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  1. looking for a VG+ or better copy of The Montclairs-Hey you Thanks
  2. back in 2017 picked up half a dozen US records in a shop in Wellington NZ and brought back to the UK. all were unknown to me and had to buy blind as no player in the shop when got back 5 rubbish 1 OK but all 6 only cost me 5 quid equivalent in NZ money .
  3. Many thanks for the replies regards Dave will keep searching wonder if willie and the mighty Magnificent's will shed any light
  4. Not sure if this is the correct section for this but looking for any info on the young ladies tired of running Stang My copy has on the flip to Tired 4 number girls names and 4 lads names and would be great to think there may be a connection, the names are as follows and as written Loretta and Johnny Phylicia and Curtis Julia and Darrel Marla and Bernard may be no connection at all but i cannot find any thing on the young ladies. Thanks Dave
  5. Strider


    Both me and Peter are really looking forward to this night,Brilliant club seams to have been going forever and not many can boast that, See you all soon.
  6. Hi Gilly its Jegger. I remember the 76 club very well and was about 1976 when first went.You went down the little dark entry opposite Bargates then you went through a small door, small bar on the right set back. the room was small with booths down one the side small wooden dance floor with steps to other side,the DJ box and i mean box was next to the dance floor.had many a good night,as you said not dedicated all to soul music but do remember hearing most of the northern sounds of the time and remember a few DJ's of the time being there and if memory serves me right which is debatable these da
  7. Dave you still got the professionals regards dave
  8. Now doubt in mind so got to go home and check mine
  9. until

    Just found out cannot make brid this year so my booked apartment is now available Friday to Sunday. 1 double bedroom sofa bed in lounge/kitchen Parking permit provided. check out the photo's on line. Mowbray Apartments. 8 the Crescent Bridlington YO15 2NX Please contact Carl Chambers enquiries@bridlingtonselfcatering.com or phone 01262676218 10/15 mins walk from the SPA
  10. Just sold my M- copy a month ago no names or price but happy with the price i got and it gone to a good home. but i suspect this may go silly.
  11. Take a look at the first photo the Delta mark is followed by 10 something proving its a boot presume delta 100301 sorry mate
  12. Traveling down tomorrow taxi booked be there early doors can't wait looking forward to a great night cheers Dave.
  13. well up for it will you be posting play lists.

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