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  1. greeneggz

    Frederick Hymes - Originals?

    Not attitude as such, but rather a mix of disappointment and exasperation that people on this thread have felt comfortable presenting groundless speculation as truth. It's pointless, unhelpful and just muddies the water.
  2. greeneggz

    Frederick Hymes - Originals?

    Billboard magazine from March 1971. So was released back then. FACT! Not some new pressing from old tapes or a 1990s release as was speculated. Let's get that cleared up.
  3. greeneggz

    Frederick Hymes - Originals?

    If you deal with the guy regularly why don't you drop him a quick message asking for the story about how he came about stock of the Hymes 45. Please report back any response or lack of it. Thanks!
  4. greeneggz


  5. greeneggz

    Motown Tracks That Never Received A Us 7" Issue

    Really rare and pricey even in Japan.
  6. greeneggz

    Motown Tracks That Never Received A Us 7" Issue

    Odyssey "Battened Ships" Japanese Motown.
  7. greeneggz

    Black And White Affair On Topaz

    Black and White Affair - Sweet Soul Lady - Topaz (Mint) - 125 GBP I have a couple of unplayed copies available; seen used ones listed at 200. Ships from Japan. Add 5 GBP for registered worldwide postage. Paypal as a gift works best for me.
  8. greeneggz

    Brief Encounter - Where Will I Go?

    I have a spare of this LP. Get at me if you're interested.
  9. greeneggz

    The New Sounds Lp (P-Vine/japan) New - Nice Price

    Just one left now. PM me if you're interested.
  10. The New Sounds - s/t - P-Vine (Japan) - 65 GBP I have a couple of copies of this LP. New and unplayed condition (old stock). With obi and original inner sleeve. Ships from Japan. Air mail postage to the UK is 8.00 GBP. Other countries email me for costs. Paypal as gift or go halfs on the fees. Cheers.
  11. greeneggz


    Mountains of records, Yes. But they're not US soul 45s....more like 80s J-Pop, Idols, Enka, and animated movie soundtracks. Actually, You can buy good Soul/Funk LPs, the records collecting scene in Japan revolves around LPs, and to a lesser extent 12"s, but US 45s are not around much really.
  12. greeneggz

    Japan Only Soul Lps

    Both sold now, that was quick. Thanks! Two Japanese only issued compilations: Various - From Atlanta To Birmimgham Deep Soul Classics Vol 12 (P-Vine) SOLD From 1988. Includes the unissued alternate take of Sam Dees 'Lonely For You baby' plus other nice deep tracks. Check pics for track listings. Various - South Camp Quinvy Revue (True Sound) SOLD From 1988. Limited pressing of 1000. There might be some unissued material on here....not sure. Check pics for track listings. Both Mint (new unplayed). Paypal is okay.
  13. greeneggz

    >>> First Class - Same (lp) >>

    But there exists an LP from 1977 on All Platinum (AP 3022) First Class 'They Call This Group First Class' which does include at least some of the tracks on the 1980 Sugar Hill LP. Check popsike: http://www.popsike.com/First-Class-They-call-this-groupRAREAll-Platinum/4062571641.html There's also decent Japanese only LP from 1989 that compiles ten tracks taken from the Sugar Hill and two All Platinum LPs.
  14. greeneggz

    Two Wants

    I have this. It's a Japanese LP from 1988, includes the alt. take of Sam Dees 'Lonely For you Baby'. I would probably part with it if you made a decent offer. Condition: mint (looks unplayed) with obi. PM me.
  15. greeneggz


    Good record this. Gold were a family band (brothers & sisters, Avelino, Arsesia, & Archie Pitts) from Monterey, CA. They were all young when they recorded this track. The A side is from 77, the B side a few years earlier. They pressed this 45 on their own label: MRC, stands for "Monterey Recording Company".


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