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  1. Anyone got one of these for sale please?
  2. On Smooth City Records. Pm with condition and price please. Thanks
  3. Capitol records. Issue preferred but Demo considered. Pm please with condition and price. Thanks.
  4. Hi Alan, Thanks for that. I’ve been looking at the re-loop decks so I’ll give it a read. john.
  5. Hi all, Trying to purchase a Technics 1210 Mk 2 for home use but struggling with current demand Like a lot of things they look to have become even more popular within the last year as people understandably entertain at home. I’m only looking for a Technics as that’s what I’m familiar with and will match the one I have. So, can anyone either sell me a black one or recommend an alternative? Thanks in advance.
  6. Couldn't agree more... A cracker from the 80's with the same title and possibly one of the cheapest " Modern" records out there.
  7. You wouldn't go far wrong clicking on the title of this which will take you to 'Modernsoulclassics' page. By the host's own admission it may need updating but there's some great stuff on there. The price of some may make your eyes water mind!!
  8. Anyone got one of these at a reasonable price please? Pm me with price please.
  9. Don't think this has been posted yet. £7:50 for a 7". postage on top but still a bargain!
  10. Looking for this if anyone got one. 7” or 12”. condition and price please.
  11. PM me with condition and price please. Thanks.
  12. Anyone know what year this was released? Found the following snip-it on Discogs which answers the other question a friends been asking as to whether or not it's classed as a genuine release. Do people agree? Not a Bootleg as many think. Fred James at 'Bluesland', owners of 'Spar' and 'Ref-o-Ree', licensed 20 tracks to 'Goldsoul' which in turn were used to compile the now deleted CD title 'Golden Age of Northern Soul vol.2' As a limited 45, 'Goldsoul' made 300 on the label's imprint Ref-o-Ree, which makes this release a bona fide issue. Thanks.
  13. Anyone got one of these for sale please? The issue only as per the photo. Thanks.

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