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  1. Geoff

    Soul Weekenders.

    I've been to the Cleethorpes weekender for several years now, sorry that there weren't so many attending in 2018, perhaps late publicity. This year's will be the first without Ady being in control, interested to see what it's like, will there be changes? Cleethorpes is as much a social event as a musical one I think. Did Blackpool Soul Festival last year after Cleethorpes, really enjoyed it, apart from the journey. Going again this year and must get into the Modern rooms too. But the Northern room seemed a bit predictable when I popped in there a couple of times. Rare room was superb. Was good to meet friends I'd not seen for ages. Haven't been to Bridlington for ages, simply due to clashes with nights I like, plus getting accommodation has been difficult. Loved the rare and underplayed room in particular, especially when it was ordinary soul lovers playing their favourites. Sometimes "big" DJs simply play their current biggies. The main room dance floor is very good but again a bit predictable. I loved Prestatyn but gave up a while ago, again rare room good but the rest was disappointing. When I first attended you had a really wide selection of NS played in the big room the last few times it was the same old stuff. It's a long way to go for a small amount of music. I've done most of the MonuMental weekenders in Clacton but not so sure this year. I wish I'd attended the Lifeline weekend a few years ago, got the DVD and it would have been just what I like. Something on those lines would be nice but I'm probably in a minority. Are there any weekenders that specialise in R&B? Not for me but my friend loves it. I should look a bit further at weekends available but don't want a whole weekend of top 500 oldies, a few are okay but not ad nauseum. Again I'm sure I'm in a minority.
  2. Geoff

    Two from motown that are underplayef

    Just looked on YouTube, do you mean We Can Make It We Can? It shows a British Tamla Motown record and a comment underneath says it's the flip of Come Round Here I'm The One You Need. I liked Mr Misery.
  3. Geoff

    Clydie King R I P

    Sorry to read of Clydie's passing, a fine singer. I love Missin' My Baby, Soft And Gentle Ways, and Thrill Is Gone, and will listen to the others that have been posted here. Unfortunately losing our singers is something we've got to expect as they reach older age. RIP Clydie King
  4. Not easy to follow the above but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Soul Source team and all members.
  5. Geoff

    Nancy Wilson R I P

    Another fine singer leaves us. She covered a wide range of styles. I've always liked her version of Where Does That Leave Me. RIP Nancy.
  6. Geoff

    Seen Any Good Films Recently

    I saw this a few weeks ago and forgot to mention it on here. Peterloo is one of the best movies I've seen for ages. It's about an appalling episode in British history, just after the battle of Waterloo. Hopefully many on SS are aware of it, especially if you're from Manchester. I found it very moving, and it should encourage people to vote in any election or whatever, people died trying to get the suffrage.
  7. Geoff

    Coronation Street - Any fans?

    Now that is really funny. When it started my mum used to watch it and sometimes I'd join her, probably before going out. Didn't Arthur Lowe appear in it, as the manager of a shop owned by Mr Papodopolous? Did this character ever appear in the show? I used to watch it with my late wife years ago, but we stopped shortly after Derek died in his car. Not sure why we stopped but certainly didn't like some of the characters introduced to it. There seemed more laughs in it years ago. Who could forget Hilda Ogden and her "murial"? Sandy watches it, and Emmerdale, and when I see them both with her all the characters seem interchangeable.
  8. Geoff

    100 Club

    December's nighter was curated by Matt Bolton and was up to his established high standard with three guests and two of the regular DJs. Ady Croasdell was taking a well deserved break. I arrived outside the club about 10 minutes before the opening, and gradually a queue formed. We were all glad to get in because it had started raining. Joel Maslin started the proceedings, playing Northern for half an hour ending with Someone Tell Her by the Imperial Cs. Already the floor was busy. The first guest Wayne Napier-Gibbins followed at 11.30. I'd not heard of him before, he's a young guy with a good collection. His first set included Lover by the Delites, and She'll Come Running Back. Henning Börm from Switzerland followed Wayne and kept the tempo up. He included Beside Myself by Pee Wee Shucks & Huey, the latter enticed me on to the dance floor for the first time that night, Sugar Boy's Free Man, Bill Bush's I'm Waiting and Frankie Lyman's I'm Sorry, the latter is one I've rarely heard played out. At 12.50 it was time for Butch's first set. Opening with J Hammond's Kiss Me Girl On Your Way Out he included Just Can't Please You, Where Were You and KIC's You Don't Want My Love and Herb Ward's Strange Change, but a different take I was told. As usual a full dance floor. Val Challoner was the third guest, first time I'd seen him on the decks. He played what I'd call an upfront set but didn't recognise any titles, although I've read above he included Broken Heart Inc's Please Don't Walk Away. Then it was Joel doing the spot that normally Ady does in the middle of the night, ending with Our Day Is Here by J P Robinson. Wayne followed with his second set including Top Of The World favourite You're On Top Girl by the Empires, Ray Agee's I'm Losing Again, and my favourite Shrine record Dream My Heart by Shirley Edwards. For his second time behind the club's decks Henning opened with Attica Massacre by Willie & West, then his set included Willie Feaster & Concrete Wall's Voices, an alternative version of Open The Door To Your Heart by the Mighty Vikings and an up-tempo version of Willie Tee's Thank You John by Soul Culture, and the perennial favourite She's Gone by the Hamilton Movement . Butch took over and started with the Four Dynamics followed by Tearra's Just Loving You, and continued with some favourites including Beware Beware, I Want A Guarantee, the Chuck Jackson cover up, Salvation but included some I didn't know, one a Modern Soul tune, and ended with the Visitors. Val took over and played a set that was on the Modern side. He included Bobby Womack's How Could You Break My Heart and Expansions by Lonnie Liston Smith, one I certainly never expected to hear at the 100 Club allnighter, people were dancing to it. The clientele are very open minded about their music. Finally at 5.30 Joel starting his final set to end the night. And it was mostly mid tempo including Hey Girl by the Topics, Clydie King's Soft And Gentle Ways and ending the night with a different Four Tops record: Ask The Lonely. There was a good sized crowd in, and although it inevitably thinned out as the night went on there was a good number at the finish. Good to know we've still got the stamina to do that. Nice to see plenty of my friends and hi to a nice lady from Essex called Victoria whom I chatted to at the bar while I was ordering a drink. I've always found the 100 Club nighter to be a friendly venue. Well done to Matt and thanks to the DJs and staff of the club. Merry Christmas to all who attended.
  9. Geoff

    US 60's Garage bands

    Liar Liar and Jimmy Hanna's Leavin' Here were both played at The Scene late 65. For many years I wondered whose version of Leavin' Here had been played, not Eddie Holland, finally found out from a Martin Thomson when I started going out to soul nights again. I have a feeling that 96 Tears by ? & The Mysterians was played then, but can't be 100 per cent sure. I'll ask my friends who used to go with me but they're not quite as obsessive about that sort of thing, unlike me.
  10. Geoff

    US 60's Garage bands

    I like this one, but to me it sounds very much in the Carolina Beach style, not garage.
  11. Geoff

    US 60's Garage bands

    Butch has played this one fairly recently. I guess it fits into the garage genre.
  12. Geoff

    100 Club

    The last allnighter I attended was back in May, I don't count Cleethorpes, so was looking forward to this latest episode at the 100 Club but also a bit worried if I'd last the pace. Happily I did, right back in the saddle. I'd planned to meet friends in the Blue Post but my Victoria line train was held up and became as packed as the rush hour as I remember that, so just joined the queue outside the club. It seems there had been a gig on earlier and the floor had to be washed. Luckily it dried pretty quickly. When we were let in the men were frisked and our bags checked. I told the guy that I had no drink in there but he said he wasn't looking for drink. Perhaps it was talc, very unpopular at many venues, understandably. As usual Ady did the first set, several records I didn't know but including Richard Brown's Sweet And Lovely. Keith followed Ady and played a set that was mainly mid tempo, tracks like the Exits' Another Sundown In Watts, It's Better To Cry by the Appreciations, and ending with Darrow Fletcher's It's No Mistake. By this time the club was filling up nicely, good to see new faces as well as the “old regulars”. Tomas McGrath took over from Keith, playing a mainly 60s set including I Need Your Love by Clydene Jackson. Butch was next, mixing some unknowns (at least to me) with favourites like K.I.C's You Don't Want My Love, Ivy Joe Hunter's Where Are You, J Hammond's Kiss Me Girl. Thanks to Butch for playing There Was A Time by Joe Terrell, better known as Our Love Is Dying by Kae Williams, one of my favourites which he has recently obtained on an acetate. He included Florence Trapp's Love Came Into My Life, haven't heard him play this for some time, a fast one to dance to. Guest Steve Guarnori took over and started with Damon Fox's Packin' Up. He kept the pace up with Rees Flores' Look Into My Heart, Eric Mercury's Lonely Girl and Johnnie On The Spot by Dennis Edwards. I particularly liked the Epsilons' Mind In A Bind. He also included some records that were new to the club including No More by Claudine Clark and Dee Dee Sharp's Can't Find The Time. Ady always does the middle spot of the night, starting off with Voodoo Mademoiselle, Sorry Is The Word, Getting To Me, some acetates and ending with After I Gave My All by Sandra Richardson. Keith came on for his second set and including the Vondells, Hey You by the Montclairs, and ending with Big Mistake by Brenda Jones and Bob & Fred's I'll Be On My Way and I'll Keep Holding On by Lee McKinnon & The Magnetics. Then it was Tomas for his second go on the decks, nice mix including I Can't Move No Mountain and The Best Is Yet To Come, superb 70s female singers. For his second set opener Butch chose to open with Nobody's Children with Shardup, but a couple of records later he changed the mood and tempo with Pee Wee, Shucks & Huey's Beside Myself, and followed with the original version of Shadow Of A Memory by 21st Century. Steve was on next and again kept the floor moving with I'm Superman, Are You Angry (love this but far too fast for me nowadays), Royal Robins' Something About You Sends Me, ending with Little Charles' It's A Heartache. For the penultimate set Keith stepped forward playing some great classics, got me out for You Don't Love Me and You Didn't Say A Word, by this time my right foot was giving me problems. He ended with I'm Yours by Betty Wilson, lovely track. Ady filled the last set as usual, some fast and some a bit slower, e.g. Hytones' Good News and Gerry Grainger's classic I Go To Pieces … Everytime. Ady said he hadn't played it for 20 years, hope he doesn't wait that long to play it again. Ending with Carla Thomas I'll Never Stop Loving You, Mary Love's I'm In Your Arms, Pat Thomas' I Just Can't Wait To See My Baby's Face and of course Baby I Need Your Loving. Then it was time to say farewell and head home or wherever people go. There was a very good turnout and quite a few at the end. As usual good to see friends there, they help make the night. Musically and socially an excellent night, so thanks to Ady and the DJs, and to the staff of the club.
  13. Geoff

    PY the pork pie PETER YOUNG sad news

    Very sorry to hear about Peter Young's death. I used to enjoy his radio programmes, he played a wide variety of soul music. I saw him DJ a couple of times, he was a very nice guy to speak to. He'll be missed. RIP PY.
  14. Geoff

    On The Real Side GUEST DJ BUTCH

    Last year's was excellent so anticipating good music again this year.
  15. I forgot to add that I didn't realise there was a connection with Teddy Randazzo. He composed some lovely songs, is there a complete list of the songs and artistes who recorded them?


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