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  1. hope you enjoy "Never get used to sharing you" and "Going back to Detroit" = soul magic
  2. hi Pete - it's a long shot, but do you still have Johnny Thunder Groovy Two Shoes ? cheers alan
  3. I'm a bit dubious about it, my original looks like this, with orange/black text & label address, so others can decide ? especially buyers !
  4. hi - sent you pm ref Eric Lomax but don't see it in my sent "messages" section ? alan
  5. if you mean Charlie Watson from Fife Scotland, then yes he has emigrated to live in Turkey
  6. a very topical topic for me. I haven't listened / bought much from this group, but last week heard their "Gotta be a change" track on the ROBF album - now in the box ! alan
  7. I bought the exactly same looking one including run-out from very reputable name on the scene at Prestatyn several years ago, looks more Orange than the original post but could be down to scanner ?
  8. orrrrr, you could hunt down this beauty.....
  9. hi Damian, I've been running the Dundee club for nearly 15 years using Stanton Str 8, like your first pic, providing you set the carts like Triode picture then the stylus tracks perfectly, they even have indictor lines for the correct angle. alan
  10. like Miff, I've been to the Lorraine Motel, and the MLK memorial in Atlanta, also sat in the Rosa Parks bus seat, totally humbling experiences, and the most ironic thing is I have American relatives and work colleagues who are totally ignorant of their "wonderful country's" history of just 50 years ago ! I'll definitely be shouting about SELMA alan
  11. currently as a 57yr old, this on my WANTS list.....has been for years alan
  12. hi all- thanks for the info, especially the fact that the Ohio Originals are not the Detroit Motown ones. Listening to the Temps LP track and the Suspension 45, they are almost indistinguishable maybe apart from Ruffin's voice. so I think it's the Temps LP for me... saved a few bob.... cheers alan

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