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  1. Hi I’m looking for the 1979 uk Motown 4 prong pressing of that tune flip side sweeter as the day goes by please please feel free to message me directly with what your asking for it please
  2. Cool I’ll go take a look thanks
  3. Hi thanks I’ll have a look it was more along the lines of an issue I was after but I’ll take a butchers thanks for the heads up.
  4. Hi I’m interested in finding a copy of the RCA release original release of Beverly Ann He’s Coming Home and if so how much
  5. Hi that would be most excellent thanks
  6. Hi has anyone got any 100 club anniversary singles for sale please I’ve got a couple and not really looking for the two that came out later on Horace as I have them and that will do me just trying to find what is out there and not at a silly ridiculous price. thanks in advance
  7. Hi looking for a decent but affordable copy of this please would like vinyl been vg+ but not fussed about the label been ok
  8. Hi I’m looking to complete my Horace collection particularly Lavern Baker and Carla Thomas if anyone can help that would be much appreciated
  9. Hi just wondering if there is anyone on here from in or around Ripon as I have set up a night that is gradually loosing momentum except for a few hardcore regulars that are a great bunch but was wondering if people knew about it. The night is called face up north.
  10. Hi I’m looking to complete the Horace collection especially looking for the Lavern baker and Carla Thomas records.
  11. Stockie


  12. Mine would be of a similar size and nature I'll try posting something when I get back but just moved house so may not be for a while lol.
  13. I'm on hols at mo but will post some titles in a day or two when I'm back one that does come to memory like romeo and Juliet reflections on a near mint us pressing
  14. I've had two soul packs off Ian both have been fantastic. His description on Facebook is spot on it is a very good cross section of soul styles and they quality ranges from good to mint but all I have had have been playable and those that came out looking rough were easily cleaned. There were one or two in the first pack that I already had or didn't like but it was a small percentage and it is a punt. BUT a punt at a quid a record that if necessary can be sold on later even at a car boot for a pound you ain't lost. I was sceptical at first as it is a large amount of money to shell out but my worries WERE unfounded and I got some brilliant records.

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