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    1960s mod, Twisted Wheel etc - still very much into my music. Lucky enough to live within walking distance of 2 fab monthly soul nights, so regular at both - anywhere further afield I need to blag a lift...…. lol

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    Up-tempo northern, 60s soul & R&B

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  1. I'll feel nervous about it, but I'll be out at soul do's as soon as I feel it's safe to do so - I hope I won't be the only one wearing a hazmat suit & goggles...………. & I'll run a mile if anyone rushes to hug me...….
  2. I've just come across some nice old photos taken inside 1960s Bradford mod club The String O'Beads - I'm not in any of the pics though - most of my all-nighters were in Manchester.
  3. I didn't know Skippy very well - only to say hi to - she always seemed to be happy & smiling when I saw her at soul do's. RIP Skippy - yet another very sad loss to the soul scene.
  4. The Top 20 was quite a small club Drew - think it probably only held about 100 or so at the most - it had a small dance floor & a tiny coffee bar upstairs. The nighters weren't normally very busy - most of us went there on Sunday mornings after a night at the Wheel. At least the Top 20 dance floor was wooden - unlike the Wheel where the floor in the DJ room was flagstones & in the main room I think it was bitumen! No wonder we all have bad backs & knackered knees! I remember reading a couple of years ago that Clarence (Jamaican guy who used to DJ at the Top 20) is still DJing, but can't remember where - somewhere in Mancs I think.
  5. 1966 & only JUST turned 15 when I started going to the Twisted Wheel. I normally caught the X12 bus from Bradford - cost 5/- & took 1hr 45 mins to go over the Pennines to Manchester. If I was skint - a not uncommon occurrence back then as I was living in a bedsit by the time I turned 16 - I used to hitch it there & back along with a mate. Wouldn't feel safe for 2 teenage girls to do that nowadays, but when you're 16 you don't see the dangers in life do you? Other clubs I went to were The Plebs (Halifax) Birdtrap (near Burnley) Golden Disc ( Keighley) Lord Jim's (Huddersfield) Blue Note & Top 20 (both in Manchester) & String o'Beads (Bradford) There might have been others, but these are the ones I remember - the Wheel was always my favourite & I was there most weekends. It was just the BEST time to be a teenager I had some fab times - saw some of the best bands - I'd do it all again in a heartbeat! PS - just reminiscing - I vaguely remember going to Halifax - squashed god knows how many of us into a battered old Ford Anglia - when the exhaust dropped of halfway there - oops! It had no door handles inside - just bits of string to pull to close the doors - & the wipers didn't work either......Happy days.....
  6. Some really interesting stories on here - think we all did a lot of daft stuff when we were young - I certainly did - but it looks as though most of us turned out ok in the end! Sometimes I look at some of the youth of today - no job - no hope - just accepting that a good time means sitting on a park bench with their mates & sharing a spliff or a bottle of voddy - I feel really sad & sorry for them. At least when we were young, we were all lucky enough to have a job - ok sometimes not the best of jobs, but at least we all had jobs - money in our pockets & a bit of self-esteem. If you didn't like the job you had, you could leave work on Friday & walk into a new one on Monday morning - happy days! This thread has put me in a very thoughtful frame of mind today...……..
  7. Thanks Len for the interesting thread! I had to leave school aged 15 - I'd always wanted to go in for teaching, but didn't have the parental support I needed to stay on at school to sit GCSE's - my father told me he'd kept me for long enough so I had to leave school, get a job & pay my own way. I had various dead-end jobs - but by the time I was 30 - & divorced - I plucked up the courage to apply for a nursery nursing course at the local college. Once qualified, I spent 20+ years teaching in a nursery & reception class - I'm now retired, but I loved every minute of my life in school. I have a few friends & ex colleagues who are still teaching - usually in very close contact with children, but with no ppe at all. Understandably most of them feel very nervous in today's situation - 3 & 4 year olds don't understand 2 metres distance & they always want to hold the teacher's hand! Nowadays I take great pleasure in hosting the occasional soul night - not for profit - I just like to see a roomful of people having a bloody good time ...….or at least I did until this virus thingy put the kybosh on it all...….
  8. My son lives in Taiwan & masks are compulsory there too. Incoming flights are restricted - none at all allowed from a long list of heavily-infected countries (UK being one of them) & all incoming passengers from permitted flights automatically have to go into 14 days quarantine. My son is working pretty much as normal, but by law has to record his temperature twice daily & he could also be stopped at random by officials to check his temperature. All students ( he lectures at uni) have to use hand sanitizer several times a day. There are also extremely hefty fines for anyone breaking the quarantine laws - I read of an 18yr-old caught going out clubbing when he should have been in quarantine & he was fined a million Taiwan dollars. Their per capita infection/death rates are negligible compared to ours here in the west & life goes on - not quite as normal - but at least because of the restrictions in place Taiwan has taken control of the virus, rather than allowing the virus to take hold of Taiwan.
  9. 'Fraid it's Mick's front room for now folks - but when things are up & running again - The Black Cat has now moved to a nice new venue at The Lightcliffe Club, 60 Wakefield Road, Hipperholme, Halifax HX3 8AU. Not far from the old venue, but so much nicer! I can't wait - fed up with the lockdown already & we've an awful long way to go yet!
  10. Happy birthday Alison! Kath xxxx
  11. Another one cancelled - shame as only just moved to a new & nicer venue, but no other option
  12. Good call in cancelling Mick - wise move - better safe than sorry! xx
  13. Soul at The Lightcliffe - scheduled for the 28thMarch is now cancelled - all being well our next one is on 30th May.
  14. I've had quite a long chat with the mate that I run this event with & we have reluctantly made the decision to cancel this month's event. I know a lot of events are still going ahead - I also know that some of our punters will be very disappointed & probably feel we are over-reacting - but in our minds health & safety - not only punters, but DJs, door staff & the bar staff too - HAS to take priority. I just couldn't live with myself if I thought that anyone had contracted this bloody lurgy at my event & then taken it home to pass on to other (maybe more vulnerable) family members. Stay safe everyone & hope to see you all when this thing has passed.
  15. I've had a long chat with Laura & we have reluctantly decided to cancel this month's event. We value the health & safety of our punters (& the club staff too) way too much to go ahead with it all - so many of us are in our 60s & feeling very vulnerable at the mo, plus neither Laura or I would want to feel responsible for anyone picking up the virus at our do, & then taking it home to other (maybe more vulnerable) family members. Stay safe everyone - all being well we hope to see you all at our next do at The Lightcliffe on Saturday 30th May - trust me - after all this we will have one HELL of a party!

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