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    stockport county fc
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    bobby thurston just ask me

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  1. diddy morgan


    The ballads cant see your love vg++ small wol demo £95 + p+p Paypal f& f
  2. diddy morgan

    promoters - event reviews?

    top night you lovely people , it was a great night award yourselves the highest stars lol!!!
  3. diddy morgan

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    delaney bramlett has got to be up there with the very worst
  4. diddy morgan

    Sussex,loma,pulsar +more

    Dooley spoon game players seville ex £8 the mob i dig everything about you ex £10 lonette McKee do to me ex £10 randy brown you says it all ex sol dj £6 bobby mcclure you got me baby ex £10 shirley brown yes sir brother ex truth £5 delilah kennebruew bright lights loma vg+ plays fine £ 120 al robinson sho bout drive me wild pulsar vg+ label wear nothing too bad £50 Paypal f&f post at your choice uk only Can post you pictures
  5. diddy morgan

    Wigan Casino-'live acts'?

    Was there also they were bobbins
  6. diddy morgan

    Horse and Groom Doncaster Sunday Chillout 14/10/18

    Johnny bristol you and i Awesome !!!!
  7. diddy morgan

    70ts ,Crossover, Rare and Modern. White Bull Gisburn

    Not heard the kim english for ages ( even though ive got one doh !!)rowena had a nap i played the comp cd very nice i might add ,
  8. diddy morgan

    70ts ,Crossover, Rare and Modern. White Bull Gisburn

    120 mile round trip nip lol, was well worth it i might add
  9. diddy morgan

    70ts ,Crossover, Rare and Modern. White Bull Gisburn

    nipping over from poynton save me a cd lol
  10. diddy morgan


    chi chi - just let it happen kapp w/d vg++ £50wol on flip paypal ff £2.50 uk signed
  11. diddy morgan

    Gene faith wanted

    A great 45
  12. diddy morgan

    Obscure - unusual Foreign Releases

    Kenny lynch my own two feet ,Canadian
  13. diddy morgan

    Funky planet

    I Bought the re issue of new love ltd - so much to talk about , 500 limited copies is it a legitimate release
  14. diddy morgan

    Two for now

    yes i bought it for the flip which is ace
  15. diddy morgan

    Two for now

    Floyd smith soul strut vg+ Moments vg+ Clips only not the records Both are a tenner each +£2.50 uk post Paypal f&f


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