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  1. Similar here in China, but no fines. Also, if you go into a public building - supermarket, restaurant, housing complex - you scan a qr code on your phone so that if someone is found to have the virus, the authorities can track those who potentially came into contact. It's breaking my heart to watch what is happening in England. A dead business can be resuscitated, a dead person can't.
  2. My province of Sichuan has a population of 80,000,000. Face covering was/is compulsory in public places. We've had 600 cases and 3 deaths. A lot wore bandanas because masks ran a bit short.
  3. Masks also stop you touching your mouth and nose, and make you think before you do things. Even a bandana is better than nothing. Think about it.
  4. HI folks. Is there a reason why nobody is wearing masks when outside? I know that they are not 100% effective, but they are better than nothing. Nurses wear them. Over here, you can't go to a public place without wearing a mask.
  5. I know what you mean but it's not just SE Asia, it's the whole of Asia, Africa, South America, etc. When you're dirt poor, you get your meat where you can.
  6. From China This is true. The virus was reported to the WHO on the 1st January. We were locked down five weeks from 24th Jan to March 1st. The timing was crucial. Just before the Chinese New year, millions travel around China and the world. I was warning my friends and relatives around the world at the end of January. When the UK flew the people home from Wuhan and isolated them in Arrowe Park, I was so relieved to see them taking it seriously. But then, nothing. Open borders, no checks, no warnings, mid March, try to stay away from pubs! Surely there will be a reckoning after all is done. Anyway, I am on my second Isolation because my family has come back from holiday in Thailand. All people entering China are taken to an isolation hotel, everyone is tested and must stay for fourteen days, no exceptions. Some are allowed to self isolate at home, monitored by special local administrators. I haven't seen it in western media, but China has just stopped all passenger flights into the country. As of today, each country is allowed one passenger flight into China per week, the flight cannot be more than 75% full. Your partial lockdown won't change the stats for at least a week or so, so expect the numbers to keep climbing rapidly and expect the lockdown to become more serious. My city - Chengdu - is about 800km from Wuhan. Population is about 20 million. So far, because of the fast action, there has been a few hundred cases and three deaths. Please don't worry about anything apart from getting out the other side. Keep on keepin on.
  7. Apologies for the confusion. "We" refers to the British expat community in China. Suspicious is an adjective Def: having or showing a cautious distrust of someone or something. 'he was suspicious of their motives' synonyms: doubtful, unsure, dubious, wary, chary, sceptical, distrustful, mistrustful, disbelieving, having reservations, apprehensive, cynical, jaundiced, iffy. I advised someone to avoid social media "initially", during self confinement. I never mentioned this site, though on reflection, maybe I should have. I have never claimed expertise, only experience of the matter at hand, of which, you seem to take exception to any criticism of the government's handling of the matter. Btw, my prediction of 500 dead by Monday is looking about right. This time next week there will be over 3000 dead. Let's hope the government has acted by then.
  8. Yes, it's nice at the moment, everyone is out and about. Where I live there is no compulsory masking in the street, but a lot still do. On the financial side here, the government said employers must pay the first month's pay in full and then 70% after then, and a free month of rent or mortgage. The lock-down has lasted less than two months, but it has worked. We can't understand why the UK won't lock down and monitor people entering the country. It's madness, and very suspicious.
  9. This is absolute nonsense. He talks about stopping the cross infection as though it's a racing car. In reality it's like stopping a supertanker. If you lock down tomorrow, the effects won't be noticed by the health service for weeks. During this time the exponential of cases will continue. Go ask Italy. This guy is just a former Brexit MEP, he has no qualifications whatsoever to comment on epidemiology.
  10. I've been locked down for quite a while now. Here's a few tips, for what it's worth. 1. Make a list. Jobs need doing around the house without going to the shops to buy materials. 2. I've been doing a lot of baking and cooking, so stock up on flour, sugar and eggs. Try some new recipes. 3. There's a great thread on here about good films/TV shows. I've rewatched quite a few, along with a lot of documentaries about Soul music and other interests. 4. Read some books. 5. Contact some of the people that you have been meaning to - for ages! 6. Initially, stay away from social media. It's full of fuckin experts. Let them carry on without you. 7. Get outside everyday. Either walk the dog or do something in the garden. If anything else comes to mind I'll let you know. Be good.
  11. These are two different books. The top one is not Dean Koontz, it's some weirdo psychic who made a gazillion predictions about the end of the world.
  12. I think you misunderstand me. If people do stupid, selfish things, they can't turn around and say "it's the media's fault". People are responsible for their own actions. They're not children.

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