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  1. I also think that Popcorn Wylie's use of children's voices on Rosemary is interesting.
  2. Sitar Harpsichord Both these were pretty big at Wigan. There is a whole LP of the harpsichord stuff on the album Boss Baroque.
  3. My sisters used to go to the Top 20. Don't hear it mentioned much.
  4. Reminds me of a night at Blackpool Mecca, me and my mate, about fifteen/sixteen. Missed our coach so hitched back to Rochdale. Second lift dropped us in Moss Side at about 4:00 am. We were approached by a gang of about six brothers. "United or City?" was the question we had to answer for safe passage. Scary night!
  5. "We" don't think it's politics. "We" think it's a matter of life and death for thousands of people. Sorry.
  6. So sorry about that, I got carried away. Could you give me a nudge when I'm allowed to start criticising the government? No hurry.
  7. Unlike the celebrity TV Doctor Hilary, I'm not privy to the data released to the WHO, but I can tell you two things. Firstly the Chinese immediately imposed a full lockdown, which the UK have still failed to do. I know people in my city who have had the virus and I know people who know other virus victims, none of whom died. Secondly, as the extent of the UK governments abysmal failure becomes even more apparent, there will be a lot more finger pointing by the media in order to distract from the real fraudsters - Doris and Co.
  8. Similar here in China, but no fines. Also, if you go into a public building - supermarket, restaurant, housing complex - you scan a qr code on your phone so that if someone is found to have the virus, the authorities can track those who potentially came into contact. It's breaking my heart to watch what is happening in England. A dead business can be resuscitated, a dead person can't.
  9. My province of Sichuan has a population of 80,000,000. Face covering was/is compulsory in public places. We've had 600 cases and 3 deaths. A lot wore bandanas because masks ran a bit short.
  10. Masks also stop you touching your mouth and nose, and make you think before you do things. Even a bandana is better than nothing. Think about it.
  11. HI folks. Is there a reason why nobody is wearing masks when outside? I know that they are not 100% effective, but they are better than nothing. Nurses wear them. Over here, you can't go to a public place without wearing a mask.
  12. Apologies for the confusion. "We" refers to the British expat community in China. Suspicious is an adjective Def: having or showing a cautious distrust of someone or something. 'he was suspicious of their motives' synonyms: doubtful, unsure, dubious, wary, chary, sceptical, distrustful, mistrustful, disbelieving, having reservations, apprehensive, cynical, jaundiced, iffy. I advised someone to avoid social media "initially", during self confinement. I never mentioned this site, though on reflection, maybe I should have. I have never claimed expertise, only experi
  13. Yes, it's nice at the moment, everyone is out and about. Where I live there is no compulsory masking in the street, but a lot still do. On the financial side here, the government said employers must pay the first month's pay in full and then 70% after then, and a free month of rent or mortgage. The lock-down has lasted less than two months, but it has worked. We can't understand why the UK won't lock down and monitor people entering the country. It's madness, and very suspicious.
  14. I think you misunderstand me. If people do stupid, selfish things, they can't turn around and say "it's the media's fault". People are responsible for their own actions. They're not children.

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