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  1. Message from John Ellison: "I am sorry but I have no knowledge of this group and I can assure youthey were in no way affiliated with the Soul Brothers Six."-John Ellison
  2. It's quite possible that "John Ellison & the Soul Brothers Six" are not in anyway related to "Johnny and The Brothers of Soul" on Lifetime. The only solid link is Lester Osband's Cora Lee publishing appears on the Lifetime Recordings 45, and on the Philly Lyndell 45 by "Soul Brother Six". From this we can speculate the "Soul Brothers Six" did have some dealings with Osband, probably using his studio to at least cut demos. By 1967 "Soul Brothers Six" were already releasing records on Atlantic. So why would they issue a 45 as "Johnny & the Brothers of Soul" in early 1968? Not sure. Although, I do know that around this time some of the founding members of the band, the Armstrong brothers, started to quit the group and return to Rochester. It's possible one them pressed up the Lifetime Recordings 45 from earlier demos they had recorded and put the record out as "Johnny & the Brothers of Soul". Pure speculation though.
  3. Yes, Lifetime Recording was founded by the late Lester Osband, he passed away in 2009. It was a walk in studio located on North St. Rochester NY. I believe the building in no longer standing. There are a lot of vanity recordings and local church choir releases on the label, one notable release is the Tempests "Rockin' Rochester" (Lifetime 1010) from 1960. The Lifetime records were custom pressed by Rite in Ohio and the number on Johnny & the Brothers of Soul would put the pressing date in early 1968. Cora Lee was the in house publishing company for Lifetime Recordings. Interestingly, Cora Lee is the co-publisher of Soul Brothers Six "Oh I Need You Yes I Do" (Lyndell 747), written by one Willie J. Ellison. Issue copies are mis-titled "Sold Brothers Six". The link between the Rochester-based "Soul Brothers Six" and the Philly-based Lyndell label is Walter Rayfield. Rayfield was a truck driver who had a regular route making deliveries between the two cities. Rayfield saw John Ellison performing in a Rochester club and persuaded him to come down to Philly to record. Rayfield passed away in the early 80s. Back to Lifetime, one of the members of the previously mentioned Tempests, Dave Kasperin, later became the second engineer at the studio working alongside Lester Osband, and took over the operation when Osband retired. He continues recording in Rochester to this day, although he as renamed and moved the studio. When I recently showed Dave Kasperin the "Johnny and The Brothers of Soul" 45, he listened to it and said he wasn't in the studio for that recording and had no knowledge of the group. It may be worth tracking down the original members of the "Soul Brothers Six", Sam, Charles, Moses, Gene, and Harry Armstrong. I would start with Sam Armstrong, the flip side of "Johnny and the Brothers of Soul" is called "Goodbye Sam", coincidence?
  4. Sold on Yahoo Auctions in Japan a few years back for around $900.
  5. Not attitude as such, but rather a mix of disappointment and exasperation that people on this thread have felt comfortable presenting groundless speculation as truth. It's pointless, unhelpful and just muddies the water.
  6. Billboard magazine from March 1971. So was released back then. FACT! Not some new pressing from old tapes or a 1990s release as was speculated. Let's get that cleared up.
  7. If you deal with the guy regularly why don't you drop him a quick message asking for the story about how he came about stock of the Hymes 45. Please report back any response or lack of it. Thanks!
  8. Black and White Affair - Sweet Soul Lady - Topaz (Mint) - 125 GBP I have a couple of unplayed copies available; seen used ones listed at 200. Ships from Japan. Add 5 GBP for registered worldwide postage. Paypal as a gift works best for me.
  9. I have a spare of this LP. Get at me if you're interested.

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