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  1. SORTED WITH THIS ONE' many thanks
  2. Sam dees --- soul sister .looking for a nice copy ' clean labels . Pm me please with price n condition
  3. . must be in nice condition, clean labels demo would be nice. Cheers
  4. I have a vynal red issue, plays and sounds great
  5. the hallmark or numbers under the label are very small easily missed . I've seen some copies identical to yours With no numbers , it was mentioned that they are counterfeit not to sure myself
  6. the chimes---- beginning of my life down to earth. Nice condition please
  7. Have you seen the one on manship auction site
  8. still looking pm me please
  9. Volumes - same old feeling- impact. WHITE DEMO ONLY at least vg+ PM me please
  10. combinations ----- kimtone multi coulured label if poss clean labels etc. pm please

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