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  1. wiganer1


    this is a great venue if u've never been
  2. wiganer1

    KEELE ALL-NIGHTER (Multi-Room Special)

    great night something for everyone.
  3. wiganer1

    mark freemans Uptempo 70s & 80s Soul Night

    6 hours of the best in uptempo 70s & 80s soul DJ s Mark FreemanSteve woombleBarry cooperMick Welsh Martin Dixon at the Brauncestone WMC ,,Leicester Le3 2GE fabulous dancefloor ,easy parking, Admission £6 on the door
  4. wiganer1

    mark freemans 100% Wigan Oldies Night

    my pleasure glad u enjoyed it
  5. wiganer1

    KEELE ALL-NIGHTER (Multi-Room Special)

    on the road to keele once more - when im not djing ill be dancing - get in !
  6. wiganer1

    mark freemans 100% Wigan Oldies Night

    what a fantastic all-niter !! what a great selection of tunes from the wigan era, last night at the coop , rare oldies, the instrumentals, the stompers, loads of forgotten oldies and plenty of classics, fantastic all-niter, just what I had planned the djs were all fabulous. brilliant atmosphere too -thanks to all who travelled, next Wigan Oldies All-Niter is Friday 5th April - 13th Anniversary
  7. wiganer1

    mark freemans 100% Wigan Oldies Night

    Nuneaton the place to be Saturday ...starts 9pm
  8. wiganer1

    Soul Joe Clements - ever ever - UK plexium

    smoke and ashes is the b side
  9. wiganer1

    Talc - yes or no?

    no no as a promoter,,,,no as a dancer ,,,no no no !
  10. Soul Joe Clements -- ever ever - UK plexium .- hard to find. UK stomperoonie .late Wigan / Stafford tune ... excellent condition....£550 ...
  11. wiganer1

    mark freemans 100% Wigan Oldies Night

    provisional dj times 2100-2200 - Martin Shaw 2200-2300 - Derek Gallagher 2300-0000 - Mick Taylor 0000-0130 - Mark Freeman 0130-0230 - Pep 0230-0330 - Daz Dakin 0330-0430 - Paul Collinson 0430-0530 - Jordan Wilson 0530-0600 - Johnny Mains 1000% wigan oldies ..9 hours ...admission £10 on the door … Strict Door Policy
  12. wiganer1

    Kings Hall Stoke ALL NIGHTER

    wiganer1 gonna sock it to ya 2-3 !
  13. wiganer1

    mark freemans 100% Wigan Oldies Night

    guests wigan djs Brian Rae Pep Derek Gallagher plus mark freeman Mick Taylor Jordan Wilson Martin Shaw Paul Collinson


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