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  1. yea fair comment carty and leicester boy,i do get that and agree, i guess i'm going way back to when events were called a soul nite, o a rare soul night,so lot more scope to bung things in,though what was called rare then omg
  2. thanks tlscapital,i'm crap with pc's so couldn't sus out how to upload pics,agreed tho' i'd want to see 'em,i'll go and try to find the bobbie smith wanted,and ask a mate how to
  3. bobbie smith "walk on into my heart" vg on black american arts. jo ann garrett "whole new plan" vg+ on chess demo-label slight damage. the laniers "more than ever now" vg, on river city records. epitome of sound "you don't love me",vg on red print and white sandbag
  4. shall we all just kill my post,obviously it's not working/worth the agro
  5. ok so glad i mentioned this-not
  6. the scene is in dire need of new blood,sure they'll be d-ckheads [ plenty of us had an attitude as youngsters] but at this rate the soul scene will be over in 10 years max if we don't change our ways,now wait for the moaners to jump in and slag me off!! as an example the rivioli soul nights have lots of under 25s and quite a few can dance,also the venue is packed,so they must be doing something right.
  7. so it must have been a london thing is what i'm getting? i first heard it way before the 100 club started in 78 or 79? there was a fair few original mods & suede heads about- so i guess it was an early days rare soul thing? i see no reason not to bring it back,obviously the tunes must be soufull and just a couple at the end,not a big deal,just breaking things up a bit,trying to make it interesting,,looks like i'm on my own,not the first or last time ,i travel alone gladly,ps i've heard loads of mega crap soul played at big venues,so wtf?
  8. back in the seventies around london,from time to time reggae tunes got played at the end of the nights,was this a london thing? the tunes allways went down well and it seemed a pity when it got droped as it was a fun knees up end to the nights,ps it was old reggae tunes
  9. although some take the scene a bit seriously ,i do enjoy a dj that has a sense of humour,names that spring to mind-kev such,geoff ware " it's hoter today than a crack heads spoon on giro day" and tim browns set years ago at prestatyn when he intoduced each tune as an animal-burt and the badgers, gary and the goats,tim did tell me later he was pissed at the time ,but our lot had a good laugh and thoroughly enjoyed his set,and we need a laugh these days,don't we ? oh it seems we don't,our scene must be serious only,no wonder it's dying
  10. really no one have an opinion? guess were back to playing mouldy oldies and watching the scene decline,looks like i might have to promote my own direction,thing is i don't tolerate divs and top 500 muppets and the "never heard this before -don't like it" closed minds,sometimes i feel we forget every tune we know was new to us once and yes they were all intended to be "pop" records by the artist, ie sell loads with a few vanity projects of course ie-frank wilson,teddy randazzo,god bless all that still live in 1973 not
  11. matt berry is quite a musician on the side,nice melodies and he plays loads of instruments,also funny in what we do in the shadows
  12. Hi all,after many decades of following our music i feel it's now or never to start playing out the weird/wonderfull and the stuff we've been collecting and hiding away while we still can. The scene was/has been about breaking new tunes and we seem to be going away from that.So how about promoters adding NTL to their flyers and having the first hour set aside for just that? It may bring in more people that want to hear something new and even break tunes and stimulate the scene a bit,what's to loose-nothing ! After all most events start around getting the drinks in and chating anyway so your not going to scare them away[ i hope ] ps i'd prefer to hear lesser known dj's do this rather than millionaire soulies showing off,but that's just my opinion,what do you think?
  13. yea top man shane,"snakes with eyes of garnett" live is knockout,if that had been sung by a black soul singer in the sixties it would've been magic,but folk and country music is the white mans soul in effect, has anyone here seen johnny depps film about his life titled crock of gold? i ask because near the start he gets the hump with the questions and asks for some northern soul to be put on! obviously the muppet crew dont know what that is ,so he says motowm to them,guess depster knows what it is then,rip shane
  14. ha ! i've got one,not norv,but a great intro imo "church not built with hands" by the waterboys,have i broken the golden rule of not just liking soul ? hope not

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