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  1. Kathryn Magson

    Pop songs from your youth that make you smile

    I've not seen anyone mention Leonard Cohen - his lyrics might be depressing, but I just love his voice! Hallelujah brings me out in goosebumps - haven't a clue how to post the video on here though.
  2. Kathryn Magson


    The regular soul nights at The Harold Club have quite recently been taken over by local DJs Steve Dalton & Stuart Arber (2 of the nicest guys I know!) so it's still early days for them. The Harold has a top notch dance floor & these guys certainly know how to fill it - this cracking little club is certainly well worthy of support!
  3. Kathryn Magson

    Pop songs from your youth that make you smile

    Prince Buster's one of my favourites Joey - could have added shed loads more, but I was doing my best to keep it brief & stick with the pop stuff lol xx
  4. Kathryn Magson

    Pop songs from your youth that make you smile

    Chris Farlowe - Out of Time Tommy James - Mony Mony Sam The Sham - Wooly Bully Spencer Davis - Keep on Running & Gimme Some Lovin Dave & Ansell Collins - Double Barrel Pioneers - Long Shot Kick de Bucket A few of my guilty pleasures from my teenage years lol
  5. Kathryn Magson

    The blurred line...

    Same up here in the north - I was out at a local soul night at the weekend & one of my friends was out on the floor, along with her extremely trendy young, mod granddaughter & her boyfriend - age gap of over 50 years. Granddaughter has grown up listening to Grandma's records & loves it - great to see!
  6. Kathryn Magson

    Talc - yes or no?

    Could add The Harold Soul Club to that list Timillustrator - quite a small venue, but it has a top-notch sprung maple dance floor & a strict no-talc policy. Shame it's a bit out of area for you - it's at Low Moor near Bradford. Venue 73 in Brighouse is bigger - fab dance floor & NO TALC - door staff search bags for it.
  7. Kathryn Magson


    It'll be great to see Steve Lawson at the Harold again - long time since I've seen him & Sue. Steve ALWAYS plays a fab set - I can't wait to see what new tunes he has in his box!
  8. Kathryn Magson

    Talc - yes or no?

    I was at a venue a couple of weeks ago - one that has a strict no talc policy - & some dickhead decide to cover the floor with talc. I'm glad to say he has now been barred from the premises. Tried to tell me talc has ALWAYS been allowed there...……..errrmmmmm…….NO!! lol PS - could do with a button that says "laugh" on here Steve S 60 - sometimes "like" isn't quite what I want to say lol
  9. Kathryn Magson

    Talc - yes or no?

    Sponge cake & whisky? Sounds interesting lol Went to my favourite (apart from the talc) venue last night - only a small amount of the stuff put down - looks promising!
  10. I never felt edgy at the Wheel - always felt very much at home. Mistakenly though - one night my purse was nicked from my bag - I'd done what I always did - dumped my bag in a corner & hit the dance floor. Only in a very tiny room - I'd left my bag on the floor by the DJ cage & I was very near to it. Must have been a girl - a guy would have looked a bit sus rummaging in handbags & she must have been very quick or she would have been spotted. It was the only money I had - I had to scrounge money from a few mates to get home. Had some great pals though - they all coppered up to make sure I had enough to get me through to payday. At the time I was living in a bedsit & no parental support, so had no-one to borrow from - really made me appreciate my mates!
  11. I vaguely remember chatting to a guy who said he had travelled down from Scotland - might well have been you David - can't have been many that came so far for a night out! I did know a guy who used to come over from Ireland though - can't remember his name - but he said he had to catch a bus into the port - then the ferry - then a train from Liverpool to Mancs. Always used to pity him when I thought of him enduring that North Sea crossing after the Wheel......
  12. Kathryn Magson

    Talc - yes or no?

    Doesn't do much for your lungs either algsoul - I know quite a lot of people who have breathing probs that they say were caused by spending decades dancing around in clouds of the stuff! It certainly sets me off coughing & then I have probs for a few days after attending an event where talc is present. I'm told by the doc that I have now developed asthma & need to use an inhaler. I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't need one at all if it hadn't been for talc in the air at soul nights. Never used talc myself - only been surrounded by the stuff when others have used it. I have also heard stories of promoters being sued when people have slipped & injured themselves on pools of talc - one of whom I know personally - & it very nearly cost him his home - others I have only heard about.
  13. Kathryn Magson

    Talc - yes or no?

    I used to think the same as you Simsy - bit of talc within reason is ok, but worsening breathing probs are forcing me to look at things differently now. Bit of talc on the floor & I'm gasping for breath! Never used to be that way.
  14. Hi David - Sorry I don't remember them - but then if I could remember anything even the next morning it would have been a miracle! The night always seemed to fly by - seemed as though it only lasted a couple of hours....lol


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