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    1960s mod, Twisted Wheel etc - still very much into my music. Lucky enough to live within walking distance of 2 fab monthly soul nights, so regular at both - anywhere further afield I need to blag a lift...UPDATE - the 2 fab soul nights that used to be within walking distance of home for me,both - for various reasons - came to an end. It left a lot of us feeling a bit bereft, so - along with a friend - I found a new venue - set up a fab event - then along came the virus...Only a hiccup! We'll be back asap!

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    Up-tempo northern, 60s soul & R&B

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  1. I saw James & Bobby at The Wheel in the 1960s - absolutely brilliant! I saw so many great bands there - way too many to mention - but The Purify's were up there among the best - they blew the roof off! R.I.P lads - thanks for the music & I hope you're both rocking it up there xx
  2. I clicked like on this one but that was before I read the bit about the ex's - I could think of loads of people I wouldn't want to be stuck in a lift with - not all ex's cos I don't have many! I just liked the bit about putting them all in the lift & shutting the door...... lol PS - Think I'll shut Boris Johnson & some of his cronies into a lift & then I'll do a runner .
  3. There's a "Hole in The Wall/Continental" Facebook page that you might find interesting Mick - you might find some of your old mates on there, I'm still in touch with some of my friends from back then.
  4. Happy Christmas & Happy New Year everyone - next year has GOT to be better than this one.....hasn't it?? Fingers crossed anyway xxx
  5. Thanks for replying Tlscapital - this one's deffo ov promo. I know the guy well - he's just been fitting a new fire for me, but he's also an old school DJ. I'm passing all replies on to him.
  6. Posting this on behalf of a friend - he's got an almost mint condition Silky Hargraves/Keep Loving Me Like You Do - Dearborn label/original promo copy that he's thinking of selling & asking for a value. Any ideas? Thanks for reading
  7. Glad to help! You too have a Merry Christmas etc xx
  8. I think if you click the 3 little dots at the side of your msg, it should give you the option to "leave group" you will see a drop down window with the option to "leave group" Hope this helps!
  9. So sorry for your loss - that was a very moving post & so brave of you to post at such a sad & difficult time for you & your family. My thoughts are with you all - RIP Denise xxx
  10. It told me I should go in for teaching - guess I got that bit of my life right then!
  11. I agree MASSIVELY with that - I was shouting "Shut the fekking borders" as soon as news of this thing broke........I'm still waiting....... My son lives in Taiwan - where borders closed VERY quickly - & have remained closed throughout. Flights were - & still are - very limited & all incoming passengers immediately quarantined. Their infection rate as of today stands at 496 (21 per million of population) & death rate hasn't risen for many weeks now - stands at just 7 (0.3 per million). Their economy has suffered, but not on the scale that ours has - schools - universities -

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