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  1. Hi Everyone, I hope you’re safe and well. These are some tough wants, and I’d be grateful for any help. Shirley Lake ‘True Love’ The Holy Light Jr’s ‘Love Hides All Faults’ Soul Meditations ‘The Bird/Someone to Hold Me’ The Fabulous Three ‘Need it Now’ Curly Myrick ‘It Be’s That Way’ (on Q records) Cinnamon Soulettes ‘I’ll Show you How’ thank you!
  2. Hey Everyone, hope you’re safe and well. Looking for the following jams: Shirley Lake - True Love Curly Myrick - It Be’s That Way (Q records) Toni & the Harts - Never Change Our Love Tal Armstrong - Give it Up Soul Meditations - Someone to Hold Me Cinnamon Soulettes - I’ll Show You How Sheryl Swope - Run to Me
  3. Shirley Lake - True Love Curly Myrick - It Be’s That Way (Q records) Just Us - We’ve Got a Good Thing Going Thanks!
  4. Little Peppy with the Bare Existence - ‘Since You’ve Gone Away’ Curly Myrick - ‘It Be’s That Way’ (Q records) Shirley Lake - ‘True Love’ thanks for your help! Stay safe and well.
  5. Curly Myrick - It Be’s That Way (Q records) Shirley Lake - True Love Talmadge Armstrong - Give It Up Just Us - We’ve Got A Good Thing Going thanks for any help!
  6. Hey Everyone, Please let me know if you can help out. I’m game for any condition. Thanks.
  7. Hey y’all, Looking for the Q Records version. Thank you for any help and good karma you can bring me. Thank you!
  8. Hey y’all, looking for a copy of this. Name the condition and price and I’m game! Thanks for helping a friend out.
  9. Add my name to the list of those in search of a copy. I’m hoping that maybe the timing is right on this want post . Thanks!
  10. Looking for this 45 on Vincent in any condition. Thanks y’all!
  11. Looking for a copy of this 45. Please reach out if you can help a pal out. Thanks!
  12. Let me know if you can hook a friend up. Thanks so much!
  13. Looking for this 45 in any condition. I appreciate any help. Thanks y’all.
  14. Looking for an original copy of this 45. Thanks!

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