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    My older bother was influential in my appreciation of this phenomenal music scene. He only bought albums and I would regulaly stack them up on his radiogram and listen for hours. It wasn't until I started work and frequented places like 'Up the junction', 'The Salter', 'The Raven' and inevitably 'The Torch', 'Top Rank', 'Va Va's' and 'The Cats'. A few visits to 'The Casino' put paid to my Northern Soul adventure. After spells working in the middle east, getting married, raising a family.....the hunger was back! The choice of venues was overwhelming....favourite places were Llandudno, Keele, Blackburn and Blackpool.  

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    Stuart Bradford
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    Upton, Nr Chester
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    too many to mention!

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  1. Yeh...times have certainly changed! Made me laugh when he mentioned he wished his Dad had had him years and years later when football players salaries were going through the roof! It occurred to me during that interview that the Scots didn't seem to have much time for each other....thought it was the English they disliked....with a passion!
  2. An interesting interview....he was certainly a 'marmite' personality. As a United fan i liked him, pulled no punches and and quite a divisive figure in the game. You hear Willie Morgan's account on certain things that happened between them, and it's totally contrary to what Tommy had previously said!! You just have to have an open mind as to what really went on. Some of the salaries that he divulged were quite surprising....seemed like peanuts at the time....but when i look back in 1969 my first wage packet as an Assistant Buyer for an adhesives company was seven pounds, seven shillings a week
  3. He has an engaging personality and is a likeable chap. His paintings are extremely good....but once you've seen him paint half a dozen or so, you have a fair idea of what's coming next, with regard to his picture composition. Found it quite boring after a while!
  4. Remember Richard Searling saying on his BBC Manchester show some time ago, can't remember what venue he said he was at, but he played the Adorables and it cleared the floor. He ended up giving the record away. Likewise, i would never part with it.
  5. It was David Coleman for me with Frank a close second. Who could forget Indoor League....with Fred and his pipe. There was always this young girl with shoulder length, jet black hair with stunning looks who would always be in the screen shots....another reason to watch the show! Fred would always end with Si'thi'.....guess that meant 'keep on keeping on'
  6. Thoroughly enjoyed it.....just hope the script continues to intrigue us. You just know its gonna get a lot worse for Hugh Laurie....i guess the detail is in the title! Anyone notice the imperfection to the Prime Minister's right arm.....?
  7. Please and thank you come to mind......!!!!
  8. So it's a freebie?....good value for just £2.70 postage!!!!
  9. Exus Trek for me too....and great memories of the Torch!!
  10. Would get the occasional record listings off of him...would run through them as quick as i could before phoning and hoping that the stand out items hadn't been snapped up. On a few occasions i ordered quite a few sounds and upon receipt of the delivery, there would be a 'freebie' that Ian had included! I felt quite privileged....a nice guy to talk to aswell!!
  11. Just noticed Tim has taken it off of his site and this minute put it back on at £600. I just might be able to afford it now, assuming no one else bids!!!
  12. Someone's in for a bit of a shock when they realize what they've bid on Tim's auction site....!!!!!
  13. I'm sure Tim, John and Pat will love reading your comments!!

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