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  1. still looking pm me please
  2. Volumes - same old feeling- impact. WHITE DEMO ONLY at least vg+ PM me please
  3. combinations ----- kimtone multi coulured label if poss clean labels etc. pm please
  4. Looking for a nice clean copy Gambrells. You better move. carla
  5. Richard marks -- im the man for you / crackerjack. - tuska Pm please with price and condition
  6. Barbara lynn -- mellow feeling -- love Flaming emeralds -- everbody have some --- fee Nice condition please
  7. It was vg . With a label tear Played with a hiss to the start.
  8. I was bidding on the one on ebay It went for 470 us dollars
  9. That's good news dazz Was cold in that Cark park this morning
  10. Garrison

    Pure Soul Hartshill Nuneaton

    Will be there . Catch up On sat
  11. That looks like you have a original there. Is it styrene. . Not seen one of these for a long time
    Enjoyed the night guys. A nice mix of tunes by col. Atb to you you to Rob
  12. lookin forward to it

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