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    1960s mod, Twisted Wheel etc - still very much into my music. Lucky enough to live within walking distance of 2 fab monthly soul nights, so regular at both - anywhere further afield I need to blag a lift...UPDATE - the 2 fab soul nights that used to be within walking distance of home for me,both - for various reasons - came to an end. It left a lot of us feeling a bit bereft, so - along with a friend - I found a new venue - set up a fab event - then along came the virus...Only a hiccup! We'll be back asap!

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    Up-tempo northern, 60s soul & R&B

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  1. Well said Midnight Drifter - couldn't agree more! Plus.......it's SO good to see the events calendar filling up - fingers crossed we don't end up in yet another lockdown.......
  2. I think most promoters are fully aware that things could change & it's quite possible that we won't be allowed to put on events in June after all - but you have to look on the bright side. If no events are at all are planned then people would all be very disappointed if it turns out that the vaccines have worked like a dream & everything is hunky-dory. I reckon there will still be some sort of restrictions in place when things open up again - probably a cap on numbers/ masks/hand sanitizer et al. I for one certainly wouldn't want to be in a crowded room with no restrictions in place e
  3. I'm really missing all the social side of the soul scene - some friends live miles away & I don't see them very often - others I see at every event I go to - I'm just missing everybody! I can't wait to see all the people that I've not clapped eyes on for what feels like forever..........I can play music at home, but it's the cameraderie & the buzz of seeing a full dance floor that I miss most. Roll on June.......
  4. So sad to hear yesterday on the facebook grapevine that Andy Simpson has passed away - his was one of the names I remember from the crazy, madcap years of my misspent youth as a young Mod in1960s Bradford. I've not seen him for many years, as I lost touch with all my old soul mates when I left the scene & got married in 1970. It's always hard to lose a mate even if you haven't seen them for a long time - we all seem to have had to say our final goodbyes to so many of our friends during the last year haven't we?
  5. My first all-niter at The Twisted Wheel in 1966 - didn't call it Northern Soul - it was just "soul music" to us back then. I was sold on it all as soon as I walked in the door.........the music.......the crowd........the atmosphere.......the chemical assistance......the whole shebang! We used to joke "......can you just see us all still doing all this when we're in our 60s...........?" We used to joke about being on the dance floor with a zimmer frame each lol
  6. So sad to hear today that Andy Simpson - one of the names I remember as a well-known & very popular face from my crazy, madcap teenage years as a young Bradford Mod - has passed away. RIP Andy
  7. I like the site just as it is too - can't think of any more features I would like to see added - it's easy enough to navigate & just scroll past anything that isn't relevant to me. Thanks to all the admin for your hard work - it's very much appreciated!
  8. I saw James & Bobby at The Wheel in the 1960s - absolutely brilliant! I saw so many great bands there - way too many to mention - but The Purify's were up there among the best - they blew the roof off! R.I.P lads - thanks for the music & I hope you're both rocking it up there xx
  9. I clicked like on this one but that was before I read the bit about the ex's - I could think of loads of people I wouldn't want to be stuck in a lift with - not all ex's cos I don't have many! I just liked the bit about putting them all in the lift & shutting the door...... lol PS - Think I'll shut Boris Johnson & some of his cronies into a lift & then I'll do a runner .
  10. There's a "Hole in The Wall/Continental" Facebook page that you might find interesting Mick - you might find some of your old mates on there, I'm still in touch with some of my friends from back then.
  11. Happy Christmas & Happy New Year everyone - next year has GOT to be better than this one.....hasn't it?? Fingers crossed anyway xxx
  12. Thanks for replying Tlscapital - this one's deffo ov promo. I know the guy well - he's just been fitting a new fire for me, but he's also an old school DJ. I'm passing all replies on to him.

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