plumstead and the GPS on his phone got us there eventually, a bit confusing near the venue. Almost immediately Martin had to do a set, playing classic tunes from Motown's golden era in the mid and later 60s plus a few earlier tunes like Do You Love Me. It's easy to dismiss these records as most of us have heard them over and over again but they are brilliantly produced records, and if they were discovered today we'd all be getting very excited about them. The next guys double decked again playing a good mix, nice to hear Linda Griner's Goodbye Cruel Love and a version of California Soul, might have been Marvin and Tammi. Martin did another set and he was followed by Chris Dale. He played quite a few Ska records, and they did get people dancing. Personally not a great fan of that genre but others love it. He also played quite a few soul tracks from the 60s: Hand It Over, Selfish One, Ain't Nothing But A House Party, etc. Ideal tunes to fit in with the ethos of a Motown night. Very nice to see and chat to Carmel and Toni McGowan. The venue was St Pats Social Club, the dance floor looked good and the drinks were cheap. The only downside was that there was a limiter on the sounds and it went off occasionally. A nuisance to us attending but the venue adjoins houses and it can't be much fun to have music blaring into your house, we have to be fair to others. The night finished at about 1.30, and Martin drove me back to north London pretty quickly. I got into bed at about 2.30, and eventually got up about 9 am to find that it'd snowed while I was asleep. Shock horror lol.
  8. London Boogaloosoul Xmas Motown Party

    Will be coming with Rbman, who I believe is a guest DJ. Hope there'll be one or two slightly lesser known tunes played, not just the Supremes' greatest hits, lol. It'll be good to see Warren and his lovely wife again.
  9. 100 Club Allnighter

    So this was the last allnighter of 2017 at the famous Oxford Street club, and it was a good'un. A bit of a miserable night in London, drizzly and the pavements were quite slippery. Strolled around from the Blue Post just before 11 pm to find a queue, fairly unusual. After going through “security” and paying our entrance fee downstairs we went. Only to find the dance floor wet. It seems there was a rock or punk band on earlier and there'd been beer spilled. The slipperiness did seem to dissuade quite a few people from dancing early on, but it did dry, but felt a bit sticky, And in the gents toilet the floor was like a skating rink. The music during the night was of a high standard, with many tunes not known to me, plus of course the ones I do know but can't think what they are. Guest Ian Jackson's sets included a fair number not known to me, but I do recall the Soul Notes' How Long Will It Last, a fine track that I've not heard out for ages. The other guest Nige Brown mixed fairly well known records with lesser known items. Thanks for playing Feminine Ingenuity for me, sorry to be so predictable with my requests. Keith Money is always good value, playing some favourites and ending his second set with the classics She'll Come Running Back and You Didn't Say A Word. Butch was back mainly in a 60s mode, after last week's Spirit of the Orwell soul night where he played predominantly Modern Soul. Starting his first set with The Hurting Is Over, following that with the Tiaras' Surprise, then Pee Wee Shucks & Huey's Beside Myself he kept the dance floor busy. His second set included several I don't think I'd heard before, particularly liked one he introduced as R&B, a very nice track. Ady started things off as we entered the club, then did his usual mid nighter spot. He played quite a few of his acetates, Fidels, Demures, Gerri Granger, ending this set with the Paramount Four's Sorry Is The Word. He included a beat ballad just before Oh Baby Don't You Weep. How was the ballad by, does anyone know? He opened his final ending set with Etta James' Can't Shake It, the floor still busy at 5.30. He finished with Just Say Goodbye by Esther Phillips and of course Baby I Need Your Loving. As the lights went up he played a version of I'll Never Stop Loving You which to my ears sounded as if the backing was a piano. Who was that? There were a reasonable number, possibly more than last month, but some of the younger element were missing. At times it looked as if there weren't many in but suddenly the dance floor would be full. And there were plenty dancing at 6 am. Good to see all my usual friends there, plus Nige and Carms, always good to meet and chat. Also this nighter saw the return of Rbman, Martin Ainscough to the club, must be three or four years since he attended. Good to see you Martin, you seemed to enjoy it. My usual thanks to Ady and the other DJs who entertained us so well, and to the 100 Club staff. This nighter has been going for years but still packs them in, quality counts.
  10. 100 Club Allnighter

    Far from it Billy, I feel a teenager at some do's in the north, lol.
  11. 100 Club Allnighter

    Looking forward to this very much to see my mates and hear some great music. Was at Haydock Park last Saturday, now this, we're very lucky to have this music.
  12. Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    My current "must watch" is Snowfall on BBC2. Good soundtrack but grim subject.
  13. Millie Jackson - A House For Sale

    Thanks to everyone who answered my query. Got a copy at a very reasonable prive from a friend to whom I'm most grateful as I want it for a birthday present for someone.
  14. 100 Club November Allnighter

    Only five weeks since the anniversary nighter in September but it does seem much longer. This was to be my first nighter since my cataracts operation. I felt okay so decided that normal social life should get going again. I think Trevor Wright and myself were the first paying people in the club. To me it seemed very dark, darker than usual. But after a while my eyes got used to it. I'm not going to do my usual run through of the night with paragraphs on each DJs set; they all did a superb job mixing styles and eras. And of course my poor memory doesn't help. Club regular Paul Lawrence did two sets and a majority of the records weren't known to me. However I did know and appreciate the Essex IV's My Heart Just Can't Take It. Joel Maslin was consistent as usual and my pick of his set is Our Day Is Here by J P Robinson. What can you say about Butch? He still pulls surprises out of the hat so to speak. He played Pee Wee, Shucks & Huey's wonderful Beside Myself, haven't heard him play that before, definitely one of my favourite dance tunes. Also Kiss Me Goodbye Girl On The Way Out, nice medium tempo. In his second set he played quite a few that I didn't know, both 70s and 60s. The second guest was Dean Anderson, more rare soul, his second set in particular I enjoyed. Arthur Fenn was the third guest again mixing 60s and 70s. He did the last 45 minutes of the night as his second set, playing some of his biggest sounds, e.g. Is Your Love For Me, There's A Girl For Me Somewhere, Feminine Ingenuity, Good Feeling and ending the night with I Really Want To See You Girl by Archie Hodge. Ady Croasdell had taken the weekend off and Matt Bolton once again proved an excellent substitute. There wasn't such a big crowd in as the anniversary night but there was a bit more room on the dance floor. Plenty of my friends there, thanks for your kind enquiries about my eyes, I really appreciate your concern. My distance vision is fine, and I have an eye test in a week's time to get new reading glasses. Thanks to Matt and the DJs who entertained us. And to the club staff too.
  15. Felice Taylor

    She appeared at the Saville Theatre in London in the series of Sunday evening concerts put on by Brian Epstein who had leased the theatre in 1965, initially to put on plays. I was a regular visitor to the Sunday concerts and remember Felice. If my memory is c...