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  1. Baz Coops

    The 60s In Crowd

    THE 60s IN CROWD The Brit,Rowing club, Trentside Nottingham. Friday 23rd July 7.30 till midnight DJ's Sam Moore and Barry Cooper spinning original records from the days of the Nottingham Dungeon and Beachcomber clubs from the 60's 7.30 pm till midnight. Due to the situation at this present time, we will be informing you if there is a need to order tickets due to social distancing.
  2. Baz Coops

    ATB Soul

    ATB Soul Saturday 7th November 2021 8pm till 12.30 DJ's to be confirmed tel 07768 216549
  3. Baz Coops

    ATB Soul

    ATB Soul Saturday 4th September 2021 8pm till 12.30 DJ's to be confirmed tel 07768 216549
  4. Baz Coops

    ATB Soul

    ATB Soul Saturday 3rd July 8pm till 12.30am DJ's to be confirmed
  5. This as been out a while, but worth a spin here.
  6. Gene Redding - Once a Fool - Capitol E+ £5 The Choice Four - Hook It Up - RCA Victor - E+ £5 SOLD Edwin Starr - Stay With Me - Granite - E+£8 Dorothy Moore & Eddie Floyd - We Should Really Be In Love - Malaco E+ £5 Doris Duke - I Don't Know How To Fall Out Of Love With You - Mankind E- £4 SOLD Donny Beaumont - Look But Don't Touch - Mercury - E- £12 The Cruisers Take A Chance - Gamble -E- £6 actually this is a 60s track..lol Donny Gerrard - He's Always Somewhere Around - Greedy Records - E+ £10 Cliff Nobles - This Feeling Of Lonliness - Roulette - E-
  7. Hi Richard, No this a promo, not a issue copy, guess I should have mentioned that, thanks Barry
  8. Lee Bates - Something For Your Love / What I am Gonna Do - Ichiban - Mint - £20 Janice James - Set Your Sights - Sonic Wax - Mint - £15 Mellow Maddness - Save The Youth (Kenny Dope Mix) - Kay-Dee - Mint £20 Jimmy Lomax - I'm Gonna Love You - Camille - VG+ £10 Bobby Raylov - If We Can't Be Lovers - Lovinn - VG+ £12 Noel McCoy - Determined Man - White Label E- £12 Jimmy Breedlove - I Can't Help Lovin' You - Pye International - VG+ £10 Garnet Mimms - Somebody, Someplace - GSE - VG+ £10 Lou Rawls - Time Will Take Care of Everything - PIR E+ £12 Bob B
  9. Fred Hughes - I keep Tryin' on EX Exodus Records original copy Ex 1023 in run out.........£230 plus £3 post
  10. The Sweet Three - That's The Way It Is / Big lovers come in small packages (remains of a sticker on this side) Decca Demo (E+) £180 Martha Reeves & the Vandellas - I Gotta Let You Go / Forget Me Not - Green Tamla Motown Demo (E+) £125 Post £3 Money back guarantee Pm for further details
  11. Brandi Alexander - Life has no meaning/ Do right man - Tangerine Records E+ £35 Dede Schartz - Funny How We Change Places - RCA Victor Wol E+ £40 Ali Oli Woodson - Drama in the Bedroom - Expansion E+ £10 The Magictones - Happy Days/ Trying Real Hard - Westbound E £15 Post £3 first class
  12. For what it's worth, we attend (or did before this virus) a monthly reunion in Nottingham for mods who attended the Dungeon (1964 to 1968). It is interesting that the majority of those who attend did not move into the northern scene, which I find surprising, obviously some did, indeed there are a few that even dislike northern soul.
  13. Baz Coops

    The '60's In Crowd

    Can't wait for this, nothing but sounds from the Dungeon and Beachcomber back to my roots. There will be lots of old classics but also alot of different ones played on the soul scene right at the beginning,,so if interested get your tickets quickly we are limiting them so it is not too packed. Sam Moore.
  14. Baz Coops

    The '60's In Crowd

    Coming up soon at the Brit Trent side Nottingham, at one of the first clubs in the sixties to play soul music, spinning sounds from the Dungeon and The Beachcomber soul clubs. This could be the last time for a soul event to be held at the Brit depending of the outcome regarding Nottingham Forest re development of their ground.To reserve tickets please contact Pam, Ann Jeanette or myself.
  15. Baz Coops

    ATB Soul

    Next ATB Soul event is on Saturday 7th March at Underwood Miners Welfare 8 pm till 12.30 am Spinning proper across the board soul. Three great guest's for this one, Karen Winsor, Sam Evans and Andy Baskett, plus resident DJ Barry Cooper. Karen is well known on the soul scene and she as finally agreed to spin some tunes for us, so looking forward to her spot. Sam Evans and Andy Baskett, what can I say, great friends for many years, they truly know the meaning of across the board soul. Last time out we had a packer, let's hope for more of the same this time Regards

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