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    My older bother was influential in my appreciation of this phenomenal music scene. He only bought albums and I would regulaly stack them up on his radiogram and listen for hours. It wasn't until I started work and frequented places like 'Up the junction', 'The Salter', 'The Raven' and inevitably 'The Torch', 'Top Rank', 'Va Va's' and 'The Cats'. A few visits to 'The Casino' put paid to my Northern Soul adventure. After spells working in the middle east, getting married, raising a family.....the hunger was back! The choice of venues was overwhelming....favourite places were Llandudno, Keele, Blackburn and Blackpool.  

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    Stuart Bradford
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    Upton, Nr Chester
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    too many to mention!

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  1. Well, i've had to eat 'humble pie' in predicting that that England wudn't get out of the group stage....i'm pleased that i was proved wrong! The game last night was an improvement on the two previous ones, but i was still infuriated with the slow build up at times knowing we have the players to create havoc on the break....Sako was a breath of fresh air. Not sure what's going on with Shaw....he seems to of lost something....not the player he was with United prior to the Euros. Lets hope we can compete with France, Germany or Portugal in the next round....got a sneaky suspicion it might be Germ
  2. 'Stifling wool overcoat'....couldn't of put it better myself!
  3. As much as i wud like to see an Welsh win, just think the Azzurri will be too strong for them! The Swiss to beat a disappointing Turkish side....
  4. Beautiful, panoramic pictures from all of you....it's cheered my evening up...immensely....
  5. To all the dick head TV punters who were predicting 3 and 4 nil wins for England.....it was never going to be one of those games when you're playing Scotland. We've been mentioned as maybe, one of the favourites....what a fcukin joke.....don't be surprised that we don't get anything from our last game!! WELL DONE SCOTLAND....you've taught our overpaid, over hyped prima donna's how its done!!!
  6. After that Scotland performance, and after we've beaten them on friday....think they'll be waiting another 23 yrs to qualify for another tournament!
  7. Entirely agree with you there Steve, so when are you going?!!
  8. 0-0 at half time...Foden unlucky not to score...to be fair, Sterling hasn't had a bad game....would like to see some more inventiveness in midfield...the game is crying out for Grealish, maybe Rashford too, with those runs of his!! Think we're playing better than i expected...Come On England!! The Alex Scott combo interviews are starting to fcuking annoy me!!
  9. I think Fish Fingers your explanation was better than mine....as you say, so long as 1mm appears to be in the quadrant then its a valid corner!!
  10. It's creeping more and more into the game.....does a few centimetres have an advantageous effect on the end result of a corner.....i think not!! Just dumb footballers who think that they are cheating the system whilst there is no lineman overseeing the positioning of the ball prior to the corner kick. The way i see it, once you've positioned the ball and you draw an imaginary line vertical to the furthermost extremity of the ball and it's marginally in the quadrant, then its considered to be an ok corner! I find it absolutely, fcuking pathetic....as if it makes a difference!!!
  11. Watched some stuff i'd recorded on the BT box last night.....nipped out for a couple of things and decided to carry on watching where i left off, earlier. Will the Box 'wake up'....like fcuk, will it? Have been on to BT Customer Services, they tried a couple of things but to no avail! They are now sending out a new box which will probably arrive on tuesday....i've now lost about 4 pages of recorded material that i hadn't got around to watching and i'm in meltdown now, cos i can't record anything....sad, aren't i? This last happened to me last November, so this new box has hardly lasted 6 month
  12. Nice pics again....can't get over that bluey sheen on the Swallow! Do you regulaly trespass on MOD property and scare the shit out of Peregrine Falcons whilst endangering your life?!!!!....just being facetious Steve!!
  13. Wish i had your enthusiasm Ed......but just cant see us getting out of the group stages....hope i'm wrong!!

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