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    My older bother was influential in my appreciation of this phenomenal music scene. He only bought albums and I would regulaly stack them up on his radiogram and listen for hours. It wasn't until I started work and frequented places like 'Up the junction', 'The Salter', 'The Raven' and inevitably 'The Torch', 'Top Rank', 'Va Va's' and 'The Cats'. A few visits to 'The Casino' put paid to my Northern Soul adventure. After spells working in the middle east, getting married, raising a family.....the hunger was back! The choice of venues was overwhelming....favourite places were Llandudno, Keele, Blackburn and Blackpool.  

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    Stuart Bradford
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    Upton, Nr Chester
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    too many to mention!

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  1. Please and thank you come to mind......!!!!
  2. So it's a freebie?....good value for just £2.70 postage!!!!
  3. Exus Trek for me too....and great memories of the Torch!!
  4. Would get the occasional record listings off of him...would run through them as quick as i could before phoning and hoping that the stand out items hadn't been snapped up. On a few occasions i ordered quite a few sounds and upon receipt of the delivery, there would be a 'freebie' that Ian had included! I felt quite privileged....a nice guy to talk to aswell!!
  5. Just noticed Tim has taken it off of his site and this minute put it back on at £600. I just might be able to afford it now, assuming no one else bids!!!
  6. Someone's in for a bit of a shock when they realize what they've bid on Tim's auction site....!!!!!
  7. I'm sure Tim, John and Pat will love reading your comments!!
  8. Not being hard on her at all...agree with every thing you said! It amazes me how these thick, talentless morons make a career out of mediocrity!! The media is full of them!!
  9. I've just logged on to Tim's auction and it's allowing me to put a bid on!
  10. Wow....that sort of blew me away! Initially very sad to hear of Marcus's predicament...quite upsetting to say the least.....until you see the second video....
  11. How could i of forgotten all of that....yes...my childhood/teenage years to a t!! Not being able to see the tv properly cos my Nan had the clothes maid loaded with washing drying in front of a roaring fire. Pinching my elder brothers after shaves en route to the bowling alley with my mates...Rhyl on bank holidays on my Lambretta SX150 overloaded with mirrors and chrome....yeh...happy days!!!
  12. Yeh, remember the Izal toilet paper....no carpets, just lino or oil cloth as they use to call it. Wrights coal tar soap, hot water bottle to warm your pyjamas and bed during those bitterly cold nights. Recollections of my Gran washing clothes in the kitchen sink and having to put them through the mangle, afterwards. Recollect washing my own Levi's and putting them through the wringer...forgetting to put a dry towel through afterwards to dry the rubber rollers....then getting a right bollocking from Nan cos the rubber rollers had stuck together!!! Having to put milk, the odd bit of meat (if you were lucky) and other perishables in the pantry because there was no fridge. Putting the immersion heater on prior to having a bath and then forgetting to turn it off afterwards....lo and behold, another bollocking afterwards!!! Only being allowed to use one bar on the electric fire (it had three) when using the back room when a mate came around! Having to have a few 2 bob's put to one side in preparation for if the gas or electric ran out. The subsequent arrival of the gas/electric man to empty the meters and hope you had a good rebate...so you could skim a few bob to buy a packet of 10 Embassy's or No 6's. Those were the days....getting up in the morning for work and listening to Noel Edmonds just to hear The Milkman sketches.......
  13. Ordered my copy on 17th June and same arrived today, with a likkle cloth Rare Toones-'some like it rare' circular label. Primarily ordered it for the flip side....an absolute belter!! Also arrived today from Big Crown-Carla and the Carlettes-Groovin'....and from Colemine, Kelly Finnigan's 'Trouble', the flip side to 'Catch me i'm falling'. These will get some hammer this coming weekend!!!!
  14. I want to buy my son a day 'driving experience' for his birthday, preferably in the North West. I was wondering if anyone on Soul Source had been on such an excursion and could recommend anyone, pointing out what to look out for and what to avoid. Any feedback would be gratefully appreciated. Many thanks in advance!!
  15. Had a situation a few weeks ago with a guy from France advertising a particular record as NM- on Discogs, wasn't a particulaly expensive record. On receipt of record, i was massively disappointed, certainly not as described, although it did play ok. Label had a lot of ring wear, mutiple fine scratches, vinyl had a dull appearance and a drill hole to boot!! I contacted the seller and voiced my concerns, he responded to his credit, pretty promptly with an offer of a refund, which i thought was fair and duly accepted same. Had it been a sound worth considerably more ( ie hundreds of euros ) i sometimes wonder if the outcome would of been as satisfactory!! I've bought a fair bit of vinyl off of Discogs when i haven't had much luck with 'Wants Lists' on SS, and that was the third time that i have been let down. From all my dealings on SS i have never encountered such problems....i find people to be more upfront and honest on this site...may it continue!!

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