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  1. not sure what they're worth now -so open to offers : Dee Dee Sharp "what kind of lady" on gamble vinly bit worn but plays ok,all the other records are in nice condition ,Barbara Mercer "call on me" sidra demo, Shep "i'm sitting in/fool to fool" on tnt, Emanuel Lasky"lucky to be loved" on wild deuce, Bogis Chimes "I think you'll find" on champ, Tyrone Davis "can I change my mind" on Dakar and lastly Debbie Dovale"hey lover" roulette,see what you think +let me know , I can email photos ,cheers pete
  2. very true blackpoolsoul,prob why I don't go to those do's,a good dj in my opinion should allways try to broaden their playlist,otherwise we're all stuck in 68 ,72 etc,which is fine if that's what your into ,but the scene needs to move forward also- with rare,underplayed and dare I say it-never played tunes,ktf p
  3. so many great dj's ,but many don't play what they have imo,sure they have great collections,yet play a safe sets,i think now in 2020, in many ways the scene is a bit like formula 1 ,20 main dj's getting the cream spots & the rest trying to get an in,also shouting at the punters to encourage them is piss poor really[ you know who I mean] I gave it up in the early 80t's as it became about networking and not the music,it seems now to get a top spot you need to have a million in tunes,then don't play them,strange old thing really
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  6. petegroover


    went in January 19,first time,been on scene for a dogs age,superb night,not your usual family favorites northern crap,well worth a visit [140 miles for me] cant recommend enough,fantastic night
  7. ovo eh? yes where possible,but if none of the jocks on the night have an original karmello brooks to hand and one has a boot AND its been asked for several times,then imo it should be played to make the paying punters happy [ the same punters that keep the venue going] ,we've all been to see dj's with great records play safe ,should we therefore pay more for a dj with a superb collection and less for a dj with a lousy collection? there are simply too many of us chasing too few originals, ie i'd love a George pepp,fat chance,so what do you do? another thing I have a couple of unreleased motown acetates,should I play them because they're not official ? and I'm yet to watch a paying customer stand over a dj watching what labels being played.
  8. bobby goldsboro "its too late" View Advert on Spanish united artists picture disc,4 track 45, Advertiser petegroover Date 12/02/18 Price £30.00 Category 45s
  9. does it have the night at nelsons club,wimbledon fc ,where many took up the beer induced chant of " be a c--t vote national front " ha ha ha !great days,i totally agree too many soulies take it too seriously,got to have a laugh,keeps you young and livens the night up,good on yer mate
  10. last saw mick at buckys do in January.allways a gent,rest in peace my friend

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