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  1. Songs ~ WE HAVE LOVE / TELLING YOU LIKE IT IS. just posted on youtube
  2. Just posted a video of the Big Boy Brown and Ola Mae. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=big+boy+brown+and+ola+mae
  3. just post images of 45 record /gallery/image/145313-100-1502jpg/
  4. Thanks a lot very interesting stuff...I found this record at an auction....IM going to pick up a turntable this week and hopefully I can get a good ideal of what type of music it is on the record. How do I post photo's I will be glad to take a picture of the 45 record and post it here. Thanks
  5. Any information on this 45 record..... Big Boy Brown and Ola Mae .....on Ultra Sonic Recording Studios. Songs are WE HAVE LOVE / TELLING YOU LIKE IT IS. Ultra Sonic Recording Studios 149 NORTH FRANKLIN STREET HEMPSTEAD, NEW YORK record no. IV 5-5066

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