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  1. Thanks Mark and the crew for a good night. Always worth the trip over from Wales
  2. Has anyone got a spare ticket to sell for whitby please? Collette
  3. Can't wait
  4. If anyone has got this to sell can you pls contact me. Thank you
  5. Always good a good atmosphere
  6. Thanks
  7. until

    Ticket has gone now. Have a great time this weekend
  8. until

    Whatever you can afford...I'll be in Blackpool around 5
  9. until

    Sorry not been on here due to working nights. Yes I've still got one spare. 07956624752
  10. until

    I have one ticket for sale for the Blackpool tower Weekender
  11. That was to the first all nighter I'd been to in years. It was a belter..especially enjoyed the modern stuff in the winter suite. Can't wait to go to another
  12. Same crowd, good music, will be just as good no matter what venue
  13. Nice venue, good music, exceptional dancing

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