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  1. Looking for this if anyone got one. 7” or 12”. condition and price please.
  2. PM me with condition and price please. Thanks.
  3. Anyone know what year this was released? Found the following snip-it on Discogs which answers the other question a friends been asking as to whether or not it's classed as a genuine release. Do people agree? Not a Bootleg as many think. Fred James at 'Bluesland', owners of 'Spar' and 'Ref-o-Ree', licensed 20 tracks to 'Goldsoul' which in turn were used to compile the now deleted CD title 'Golden Age of Northern Soul vol.2' As a limited 45, 'Goldsoul' made 300 on the label's imprint Ref-o-Ree, which makes this release a bona fide issue. Thanks.
  4. Anyone got one of these for sale please? The issue only as per the photo. Thanks.
  6. Hi all, Anyone got a spare copy of this 7 " please? Asking for a friend so, price and condition please for me to forward onto him. Thanks.
  7. Fishdockroad

    Sunday Soul Sessions.

    Stu Cox, John Regan, Andy Cox and Paul Howden hosting an across the board, laid back Sunday afternoon/evening Soul Session. Search Facebook for Sunday Soul Sessions Grimsby/Cleethorpes for further details. Join the group or just take a look to get a taste of what we play.
  8. Nice. Hopefully I'll get the same when mine arrive. I also got an old school sew on patch from them but can't remember if that was from raretoons or direct from Kimberlite.
  9. If I've got any left Richard you can have one. At work but will have a look tomorrow.
  10. On Facebook as well Seano though if I recall their site wasn't showing the Promos.
  11. was that delivered by UK distributor or direct from Kimberlite?
  12. Thanks Richard. I did think it said at the time that it would be late July so hopefully not to long to wait.
  13. Anyone ordered the new APX album via Bandcamp and still waiting for it to arrive?
  14. Hearing this a lot at the moment. Going to be a big summer tune!

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