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    Loved soul and R&B since I was a teenager. Starting going out again to soul do's was one of the best things I've ever done. Saved my sanity during my darkest hours and has given me loads of great friends. Will continue till I physically can't do it.

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    Soul music, current affairs
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    Almeta Lattimore - These Memories

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  1. When Will You Be Mine is absolutely brilliant in my opinion. Heard via a CD swap, wish it was a 45.
  2. I heard the sad news yesterday and it really upset me. When I told Sandy she broke down, she's known Sue for years and years, I've only known her and Pete for two or so years. Such a nice lady, always on the dance floor and always smiling. My condolences to Pete and the family. RIP Sue.
  3. A very interesting obituary. As I'm writing this I'm playing the Geminis' No More Tomorrow which he part wrote. RIP Tony May.
  4. Geoff

    100 Club On-Liner


    It's a brilliant idea to do this, well done you guys. Some of my friends aren't on Facebook, is there any other way they can listen to this tonight?
    The last 100 Club allnighter was 7 December, so it's not far short of three months since then, therefore anticipation was in the air. I arrived just before 11pm and there was quite a queue waiting to get in. After going through “bag check up” and paying our money to the lovely Rolly it was down the stairs to our favourite club. Keith Money, whose birthday it was, serenaded us in. After sorting myself out and getting a drink it was time for Joel Maslin to take over, starting off with Ooh Boy by the Adorables. Following Joel was 100 Club regular Tony Smith who kept to the 60s generally. Thanks for playing My Love Has Gone by the Shadows at my request and good to hear Cody Black's Mr Blue following it. Back to Keith who opened with Job Opening followed I think by El Corols' Chick Chick. Mixing up more recent popular tunes with classic oldies like You Don't Love Me by the Epitome Of Sound, he ended this set with It's Not The Same by Anthony & The Imperials, as Ady said when he followed Keith “beat ballad heaven”. Ady made his first appearance of the night after Keith and played quite a few of his regular favourites, I Wanna Be Good To You, Why Can't It Be Tonight, He'll Be Leaving You and other Pied Piper tunes. Then it was Butch's turn. Your Wish Is My Command, Kiss Me Girl, It's All Over (Baby), Salvation, and cover ups like Vessie Simmons, Chuck Jackson and Take Me Away, haven't heard that lately and the Temptones, a request, were among the better known tunes plus several lesser or unknown records, he also included a couple of instrumentals. The dance floor was busy as usual for him. Sir Henry Ivy's He Left You Standing There was the opening track for Joel's second set, and it set the mood and tempo for the rest of his stint behind the decks Then Tony Smith came back and continued the floor friendly tempo. Great to hear him playing Court Davis's Try To Think What You're Doing, a record I really like but don't hear often. Towards the end of his set he did slow down a bit for the Sea Shells' A Quiet Home and Jimmy Elledge's Sad Town, for me the ideal tempo for that time of night. Keith upped the tempo with Never Learned To Dance and Ton Of Dynamite but eased up a bit with Clydene Jackson's I Need Your Love and Big Mistake by Brenda Jones, ending his set with Something About My Baby and I'll Keep Holding On. As per usual Ady did the last 30 minutes or so, mixing up-tempo sides like Temptation's 'Bout To Get Me with slower tunes like I Wish I Knew by Joe Buckner, an unissued track, Don't Tear Me Down and ending with I'll Never Stop Loving You, Can't Wait To See My Baby's Face and Baby I Need Your Loving. A pretty good number of people attended, quite a few new faces, plus some not seen for a while. It did clear out a bit after 3.30 to 4am but still a good number at the finish. The music was excellent all night long, well done the DJs, thank you. And of course thanks to the 100 Club staff. Long may the night continue.
  5. This chart brings back some good memories. I'd started going out with Lesley, later my wife, and we were out at least once a week to a club, hearing many of these tunes. And most of these stand the test of time.
  6. Thanks for posting this link, very interesting article. BD's Pretty Little Girl Next Door was popular here in the early part of this century but I don't suppose the Americans knew that.
  7. Geoff

    Bury All-Nighter @ Bury Town Hall

    The Boxing Day nighter was excellent, so will do my best to attend this one.
  8. What will be the music policy for this? Who are the DJs?
  9. Geoff

    100 Club 6TS

    A real packer on Saturday, busy from almost the start. And a lot of new faces as well. Tomas opened proceedings doing mainly oldies, e.g. You're Gone and You Gotta Let Go, obviously people were up for dancing as the floor filled even earlier than usual. The first guest DJ followed Tomas, Hendrik Irmscher from Germany, a new name to me. I didn't know many of his first set but he did include Do You Remember and I Can't Stay Away. Busy floor again. Next on were the second guests, the dynamic duo of Brian and David Pinches from Doncaster. I've known them for some time, seeing them at the Scarborough weekender and at the Horse & Groom Sunday sessions, men of very good musical taste, and nice guys as well. They got me and a few others out on the floor for Heartaches And Pain, in fact there whole set kept the floor going. Ady then made his debut that night mixing acetates and current favourites including the latest Anniversary record Carolyn Crawford's Ready Or Not Here Comes Love, He'll Be Leaving You, Why Not Tonight, Here I Am (at least that's what I know it as but I'm sure he called it by another title and did he say it was by Minnie Ripperton?), Timmie Carr & The Persianettes' I Could Never Stop Crying Over You (my record of the night) and ending with Voodoo Mademoiselle. Then it was Butch. After last Saturday's appearance at the Spirit Of The Orwell where he played more on the Modern Soul side it was back predominantly to Northern Soul with a few exceptions. So many good records but hearing Pee Wee Shucks & Huey's Beside Myself, followed by Esther Grant's Let's Make The Most Out Of Love and then the Chuck Jackson cover up was soul and dance floor heaven. Slighter slower tracks included I'm Knocking At Your Heart, Just Can't Leave You and Talkin' 'Bout Love moved into the Modern area. Needless to say he kept the dance floor moving. For his second set Tomas mixed oldies including Bobby Treetop's Wait Till I Get To Know You with Modern Soul current popular tracks like You Can Be A Star by the Luther Davis Group and ending with Gangster Boy. Back to Hendrick who played mainly oldies, ideal tunes for that time of the night, remember him playing Frankie Beverley's classic If That's What You Wanted, never fails to get people dancing although to be fair they were already on the floor. The penultimate set went to Brian and David and they filled it extremely well, plenty of big nighter tunes, Sha La La, All My Life and near the end Count The Days (that seems to get us all up on our feet) and I'd Like To Get Near You. Their set reminded me I must make a trip up to the Horse & Groom in the new year. I'm not sure if it was them or Ady who played I'm Stepping Out Of The Picture at the end of their set or was it the beginning of Ady's? But as usual Ady finished the night off in his own inimitable fashion. Temptation's 'Bout To Get Me, It's Torture, an unissued version of I Wish I Knew (Butterfly) by Joe Buckner, and ending with I'll Never Stop Loving You and finally Baby I Need Your Loving. There were still a real crowd at the end, more than usual I'd say. The general opinion seemed to be that it had been an amazing night, both musically and socially. Great to see so many of my friends from near and far. Lovely to see Lisa Hurley, hadn't seen her since Cleethorpes a couple of years ago, good to catch up. I certainly had a good time, my legs giving me hell on Sunday proved it. Thanks to Ady and all the DJs for entertaining us so well, and thanks to the staff of the 100 Club.
  10. I didn't see the post above mine, may well be the one I refer to.
  11. There is another version of this song. Several years ago on the Essential Modern Soul site a guy used to post a mix of tunes and included the other version, but as per usual I can't remember the name of the group. I do remember that I preferred the Black & Blue version. Could the lady be confused about which group her husband belonged to?
    My third visit to the Haydock Park Golf Club for the Spirit Of The Orwell, and each time it gets better and better. Absolutely superb music from all the DJs, but Butch was really in a class of his own, a true masterclass as his records were really quite different. Unfortunately Flanny couldn't attend so his place was ably taken by his son Liam, he did two good sets, plenty of tunes I didn't know. The other “Orwell” guys did their usual excellent sets, including some current releases, which are often underplayed and can pass under my radar. By the time I normally hear them they have been snapped up and the price has shot up. Butch took his place behind the decks at 10pm and started off with the Four Dynamics' Things A Lady Ain't Supposed To Do, following it with Martha Starr's Sweet Temptation. I thought I was in the 100 Club, two regular tunes there. And he did include some of his nighter tracks, e.g. Sha La La, It's All Over (Baby) and Kiss Me Girl but I would say the majority of his set were more on the lesser played Modern Soul side of our music. Not all though, he included a Charmaines' track featuring Sandi Sheldon called Standing In The Need Of Love and a medium tempo girl vocal called You're A Lucky Guy, the latter sounded very much in the girl group style of the 60s. He slowed down the tempo at the end with records like Love Dreams and I've Been Untrue, and I think his last play was his Little Caesar cover up, but I may be wrong. I'd like to thank him for playing my request for Infinity's Queen Of My Universe, my favourite Modern Soul record, sadly out of my price range now. Nice to see so many friends there, some of them unexpected, Soul Sam was there simply to listen to the music. It was dark in there so if I missed saying hello please accept my apologies. Lately, while I have enjoyed the soul nights I've attended I wasn't getting quite the buzz I normally get. My recent trip to Boomerang in Thorne did perk me up and The Spirit Of The Orwell completed my rejuvenation, all systems go now. Thank you to Steve and co for an excellent night.
  12. Here's the first record by the Drifters, featuring Clyde McPhatter on lead vocal. I would say this is a very important record in the history of rhythm and blues.

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