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    Rare Soul Music
    Collecting it , Playing It,Living It
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    Whats Wrong With Me Baby INVITATIONS Stateside demo
  1. The Keele All -Nighter

    Apologies to Chris Burton and Pete Davies for having to pull out... Massive thanks for your understanding on this private matter... Wishing you all a fantastic All Nighter... Nige B x
  2. Kicking It Back To You - Eagle

    UK Pye..Demo here excellent condition.. Open to a offer..N x
  3. Symbol Want Poets

    PMd yas Shute lad,,, N x
  4. Symbol Want Poets

    POETS ..I'VE GOT TWO HEARTS..SYMBOL Clean copy needed Issue or Demo... PAYPAL GIFT OR BANK TRANSFER Waiting... PM to deal... Thanks for ya time.. Nige B
  5. King Want

    CHARLES SPURLING..LET ME BE .A STEPPING SOUL ..KING.. Issue or Demo or Both... PayPal Gift..Cash waiting for fair deal.. PM TO DEAL thanks for yas time..Nige x

    Many thanks for the kind words guys....it with great pleasure I return to the club I have a strong affection for.. Looking for to seeing old friends and new ones.. Here's to a great night Nige B x
  7. Midtown Want

    Looking to purchase a nice copy of,, SPENCER,, SEARCHING FOR LOVE,, Midtown Issue or Demo,,, Paypal Gift ,, Cash waiting for nice copy PM to deal ,,, Thanks for ya tim...
  8. Gloria Shannon- SORTED thanks

    PMD yas sir,,, N x
  9. NOW sorted....SYMBOL WANT

    SOUNDBREAKERS..THE JERK IS CATCHING ON. .SYMBOL Nice copy please..PM to deal ..PayPal Gift etc waiting for a fair price.. Thanks for yas time ..Nige B x
  10. big lee dowell

    Looks like you sold em to quick Keith,,, bet youve held a few back ,,, ,,, Its like the Grace Love Fire! every fookers after em!! ,,, Hope ya good owd lad,,,, N x
  11. Thomas Sisters Want

    I have PM d you
  12. Thomas Sisters Want

    Last ask on this one!! PM to deal,,, Thanks for ya time,,,, Nige
  13. Thomas Sisters Want

    THOMAS SISTERS.. HEY PRETTY BOY ..SASSY Nice copy at a fair price..With or without picture sleeve PayPal gift ..Bank Transfer waiting Thanks for your time ...Nige x
  14. Quotations/Valentinoes/Cliff Nobles

    PMd Yas N x
  15. Donna Colman and The Exits

    PMd yas ,,, N x