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    1960s mod, Twisted Wheel etc - still very much into my music. Lucky enough to live within walking distance of 2 fab monthly soul nights, so regular at both - anywhere further afield I need to blag a lift...…. lol

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    Up-tempo northern, 60s soul & R&B

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  1. Anyone travelling & wanting an overnight stay? I've had a look at hotels in the area & I'd suggest you contact either The Old Post Office, 55 Winding Road, Halifax HX1 1SJ (01422 362855) or The Wool Merchant, 5 Mulcture Road, Halifax HX1 1SP (01422 368783) Both have vacancies at the time of posting & both are in the centre of Halifax - about 10 minutes drive away from Lightcliffe Club. Other hotels I looked at are either miles away, booked up or much more expensive.
  2. Really looking forward to it - The Black Cat is ALWAYS a good night - atmosphere's fab & the music is always spot-on!
  3. If anyone is wanting to make a weekend of it, there are quite a few hotels nearby - mostly in the centre of Halifax. Just googled it & the cheapest one I found is The Wool Merchant Hotel, Muclture Hall Road, HX1 1SP. Tel 01422 368783 - I've never stayed there, but it looks nice on the pics. Halifax is quite a nice place to spend a lazy Sunday having a nosey around before you head home!
  4. There's been a LOT of interest in this event, so please make sure you get there early! Doors open at 8.30 & it's 5.00 otd - looking forward to a cracking night!
  5. I'd say you're thinking of Sam Evans too - lovely woman & a FAB dancer!
  6. Hi Paul - long time no see! A road trip from sunny Scarborough for you then - it sounds as though LOADS of your old mates from your Black Cat days are going to be there & it'll be a very busy night - can't wait!
  7. Well said Frankie - this thread makes for very interesting reading! Hope he drops out this week though - not happy about it all being on prime-time telly! Channel 4 & to a very small audience in the early hours is one thing, but Strictly Come Dancing & now The Greatest Dancer?? NOOOOOOOO!!
  8. Does it REALLY matter how anyone dances? I like to see a good dancer - at a venue & male or female - but what I like most is seeing a floor full of people - good dancers or not - enjoying the music. The issue here for me is that NS is being portrayed way too often on the mass media & that brings in too much unwanted attention. I cringe every time the term Northern Soul crops up on the telly! I've been at events both as a visitor & also involved on the promotional side & seen problems caused by "outsiders" - they're drunk - drinks/handbags etc on the dance floor - moaning that they don't know any of the music - "Haven't you got Bernadette...…...?" I put the blame for all this fair & square on NS cropping up on prime-time telly - The Greatest Dancer is the most recent one. Oh for the days when no-one had heard of it apart from the few of us who were really into it all!
  9. I'm on here because I love my soul music - just saddened to see some of the handbaggers getting into it since it's been mainstreamed by the media & calling themselves "soulies". I was at a soul night a couple of weeks ago, when a woman next to me on the dance floor fell over - I went to pick her up, but couldn't manage on my own as she was a dead, drunken weight. Her husband/partner came to help me get her on her feet - the next few times she fell over various other people in the room picked her up. After the 8th time she was sprawled out on the floor everyone in the room was fed up & left her where she was - just danced around her. Eventually her husband tried to pick her up but couldn't get her on her upright, so he picked up her feet & towed her across the dance floor - flat on her back - to where she & her friends were sitting. Another drunken handbagger at the same event was trying to salsa with a huge Santa that was standing on the stage & almost dragged him down on top of her. This was a nice venue - it was my first visit & not very local to me, but all these drunks spoiling the night was enough to put me off making the effort to go there again. Huge shame - the DJs were good & the music was great - just spoiled by the non-soul crowd that were there. Not the first time I've seen a good night marred by people not on the soul scene - they see it on the telly & think "oooh this northern soul looks good...…..." I really don't care what people are wearing...….how well they can dance...…....or that they like a drink...…I'm certainly not tee-total......I just want a good night out around civilized people who love the music & appreciate the whole scene as much as I do.
  10. Well said Steve - I still get out to plenty of soul nights, but like you I'm picky about where I go. I don't hit the floor like I used to, but still like a bit of a shuffle now & again & I love to see a full floor of people enjoying the music. It always saddens me to see it on telly - I've been to a few soul nights recently where non-soul crowd were there - some embarrassingly drunk - & I blame it on Northern being in focus so often on mainstream telly. I've no objection to new/ younger faces being on the scene, but some just don't understand it all & will never fit in will they?
  11. I clicked like on Moxey's post - didn't really mean I actually like it - just that sadly I agree with him. It's all become way too commercial for me - Northern is now the new pop music & not the underground scene I used to know & love. I don't even say that I like Northern any more - 60 s soul - yes; R&B - yes; rare soul - yes; but Northern??? I still love the music, but not the way the scene has gone. Like Moxey says - it's a joke now - I know others who feel the same way.
  12. Kathryn Magson

    Soultown at The Belgrave

    I thought it was cancelled till March too Ste! Looks as though it's back on now - Mike's posting flyers on facebook - I'm going to try & get there.... if I can blag a lift lol
  13. We can also be contacted on our facebook page Soul at The Lightcliffe. We're all looking forward to a cracking night!
  14. Looking forward to a night of wall-to-wall up-tempo stompers! The Lightcliffe has it all - easy to find - about 15 minutes drive from the M62 - plenty of parking space - fab sprung dance floor & a reasonably-priced bar. I can't wait!

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