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  1. Just a quickie can anyone confirm if the Love is Serious Business 7" Issue not promo is Vinyl or Styrene Thanks
  2. Hi Looking for a sensible priced copy of Freddie Scott - You Got What I Need on Shout Records. Demo preferred but not essential also there's a Stateside copy from the Netherlands which I would prefer if there's one out there for sale. Please PM with any offers ! Would appreciate no " How much do you want to pay PM's " Regards - Ray
  3. Ray Copley

    FRANKIE Sorted

    One on Discogs Chris but it's way over priced, you could contact him and try and do a deal as this record don't come up for sale very often as you will know ! Think if one does turn up you will be looking around £400 - £450 maybe less dependant on condition ! https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/524157138
  4. Ray Copley

    Here She Comes

    Whoops dint see that Paul my mistake ! Hope your well pal not seen or heard anything from you in a while - Don't forget my records when you decide to part with them !
  5. Ray Copley

    Here She Comes

    One Here : https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/615011934
  6. Ray Copley

    Bobby Hutton piece of the action lp prom

    Same With This One There's Three On Discogs So Worth A Look ! https://www.discogs.com/Bobby-Hutton-Piece-Of-The-Action/release/2422022
  7. Ray Copley

    Southside movement do it to me on 20th century

    Couple On Discogs And One Say's " Make An Offer " So Worth An Offer ! https://www.discogs.com/Southside-Movement-Do-It-To-Me/master/457530
  8. Ray Copley


    Not got a spare at the moment but there's a few on Discogs only VG+ but reading descriptions a couple are prob EX anyway ! https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/1941275?ev=rb
  9. Ray Copley

    5 x Originals To Go:

    Freddie Scott - SOLD
  10. Ray Copley

    5 x Originals To Go:

    5 Originals To Go: Freddie Scott - I'll Be Gone - Shout VG+ - £80 Leon Thomas - L-O-V-E - Rarer Issue - EX - £60 Calvin Williams - Lonely You'll Be - Rarer Issue - EX - £60... Billy Carr - It's Mad - Demo - Nr Mint - £35 Sweet Three - I Would If I Could - Demo - EX - £35 Postage £3 Recorded - Paypal As Family & Friends
  11. Ray Copley

    Homer Banks - Lot Of Love - Demo

    Still Looking !
  12. Ray Copley

    Eddie Parker - Love You Baby

    Still Looking !
  13. Ray Copley

    Homer Banks - Lot Of Love - Demo

    Still looking !
  14. Ray Copley

    8 x Records For Sale This Friday !!

    Sadane - SOLD
  15. Ray Copley

    Homer Banks - Lot Of Love - Demo

    Looking for a Green & White Liberty Demo of : Homer Banks - A Lot Of Love Please pm with price & condition Regards - Ray


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