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  1. Which came first, F.W. - DILYIID, or the egg?
  2. Spow

    70s Soul Train

    Really looking forward to this night. Super 70's, bring it on.
  3. Spow


  4. Spow


    If it wasn't already in use on a radio programme I'd call it "All Things Soulful"
  5. Spow

    ATB SOUL - Bob Snow Guest DJ

    I know Bob traveled a long way to be at ATB but you must get him to come back Barry.
  6. Spow

    ATB SOUL (now 2 rooms)

    Looking forward to another brilliant night of across the board soul at ATB. Now with the additional side room for the connoisseurs of things on the rarer, underplayed side. In the main room expect another night of superb across the board soul as always and please bear in mind that this room is "ATB" whatever your tastes in soul, it will be covered.
  7. Spow


    This has all the makings of another fantastic night at ATB. The friendliest, most soulful place in the area. It has to be on your "go to" list. You will not be disappointed. ATB - the place to be!!!!!
  8. Spow


    Just have to take a moment to echo Barry's comments and say that's just how we like it, old, new, underplayed, overplayed, rare, not so rare, northern, modern, soul, RnB. One happy dancefloor of people enjoying the root of all our passion, "SOUL" If you've not been before come along and enjoy yourselves, a very warm welcome on the door is guaranteed, cheap bar prices, great friendly company and some seriously soulful tunes on the floor. The place 2B is ATB!!
  9. The Dells - Always Together. Kills me everytime. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZjFNla0qSM
  10. Spow


    Really looking forward to this one. Hopefully Sam is going to bring some really cracking ATB tunes and it will be great to see Mr Andrew Barker back where he belongs :-) You know we really should be called "pathfinders soul club" 'cause where we lead others inevitably follow!!!!
  11. Spow


    Well folks, if you're into rare, soulful dance tunes from the 60's up to the present then this friendly venue has got to be high on your "to go to" list. We're not tied to a particular decade or style, we like and appreciate it all. Come on over and give us a try, we can promise you a very friendly atmosphere and welcome with cheap beer to boot. Where else in the great East Midlands would "Next - Wifey" follow "Deon Jackson - I Cant Go On" ?You get the drift we are that happy, soulful place. See you there, and with Sam Evans as guest DJ, well bring it on.
  12. Spow


    Some people gather to watch "Big Ben" strike twelve, some watch the fireworks from "Sydney Harbour Bridge", whilst others watch the clock fall in "Times Square, New York" but the people in the know, the "faces" of today, they gather at Underwood for a superb night of ATB soul. We can't promise you "Big Ben" or a fireworks display, but what we can promise you is an absolutely fantastic night of "across the board" soul with some of the friendliest people on the scene. If you haven't already done so, please contact Barry as per the above post and reserve your ticket.
  13. Spow


    Well it's been a long five weeks without any ATB but finally, just like Christmas, it's here again. If you love soul music and don't have any hang ups regarding this or that decade then get yourself here. We can promise you a festival of soul from the 1960's right up to the present day. This surely has to be one of the friendliest clubs around and the music policy is perfection. So come on down, throw your mind open, your ears back, and maybe a little talc' on the floor and enjoy superb, quality, rare danceable soul from across the decades. Don't forget, all you need is your
  14. Spow

    ATB SOUL (Ted Massey)

    Well, as always ATB pulled the rabbit out of the bag yet again. Fantastic hour from Ted Massey and brilliant sets from the residents as usual. Special mention to Dave for a great hour standing in for Andy Barker, get well soon Andy. It has to be said that whatever your tastes this great , friendly club will cover it, just please be patient. As it says on the flyers, it's an "across the board" night, and as they also say "variety is the spice of life". Our soul community at large now has so many different syles & genres etc so somtimes we all have to be a little patient and respectful

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