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  1. Fishdockroad

    Ernest Ernie and the Sincerities Do Something

    Brilliant. Best track on the album for me.
  2. Fishdockroad

    Ben Pirani Light of my Life Colemine

    Its got to turn up yet Andy. Had previously had one on order but they cancelled the order saying that suppliers weren't now shipping to Europe!!
  3. Fishdockroad

    Ben Pirani Light of my Life Colemine

    Thanks Andy, a promo on its way but not from Discogs!
  4. Fishdockroad

    Ben Pirani Light of my Life Colemine

    Sorry for hijacking the original post but regarding the latest release, it's understanding, am I right in saying that there are two releases of this? One white label promo, limited amount of 500? And one on a purple label, that one being the issue? Seems to be a very hot topic at the moment across various, podcasts, Facebook etc and selling out everywhere it seems but, are their really that few about?
  5. Yes still available.
  6. Two £60 pound tickets for sale allowing full access to all events and most importantly all the live acts!. The tickets allowing full access to the live acts have now definitely sold out only the £40 pound "dance only" tickets are left These tickets cost me £110 so that's the price I'm after and that will include free registered post straight to your address. Any questions feel free to ask.
  7. Anyone got a copy for sale, please? Two versions I believe one is the white label and the other a release on Bizz records?? I'd be happy with either so message me if available Thanks
  8. One of my all time favourite records Dave so I want to believe that he just happened to be passing and flicking through some records before getting the guy to play it. however the cynic in me wonders if it was indeed staged as he does have a new album coming up which is getting promoted weekly on Richard Searlings " rare and well done" show. Either way its still brilliant and if it does put people on to his old work and indeed his new work then good luck to him. I'm just glad I've already got a copy as I bet three's a lot of new fans trying to track one down !!
  9. Vinyl record flea market in Paris according to the Facebook post.
  10. Been said already but BRILLIANT !!
  11. Fishdockroad

    MODERNSOULCLASSICS - Brough, East Yorkshire

    Great venue, super friendly crowd and fantastic music all day !!
  12. Fishdockroad

    Ken and Company - You brought out the best in me.

    Thanks Mark, Very accurate as it happens so thanks a lot. John
  13. Anyone know anything about this track please? Heard it on Richard Searlings Rare and well done show from Sunday but cant find anything about it anywhere !!?? Thanks
  14. Looking to replace my lost copy of this if anyone can help. Message with price and condition please. Thanks.
  15. Fishdockroad

    Exportations - I Want You .

    Yes I’ve seen that. I Should have stated on the post that I’d like at least vg +. Thanks for letting me know though as sometimes it’s easy to miss a post or two.


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