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    just staring my 41st year into northern and still loving every minute of it.  Causing trouble when I can when discussing the vinyl v's cd debate that rears up.  I believe that as long as it the original song why does it matter how it is delivered.  If you collect records then fair enough but if not????????

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    northern soul, DJing, boxing, cycling, attending as many niters and enjoying life.
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    spalding, united kingdom
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    i'll be loving you - soul brothers six

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  1. Really gutted that you have had to do this Mark but can understand. Your health comes first pal. Nothing will stop me from attending all the niters you put on pal and especially this one. Many thanks for the memories that will stay with us forever, especially the Tommy Hunt anniversary niter, what a night that was. Keep the Faith pal. Andy
  2. Heard good things about this niter on the days after I was to go and didnt make it. Really looking forward to getting there this time!!!
    Got there a bit later this time due to traffic so can only speak about from 2115. It was absolutely awesome. The Wigan choices made by the DJ's were superb with quite a lot of old favourites from the past. As usual I cannot really fault the time I had on the night and was suitably knackered at the end. Many thanks Mark for putting it on and really looking forward to the next. If you havn't been yet, get down there, you wont be disappointed. Looking forward to the Anniversary niter, its gonna be sound. KTF
    Excellent music, excellent DJ's and excellent people, what more do you need. The best on the scene and it goes from strength to strength. Looking forward to the next 14 years. KTF
    Yet another excellent niter. I was right with saying it would be a 4 shirter, lol. You always get what it says on the tin at the CO-OP - a brilliant oldies all niter. Bring on October. KTF. Andy
    Another brilliant niter with superb music and superb people. You have got it right Mark, magic!
  3. You are doing a STERLING job Mark. Keep up the good work and it will continue to flourish. I will be there supporting you buddy. Best niter on the scene. Andy
    What can I say - Banging tunes and excellent nite. Was really good to hear some tunes that just took me straight back to when I started. We never have a bad nite at the CO-OP. Get yourself down there, you will not be disappointed either!!!!!
  4. This is going to be a STOMPER. Cant wait - C'MON LET'S AVE IT!!!!!
  5. Thanks for another stomping nite. The CO-OP never fails to impress and this was no exception. Superb DJ's playing just what we wanted. Excellent atmosphere and a full dance floor - MAGIC!!!! This year is already panning out to be brilliant. Looking forward to February.
  6. I cannot see any better way to start the new year than another trip to Station Road courtesy of the CO-OP. Really looking forward to this, its going to be a belter. Good on ya Mark.
    The CO-OP never fails to hit the mark, always superb. Many thanks to Mark and all the DJ's plus staff over the last year for delivering the best. 2019 will be another cracker of a year I am sure. It all starts with a trip to 'Station Road' in January and I cannot wait!!!!! Hope everybody has a good xmas and soulful new year.
  7. Not long to go now. Really looking forward to this knowing that it will be as brilliant as normal. Magic.
    Only 2 words really needed - ABSOLUTELY BRIILIANT. Well done, really looking forward to December and the new year. Keep it going buddy. Andy
  8. Another trip down memory lane and I am really looking forward to this. At least 4 shirts I reckon. Keep it up Mark the formula is totally correct - the CO-OP never fails to impress. The Spalding crew are behind you.

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