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  1. One of my all time favourite records Dave so I want to believe that he just happened to be passing and flicking through some records before getting the guy to play it. however the cynic in me wonders if it was indeed staged as he does have a new album coming ...
  2. Vinyl record flea market in Paris according to the Facebook post.
  3. Been said already but BRILLIANT !!
  4. Fishdockroad

    MODERNSOULCLASSICS - Brough, East Yorkshire

    Great venue, super friendly crowd and fantastic music all day !!
  5. Fishdockroad

    Ken and Company - You brought out the best in me.

    Thanks Mark, Very accurate as it happens so thanks a lot. John
  6. Anyone know anything about this track please? Heard it on Richard Searlings Rare and well done show from Sunday but cant find anything about it anywhere !!?? Thanks
  7. Looking to replace my lost copy of this if anyone can help. Message with price and condition please. Thanks.
  8. Fishdockroad

    Exportations - I Want You .

    Yes I’ve seen that. I Should have stated on the post that I’d like at least vg +. Thanks for letting me know though as sometimes it’s easy to miss a post or two.
  9. Fishdockroad

    Exportations - I Want You .

    If anyone's got the above on VIR - RO message with condition and price please. Hopefully looking for a vg+ at the very least. Thanks.
  10. Fishdockroad

    Ice - Reality on Backatcha.

    Thanks for that. I don't know were "Backatcha" are based but I grabbed one from the states that was on Discogs last week and have now seen that they've all gone from the site. Whether or not they've sold or been removed because of the licensing issue I don't ...
  11. Fishdockroad

    Ice - Reality on Backatcha.

    I see there are a couple of posts regarding this at the minute all which I've followed and have got a rough idea of whats gone on regarding the double licensing issue but purely out of personal reasons does anyone know just how many of these were actually rel...
  12. Anyone got a copy of this that they'd be prepared to post first class tomorrow please? Ideally on Atco but would consider UK Atlantic. Message me with price and condition - immediate payment available. Thanks
  13. Anyone know what I’d have to pay to get hold of one of these please? Discogs as ever is all over the place!! Thanks.
  14. Fishdockroad

    The Lost Family - Blow my mind.

    Nothing like looking for a last minute purchase but just been to my copy and just clumsily managed to take a big chunk out of it!! So, if anyone has got a copy and would be prepared to send first class ASAP,as need it for Sunday, please message me with versi...
  15. Anyone know how many versions of this there are please? Been meaning to ask for a while and as I'm at work I can't access Discogs, blocked site, !!!! But as I remember there's only a couple of versions on there. I've had a quick search through site as I seem ...

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