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  1. Yesterday I was re-watching the doc about Cleethorpes from 1996. Can anyone tell me the name of the song/artist playing at 17:43. Thanks
  2. Of course!!!! I see the problem - I was typing in “it gets to me, northern soul” and getting one hit, which was the track but no artist instead of typing in “This gets to me...”. Duhhh! Thanks guys!
  3. Can someone please tell me the artist for “It Gets To Me”. Completely gone out of my head and I cant find the name online anywhere. Also original label details and value. Thanks.
  4. That's the one! Now I feel really stupid! How could I forget that Used to hear it played out a lot but heard it played in a furniture store the other day and it's been bugging me ever since. Many thanks
  5. Hi everyone, There's a track driving me crazy cos I can't remember for the life of me the title or the artist! It's a modern track and the lyric that stuck in my head is something like - "...what can I do, to prove my love to you..." Followed by a sax riff ???? Be grateful if anyone on here can help. Thanks
  6. Only just seen this as not been on for a while. Spent a a lot of time with Ian and Carl from 97 - 04. Went all over the place with them. Lost touch when I moved out to US. Always see Carl when I get back and so I knew Ian had been ill for a while but still a shock. Very sad. Some great memories of Rainworth, Forest Town, Brighouse, Skeg weekenders and everywhere else! Top man. RIP mate. Daz
  7. Martyn, I havent a clue and admittedly wouldn't know where to start. My point was simply there is enough rich material for a film which chronicles the story of the Casino. In my simple mind it would make a good story. And once more to be clear - I have already acknowledged Elaines achievement. Excellent piece of work which took time, dedication and cash. Total respect. However it didn't work for me ( and a lot of others feel the same but won't say so on here ). Paul - of course the scene was alive before Wigan, many great venues. My point is that Wigan became the focal poin
  8. I've related in "the Film" thread how I felt slightly disappointed by "Northern Soul". Whilst it was a strong pice of film making, in its own way it was as weak as "Soulboy". Both films got certain things right but ,for me anyway, in the final analysis both films fell well short of being definitive works about northern soul. And this last film was set up to be just that - "the definitive story of northern soul". I think there is definitely room for a a film about the phenomenon that was the Casino. Love it or hate it if you were into Northern Soul in the 70's / 80's then the Casino w
  9. Agree totally with you and also the earlier post from Anais. It was way too dark and depressing. i said in my earlier post that I had to watch it twice to appreciate it. The truth is first time i was disappointed. Expected to see a film about Northern Soul - lots of Wigan action, dancing, drama of actually getting to the Casino, drugs, stealing cars to get there, breaking into chemists etc etc,. All the things that actually went on. Remember for 2 years we've had a lot of hype about this film - training kids to dance for 3 years at dance classes and the rest of it. What happened to a
  10. Didn't realise Bentinck had bit the dust. I usually try to get to the Grosvenor if it coincides with my trips back to UK. Its the only soul do I've ever been able to walk to as its only down the road from me ma's!
  11. Not sure if he had any brothers. Think he lived Coxmoor way Kirkby - but that was 30 odd years ago!
  12. She didn't. Apparently her older brother went though.
  13. Hi Kev, Last time I saw Mark must be around 12 years ago at the Stoot soul nite. Hows he doing? He always had the top record collection back in the day. NYCs good. Actually went to see Dean Parrish last week in Brooklyn. Brilliant night. I get back home couple of times a year and always try to get to a do. I'll have to get down to Bentinck. When the next one cos Im back around Nov 14.
  14. Wow, not seen Kev for about 25 years! So he still gets around then. There was also Wayne Cooper - Lee's cousin. What about Geeson? I remember Windy. Also the other Mansfield lads Dean Greenway ( RIP) , Siggy, Paul Wheatcroft, Andy Lawley etc,. Last time I saw Mark ( Parker ) was at a soul night at the "Stoot" in Kirkby about 12 years ago. That was run by Mark Hopes if I remember right. I get back over a couple of times a year and always try to get to a do. I'll have to get down to Bentinck. Im due back next around Nov 14.
  15. Just put this up on "members shouts" but thought i'd put it here as well. Watching the film has had me reminiscing all about the Wigan times. For me it was circa 79-81. Originally from Kirkby in Ashfield, Notts, living these days in New York. Went to Wigan as a 15/16 year old with the Kirkby lads - Coops ( Lee Cooper ), Kev Guy, Andy Geeson, Twinny, Mark Parker, Jacko, Harry. We used to get the service bus from Mansfield and then the train - would take forever to get there. Great memories. We used to do the Sunday all dayers at Notts Palais as well. Lost touch with all of the guys
  16. Hi, Originally from Kirkby in Ashfield, Notts living these days in New York. Watching the film has got me reminiscing about Wigan days , circa 79-81. Used to go with the lads from Kirkby - Coops (Lee Cooper), Mark Parker, Kev Guy, Andy Geeson, Twinny, Jacko, Harry. We'd get the service bus from Mansfield. used to take forever. Brilliant memories. Lost touch with all those guys years ago. Wonder if any of them are on here. Anybody remember them?
  17. DVD arrived here ( New York ) Wednesday. Watched on Wednesday night and again yesterday morning. Had to watch it twice to really appreciate it. Ticks all the boxes although have to to say I was expecting to see more of the action centered around the Casino rather than the youth club. Thought all the characterizations were spot on. Particularly the Sean character - he was excellent and a great composite of people we have all known on the scene at one time or another. Thought they also captured the menacing atmosphere of Wigan very well. A lot of people say that the Casino was frien
  18. Thanks guys. Im actually Stateside permanent ( heading back now in fact ) and I only manage to get back 3 or 4 times per year. Dave - Yep, the Grosvenor Rooms is really my local venue if I were in UK. Sadly it's gonna be a few months Im afraid. All the best to Carl and the rest of the crew.
  19. This is the first time Ive posted on here. But after an experience last night I felt compelled to write. For the past 3 years I've lived in the US and so have not been to any UK venues for a while. Last week I was in the UK for a couple of days and decided to drop in on the "Solid Gold Soul" night at Mansfield Civic Centre last night. Wow! I was horrified. It was full and I mean FULL of handbaggers, mediocre music, drinks on the dance floor - the lot. Is that what the Northern scene has come to in the UK? Ive been reading on here about the recent Butlins weekender with attendance of
  20. Hi Sean, Great. Thanks very much. I'll check it out.
  21. Hello there, Originally from Mansfield, UK but recently moved out to New York. Desperate to find a northern venue over here. Is anybody aware of any venues or even if there is a northern soul scene here. There used to be a monthly soul nite "Subway Soul" in the City but that stopped around last May.

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