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  1. Strider


    Both me and Peter are really looking forward to this night,Brilliant club seams to have been going forever and not many can boast that, See you all soon.
  2. Hi Gilly its Jegger. I remember the 76 club very well and was about 1976 when first went.You went down the little dark entry opposite Bargates then you went through a small door, small bar on the right set back. the room was small with booths down one the side small wooden dance floor with steps to other side,the DJ box and i mean box was next to the dance floor.had many a good night,as you said not dedicated all to soul music but do remember hearing most of the northern sounds of the time and remember a few DJ's of the time being there and if memory serves me right which is debatable these days Spiv was a resident DJ. let me know when the book is ready. cheers Dave
  3. Dave you still got the professionals regards dave
  4. Now doubt in mind so got to go home and check mine
  5. until

    Just found out cannot make brid this year so my booked apartment is now available Friday to Sunday. 1 double bedroom sofa bed in lounge/kitchen Parking permit provided. check out the photo's on line. Mowbray Apartments. 8 the Crescent Bridlington YO15 2NX Please contact Carl Chambers or phone 01262676218 10/15 mins walk from the SPA
  6. Just sold my M- copy a month ago no names or price but happy with the price i got and it gone to a good home. but i suspect this may go silly.
  7. Take a look at the first photo the Delta mark is followed by 10 something proving its a boot presume delta 100301 sorry mate
  8. Traveling down tomorrow taxi booked be there early doors can't wait looking forward to a great night cheers Dave.
  9. well up for it will you be posting play lists.
  10. Hi Paul and Team hope your new night is a great success the venue looks good,cant make it down as doing a spot at St Dom,s but will be looking out for the next dates keep us all posted.Good luck cheers Dave.
  11. Strider


    Really looking forward to doing a spot on Sat night at St Dominic's along with all the residents ,Great club and Great people see you early doors. cheers Dave.
    Just like to say a massive thank you to Keith Errol and Pete and anyone else involved for letting me loose behind the decks.What a fantastic club i enjoyed every second but for me it was Chic,s set that set the place on fire it was just sensational would love to see his play list to see if any of those pearl's were still out there. Again many thanks cheers Dave.
  12. Really looking forward to playing a spot at Whitchurch S. C. On Friday,will be traveling from the north east sometime tomorrow,so see you all early doors. Cheers Dave.
    Just wanted to say what a cracking day this was please see following play lists top day all round keep an eye out for the next one Steve Wileman warm up spot Oscar Perry - I Got What You Need 3 Pieces - If Only I Could Prove To You Bobby Womack - I Don’t Wanna Be Hurt By Your Love Again Curtis Mayfield - You’re So Good To Me Debby Dobbins - How You Gonna Feel Rita Johns - A Little Bit Of Love Norma Lewis - When Loving You Betty J White - This Moment With You Linda Clifford - I Can’t Let This Good Thing Get Away Mary Mundy - You Put A Hurtin On Me Harold Celius and Flex - Dont ever Break My Heart Brenda Jones - Big Mistake Sophisticates - I Really Hope You Do Combinations - While You Were Gone Chuck Jackson - Whats With This Loneliness Barry Cooper Vanguards - Somebody Please Freddie Hughes - I Just Found Out 24 Karot Gold - What Does The Future Hold James Hunter Six - I Dont Wanna Be Without You The Capitols - Hello Stranger The Festivals - Baby Show It The Bitter and The Sweet - I Won’t Have Any Babies For You Booby Reed - If I Dont Love You Johnny Benavidez - Tell Me That You Love Me The Incredibles - Crying Heart The Stimulation - Can You Dig Where Im Coming From Aretha Franklin - Wonderful The Stoppers - Come Back Baby Lorraine Johnson - Can I Hold You To It Denise LaSalle - Married But Not To Each Other The Ultimates - Girl Ive Been Trying To Tell You Pete Sumner Choice Of Colour - Your Love Quinn Harris - I’ll Always Love You Africano - Open Your Hearts Gill Scot Heron - Lady Day and John Coltrane Dennis Lee - Sunday Afternoon Minnie Jones - Shadow Of A Memory The Turn-a-rounds - I Need Your Lovin Towana & The Total Destruction - Wear Your Natural Baby Universal Joint - Love Won’t Wear Off The Webb’s - It’s So HRd To Break The Habit Ralph Soul Jackson - Set Me Free Dori Grayson - I Can Fix That For You Unique Blend - Old Fashioned Woman Joe Garland - Thats His Girl The Topics - Booking Up Baby Mick H The Notations - Now I Know How It Feels Little Ceaser - Do You Believe Me (Cover Up) Clay Brown - Everybody’s Talkin Willie Feaster and the Concrete Wall - Voices LT and the Soulful Dynamics - Crazy About You Baby Ernie Johnson - I. Ant Stop The Pain Love Warmth and Affection - Talking About Love The Superbs - Wind In My Sales The Appointments - Keep Away Harvey Scales - Trying To Survive The Saints - I’ll Let You Slide El Anthony - I Love You Girl Bernard Drake - Ive Been Untrue Hopkins Bros - Kiss Of Fire Sag War Fare - Girl You Better Change The Locations - Mr Diamond Man Richard Marks - Did You Ever Loose Something The Jades - Lucky Fellow The Soul Aces - You’re Different Doc Peabody - Here without You Fred Williams - Tell Her Ted Massey Ellipsis - People Roy Roberts - So Much In Love Fredrick Hymes - Time Ain’t Gonna Do Me No Favours Tab Walton - Love Me The Way I Love You Fantasy - I’ll Call You Every Morning Queen Yahna - Ain’t It Time Co Co and Ben - Good Feeling Drells - I Love You Mel Williams - Groove My Mind Utopia’s - Girls Are Against Me 4 Dynamics - The Things Girls Are Supposed To Do IJ Harris - All Ready To Go Pyscheldelic Frankie - Putting You Put Of My Life Willie J Charles - Feelin Kinda Lonesome Summits - Toy Soldiers 4 Andantes - Hipper Than Me Bee Vee and the Honey Bee - Im lost Without Your Love Rideout - Spend Some Time With Me Second Resurrection - You Done Let Daylight Catch You Nu-Ron’s - All My Life Camaro’s - We’re Not Too Young Buddy Smith - When You Lose The One You Love Dave Eyley The Poets - Wrapped Around Your Finger Robert Tanner - Sweet Memories Eddie Billups - Ask My Heart The Internationals -Beautiful Philosophy Brenda and the Tabulations - That’s In The Past Little Sherman- The Price Of Love Four Coins - Maybe Shes Mine New Dimensions - Crystal Blue persuasion Andrea Henry - I Need You Like A Baby Vicky Labatt - Got To Keep Hanging On Ralph Graham - She Just Sits There Percy Stone - Chained Ruby - Decieved Cookie Scott - I Dont Care August Moon - Wasted Years Sam Williams - Love Slipped Through My Fingers Henry Brooks - Greatest Debt To My Mother Bobby Kline - Say Something Nice To Me Ronnie McNair - Isn’t She A Pretty Girl Empires - You’re On Top Girl Sweets - Something About MyBaby Bob and Fred - I’ll Be On My Way Phonetics - Just A Boys Dream The Rockmasters - Raining Teardrops Soul Bros Inc - Pyramid Voltaire’s - My My My Baby Ady Crampton Black Sugar - Too Late The Esquires - How Could It Be Natural Four - Hanging Onto A Lie Betty Moorer - Speed Up Satisfaction Unlimited - Let’s Change The Subject Sandra Wright - I Come Running Back Margie Joseph - One More Chance Rhonda Davis - Can You Remember Celeste Hardy - You’re Gone Masterpiece - Love Affair South side movement - Do It To Me Flora Wilson - Dancing On A Daydream Marcia Hind - You Gotta Let Go Shirley Caesar - Heavenly Father Curtis - How Can I Tell Her Kittens - Hey Operator well what can i say quality speaks for itself.

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