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  1. Eddie Coyle. Fantastic book as well
  2. Season 2 of Patriot is now available. Looks as crazy as the first, with the added bonus of Iranian spies, making it bang up to date with Trump's efforts to get a war going.
  3. Cheers mate but can't get iPlayer in China
  4. Anyone got a torrent link for Last Chance Lawyer NYC? I can only find episode 4.
  5. Word to the wise. Ken Burns is the man, for those of you that haven't seen it, his documentary on Jazz is a tour de force. The pre-history of our music.
  6. Check out Divorcing Jack, one of his funniest.
    Unexpectedly in Southampton in the UK, checked SS Events and bingo! The venue is a forty minute walk from the centre so probably best to get a taxi to save on the old legs. The venue is up a staircase (always a good feeling) leading to a nice wooden dance-hall with a bar, lounge and terrace at the back. Drinks were very reasonably priced and the place is very well looked after - including the loos! Very friendly, older regulars made me welcome and kept the dance floor busy all night. The music policy was a refreshing mix of classic northern with plenty of R&B and some classy floaters. After the first hour where Toddy (Barry?) played some mellow stuff unknown to this dinosaur, the business began in earnest. The policy is play for the people not the dj's and so from about 9:00 onward, the floor was busy. Annie was the second dj and continued to keep the people happy. All requests are welcomed and searched for in earnest - not so easy when it's strictly OVO. I Would heartily recommend this venue to all soul fans. Apparently the club has been going for thirty-five years so they know what they are doing. Possibly the oldest peripatetic soul club in the UK?
  7. Titus is pretty good in the roll, dispassionate and methodical, like all the best dicks. If you like Reacher you would love Parker. Amoral criminal created by Richard Stark (Donald Westlake). Just to keep it on topic they've made a few films of the books.
  8. No, not really. They've played around with a few timelines and rolled a few stories on top of each other. Still pretty good though, with Connolly overseeing the project. More than can be said for the Jack Reacher fiasco. To Cruise - I ask you??
  9. Really good apart from Irvin Irving, appaling actor and obviously nothing like the books. Pity.
  10. Hi Crisie, No, I don't watch Chinese TV because of the language problem - I don't speak Chinese. I have a family so I don't get to watch much TV, I just keep my ears open for any good films or series and just download on Kodi and watch when I can. Went through a phase of watching BBC news but gave up because of it's appalling bias. I can watch live UK TV for free through Kodi but the time difference kind of screws it up. It all seems to be shit anyway, so called reality shows and quizes, British TV is really dross and I'm a bit surprised that anyone watches it.
  11. Sure this has been said before but, if you download Kodi to your pc you can watch any film or tv series past or present - for free. If you get an android box you can watch directly on your tv rather than your pc. I live in China so it's really handy for me.
  12. I am starting a Northern Soul night in Chengdu, China. Does anyone know what the PRS situation is? I'd be grateful for any advice or referrals. Cheers.
  13. Drewtg

    Soul in The Du

    If you happen to know someone living in Chengdu, please let me know. Thanks.
  14. Drewtg

    Soul in The Du

    So I found a bar that has a dancefloor and a landlord who will indulge me. This will be the first Northern Soul night in mainland China - ever! Please can you circulate to any ex-pat friends wherever they are, ex-pats tend to know ex-pats. It will be mainly Northern with some R&B, Motown, Blues and maybe a bit of funk. Wish me luck. P.S. Apologies to the guys I nicked the poster ideas from. It's a free event.

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