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  1. Thanks for the info guys - much appreciated. I may well bring a box with me. I haven't been to the Blue Posts for years...see you there. Cheers Rob
  2. Hello As I live in Australia these days, it's been a while since I've been to a 100 club all nighter. Thankfully I'm in London this August, so I am looking forward to going to the next one on August 18th. So I'm just wondering - are there many people selling records there these days? Last time I went there was a hand full of people selling. I'm just wondering if I should come cashed up or just slip in to my dancing shoes and enjoy the music (happily do both) . Cheers Rob
  3. Great stuff Pete. I started going in 1976 Wigan and Yate mainly. As I lived in South Wales at the time. Forgot about a few of these - great choice. The first all nighter I went to in '76 I bought three singles which were Sam & Kitty - I've Got Something Good , Gene Chandler - Mr.Big Shot and Danny Monday - Baby Without You. Still have them in my collection. Anyone remember the racks of records that used to be in newsagents back then - also in some service stations if I remember correctly. Used to have loads of US & UK soul 7" in them. They were about 40p a single I think. Anyone know who distributed them? I always wondered where they came from. I bought so many records just in my local newsagents alone. Rob M
  4. The plot thickens. Was the Sugar Simone version ever played on the scene? There's one on ebay for $250 at the moment. There goes the 50 quid valuation - or maybe not. Cheers Rob M
  5. That's Interesting Pete. Which was the original version? Sugar Simone or John E Paul? Do we know?
  6. Thanks - sounds like it could be, although I'm sure the one I heard was a duet. The Sugar Simone is a great version though. I'll have to track a copy down. Cheers Rob
  7. I was in a restaurant in London recently and over the sound system I heard "I Wanna Know" not by John E Paul though. It was a duet with a male & female vocal and quite a bit slower than John E. Paul's version. Sounded like a Sixties production. Anyone know the version I'm talking about? Or was I dreaming? I think it may have been a radio station playing it.
  8. MisterM


  9. Hi All Glad to be here (again - it's a long story) - ex pat Wigan and Yate (amongst others) regular and London club DJ, these days enjoying the sunny climes of Sydney. Happy to say the Northern Scene is alive and kicking down here in Oz land. Hope to share a few stories, memories and record findings with you. keep the faith. Mister M

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